Foam Wrap

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What is a Foam Wrap?

Foam wraps are considerable lengths of bendable, thinner foam that can be completely covered around and stacked between objects.

Significance of Foam Wrap in E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Foam wraps provide incredible protection. Some benefits of this material are:

  • Foam wrap is particularly useful against scraping and scratching.
  • It is free of dust and lint. 
  • It also offers thermal insulation to protect temperature-sensitive items. 
  • Additionally, foam is reusable repeatedly, and it preserves its form even after many uses. 

How Foam Wrap Works

Tiny air cells that are closely packed together make up foam, providing great cushioning and giving the material bounce. In addition to taking up less room in cartons than bubble wrap, foam wrap is lighter and thinner.

You can pack things with foam wrap in accordance with the dimensions you require. They are useful for producing padding for bulky items that need to be shielded from damage during transit.

Use Case With Foam Wrap

Since the foam is abrasion-free, it doesn’t leave any scratches. Hence, sellers dealing with metal or glass frequently use foam wraps to ensure maximum protection for their goods.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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