Fulfilling from the Heart: How Thailand-based Mama’s Choice is Making Healthcare Products More Accessible with Logistics by Locad

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The Scent of Success: How ABCD Organics increased their sales by 30% with fulfillment by Locad

ABCD Organics is a local and affordable brand of pure, organic, and therapeutic-grade essential and carrier oils. Since enlisting the fulfillment and logistics services of LOCAD, ABCD Organics has boosted...
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Business Glow Up: How DMD Skin Sciences scaled their orders by 200% with Locad

Find out how one of the country’s fast-growing dermatology clinics, DMD Skin Science, became a nationwide e-commerce success by outsourcing fulfillment to LOCAD. Key Metrics 200% increase in orders after...
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Leveling Up in Business: How PhoenixLab Doubled Their E-Commerce Sales with Locad

Learn how PhoenixLab, an online store selling work-from-home gadgets and items, increased their sales by 2x through working with LOCAD. Key Metrics 2x increase in sales 80% sales increase in...
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Getting Order Fulfillment in Shape: How MuscleU Expanded to Nationwide Shipping in Australia with Locad

With health and nutrition becoming rising concerns and priorities in recent years, LOCAD supports supplement supplier MuscleU by providing faster shipping and affordable shipping across Australia which has resulted in...
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Stepping Up the E-Commerce Game: How Havaianas Delivered 4x Faster Shipping Through Locad

Learn how leading flip flop brand Havaianas, under lifestyle retail giant Terry SA, leveraged LOCAD’s cutting-edge fulfillment solutions to provide faster delivery and boost customer satisfaction. Key Metrics 24 order...
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Brewing a Better Business: How Subminimal Started Offering Next-Day Delivery with Locad

With the rising interest in creating barista-grade coffee from home and the growing demand for faster delivery, LOCAD supports Singapore-based brand Subminimal by providing faster shipping for their customers to...
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Healthy Business Growth: How Raw Bites PH Fulfills up to 400 orders in 24 hours with Locad

LOCAD enables the growth of sustainable food supplier Raw Bites PH through an end-to-end fulfillment solution, which has significantly expanded delivery capacity and boosted sales. Key Metrics Fulfilled up to...
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Growing a Sustainable Business: How Humble Sustainability Became a Preferred Seller with Locad

Locad’s localized fulfillment and shipping solution helps social enterprise Humble Sustainability reduce carbon footprint, smoothen operations, and so much more. Key Metrics 2-3 weeks before becoming a preferred seller on...
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Amping Up the Business: Bright Tech finds a reliable fulfillment partner in Locad and grows their orders by 25%

Key Metrics: 25% increase in orders Dashboard that helps them keep track of inventory and stock management Shipping within 24 hours About Bright Tech Founded by friends Miguel Menchaca and Jeth Ang, Bright Tech is...

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