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What Is Cubing?

Cubing in warehousing is a technique of measuring the size and volume of a given warehouse space. It determines the maximum amount of storage that a warehouse can accommodate. It is done by calculating a shared room’s length, width, and height, then multiplying them to find the total cubic feet of the area.

Importance of Cubing in E-commerce and Logistics

Cubing facilitates efficient storage and transportation of goods, reducing the cost of logistics. Let’s look at how it is significant in warehousing.

1. It enables the safe and secure packaging of goods, protecting them from damage during transit. 

2. Cubings optimize warehouse space utilization, allowing more storage in a smaller area. 

3. It enables quick and easy assembly of goods for e-commerce delivery, saving time and labor costs. 

4. Cubings ensure better visibility of goods in warehouses, reducing the risk of misplaced orders. 

5. It facilitates automated order picking, increasing the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment. 

6. It aids in better inventory management, allowing for more accurate inventory tracking.

Prerequisites of Cubing and How it Works

For cubing to work effectively, a warehouse must do relevant data analysis and know about the goods, their storage requirements, and appropriate equipment and tools. On the other hand, the steps for cubing include the following —

  • Identifying the goods that need to be stored
  • Determining the type of required cubes for storage
  • Calculating the size and capacity of the cubes
  • Designing the layout of the warehouse with the cubes
  • Installing the cubes in the warehouse
  • Placing the goods in the cubes and
  • Monitoring and maintaining the cubed warehouse

Use Cases of Cubing

For example, a warehouse may use cubing to store canned goods, with each cube labeled with the type of product contained within. It allows for more efficient inventory storage because items can be assigned to a specific cube, allowing quick and easy access to the desired items.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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