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What is No Location (No Loc)?

No location (no loc) refers to products received in the warehouse with no designated storage slot. These are kept in a specific area, such as storage rooms or overflow areas, till their final location can be figured out. No location (no loc) goods require regular monitoring; otherwise, they could end up causing issues in the inventory.

Significance of No Location (No Loc)

Generally, no location goods scenario occurs when a company has an overflowing warehouse or storage space. It is also caused when a company introduces new products to its warehouse. These products could become no location (no loc), till warehouse workers make the necessary storage space for them. 

A no location good can highlight poor inventory storage management. Companies should maintain a smaller number of no-location goods to ease the picking, packing process. 

How To Manage No Location (No Loc) Goods in Warehouse

While no location (no loc) goods are not ideal, they are certainly manageable. Therefore, to handle no location (no loc), companies can take the following measures:

  • Assigning specific employees only to manage no location (no loc) products. This way, such goods can be managed easily and efficiently without much delay. 
  • Creating a specific no location (no loc) room in the warehouse, where such goods can be kept, till their further sorting. This keeps the warehouse more organized and helps locate the goods more easily. 
  • In some cases, no loc goods can also be disposed of, after a certain period, if they have not been used or assigned to any designated spot in the warehouse. 

Use Case with No Location (No Loc)

Suppose a company that sells clothing items has decided to sell shoes, as well. Since the company has never stored shoes before, it does not have any designated spot in its warehouse for shoes. Therefore, when its stock of shoes first arrives from its manufacturing unit, the items have no location (no loc) until storage space is assigned. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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