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What Is Mode of Transport?

A mode of transport in e-commerce shipping refers to the type of intermodal shipping medium best suited for a specific product type. It encompasses air freight, sea freight, train freight, or truck transport. The choice of mode of transport is essential for optimum cost savings and minimal delivery time. 

Significance of Mode of Transport in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

The e-commerce industry relies heavily on its mode of transport to obtain maximum profits and benefits from each sale. The correct mode of transport in e-commerce shipping provides a seller with the following benefits.

  • Optimum cost utilization: The right choice significantly affects specific transport requirements. Choosing the correct mode of transport allows an online merchant to ensure maximum cost utilization. 
  • Regulating transit time: While intermodal air delivery offers minimum transit times, sea freights might require more. On the other hand, delivery by road or train requires less time than a sea freight, but more when compared an air freight. A vast array of options provides an abundance of transit time choices for a seller, per requirements. 

Prerequisites of Mode of Transport and How It Works

The choice of mode of transport is preceded by the requirement to deliver a product. The listed ways highlight how the choice of mode of transportation works.

  • Calculation and selection: Specific requirements like transit time, shipment weight, and dimensions are calculated, and the corresponding costs for a mode of transport are analyzed. 
  • Confirmation and disbursal: The mode of transport is then confirmed with the shipping company, and the products are handed over. 

Use Case With Mode of Transport

Some use cases highlighting the mode of transport:

  • A seller opts for shipping freight to deliver a heavy appliance that is supposed to reach its buyer within ten days. 

A brand selects air freight to ship 25 different products to a country, which will later be segregated and sent to their respective buyers within five days.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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