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What is Devanning in E-commerce?

Devanning is the process of unloading and unpacking goods using digital technology from a container. In e-commerce, it usually involves unloading items from a shipment, removing any packaging, and sorting them for individual orders. This process ensures that products are accurately accounted for and ready to ship to customers.

Significance of Devanning in E-commerce Logistics 

Devanning is the process of sorting, checking, and unpacking goods from their containers or pallets. It is a critical part of the product delivery process for e-commerce companies, as it ensures the quality and accuracy of the shipped goods.

  • By devanning the goods, any potential discrepancies or damages can be identified and rectified quickly and efficiently, reducing delays.
  • Devanning also aids in the inventory management process, allowing companies to track accurately the number of products received and shipped. 
  • The method also reduces the risk of theft, as any suspicious packages can be identified and isolated. 

Prerequisites to Calculate Devanning and How It Works

The prerequisites include the following  –

  • Various steps are involved in the shipping and receiving process, along with terms and conditions.
  • Accurate records of the goods shipped or received are needed. This includes the weight, dimensions, number of pallets, and any additional information that is relevant to the shipment.
  • The relevant software for accurate calculation of the devanning process

Use Case With Devanning

A standard method of container devanning and dock-level unloading includes loading and unloading baggage using either a forklift or a particular equipment carrier designed for devanning by logistics teams. As soon as the container is loaded onto the receiving vehicle, the devanning begins. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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