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3PL Company Singapore

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3PL Company Singapore

Locad is a leading 3PL company in Singapore that handles all the fulfillment or logistics needs for your business. Whether it be it supply chain management, freight forwarding, warehousing services, and management, down to receiving, picking, packing of goods, and sending them on to your end customers, Locad can do it for you. What makes us different is our fulfillment expertise and distributed network that specializes in the Singapore and APAC market.

If you are looking for the right 3PL company in Singapore, look no further than Locad.

Why is Locad the best 3PL company in Singapore?

You’ve been in the business for a while and stumped with how you can best deliver your goods to the your customers all over Singapore. Partnering with a 3PL logistics company will supply everything you need, whether it be storage, picking and pack, or shipping, and returns — and you can find that here at Locad.

Here are just some reasons why Locad is the best 3PL company in Singapore:

  • Trusted 3PL company by big and small businesses in Singapore and across Asia Pacific
  • Storage, fulfillment, and shipping rates that fit every budget
  • Warehouse and fulfillment centers designed for quick and efficient delivery
  • Located at central Singapore to ensure that your products are delivered in the fastest possible time
  • Offers free storage for the first 30 days of inbounding your product
E-commerce 3PL delivery agent unloading orders from truck | Locad

Why is Locad the best 3PL company in Singapore?

3PL services in Singapore are on the rise because of the growing e-commerce adoption of the market. Because of entrepreneurs like you should look into getting a reliable 3PL partner to help you scale.

Locad’s professionalism, warehouse facilities, cutting-edge tech, delivery services, and logistical expertise will give your e-commerce business the support it needs to grow.

Demand for 3PL warehousing in Singapore is on the rise

According to an industry report by Research and Markets, the global third-party logistics market will reach USD 1,998.73 billion within this decade, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6% by 2030. This is because 3PL companies are now empowered to digitalize the supply chain, take on data collection, mobile technologies, and blockchain in order to innovate on solutions and focus on customer needs in a more efficient way.

This is echoed by market growth predictions from the Logistics Academy which points out that the Asia Pacific will see the fastest CAGR within the next eight years as the transport infrastructure and transit of goods continues to grow in the region.

3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore

+ other partners from around the globe!

3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore

Be one of the many fulfilled business

These indicate that partnering with a 3PL Singapore company will help you gain an advantage in a rapidly changing and highly demanding e-commerce market. 3PL companies in Singapore have been growing rapidly in the last decade and will continue to do so until 2030. This is because e-commerce deliveries have become part and parcel of the Singaporean way of life.

Sign up for Locad’s Singapore third-party logistics services and we will help you focus on the things that matter in your business. Let us handle the nitty-gritty of supply chain management and e-commerce delivery, so you can have more time to expand your reach and perfect your brand.

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Locad is your all-in-one 3PL partner

Locad is Asia Pacific’s first cloud logistics network and a top 3PL Singapore company that combines an integrated technology platform with a network of warehouses and logistics partners. With the winning mix of our tech and services, e-commerce brands can expect fast, flexible, and affordable fulfillment solution that will affect an e-commerce business’ bottomline. 

Customer Stories

3PL Company Singapore

Now with Locad, we are able to dispatch orders within 24 hours and deliver super fast shipping to our customers

3PL Company Singapore

We wanted to outsource fulfillment so we can find reliable partners who are already experts in this field, and since Locad, our day-to-day work has lessened.

3PL Company Singapore

Now with Locad handling our fulfillment and operations, 95% of our shipments are shipped within 90 minutes.

3PL Company Singapore

The biggest benefit of working with Locad is the peace of mind knowing that the shipments are going out as fast as possible.

3PL Company Singapore

From the moment an order is placed, items are shipped out from Locad’s warehouse within 1.3 business days. This increase in fulfillment time has positively impacted customer satisfaction.

3PL Singapore company with powerful inventory management

Locad’s 3PL service in Singapore connects with the Locad Control Tower which gives you full visibility of your inventory and the journey of your products. With it, you will be able to do the following:

  • Track inventory and stock levels in real-time
  • Get quick and insightful data on your stock movement to help you with business decisions
  • Be assured that each item and SKU are accounted for and can easily be picked and packed at the fulfillment center
  • Get the full view of the fulfillment journey in every order placed

You can monitor every step of the fulfillment journey through the Locad Control Tower, empowering you to see your business as it grows.

3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore

3PL fulfillment in Singapore with automated picking & packing service

As your third-party logistics partner in Singapore, we make everything easy for you. It doesn’t matter if you have multi-channel retailing or a multiplicity of product lines — we will pick, pack, and ship them automatically. We do this through the following:

  • State-of-the-art warehouse management system giving us the full view of your stock status and location
  • Fulfillment dashboard allowing you to see what is picked and packed in real-time
  • Professionally-trained fulfillment experts who will handle your products with care
  • Accurate sorting and packing facilities
  • Room for custom packaging upon request
  • If you look through your list of 3PL logistics companies in Singapore, you will how Locad’s fulfillment services cuts above the rest. Not only do we handle your packaging in a professional way, but we make sure it reaches its destination safely.

Returns and refunds are also handled by Locad, giving you peace of mind that your products are in the right hands.

3PL company in Singapore that specializes in speed of delivery

In 3PL warehouse logistics, we bear the burden of holding and safeguarding your inventory.

While Locad takes pride in safe practices and smart facilities that ensure not only the security of your goods, we also make sure it gets to its goal fast and easy — making same-day fulfillment and next-day delivery possible!

Many businesses have leveraged this speed of fulfillment and delivery to grow their business — and we’d love for you to be the next one.

3PL Company Singapore
3PL Company Singapore

Don’t just take our word for it

Dominic Symons of Subminimal, a manufacturer and producer of coffee products for the Singapore market, has this to say: Outsourcing logistics to a 3PL – to me, that’s a given. In the same way that I would manufacture with only qualified factories. There is a need for speed and that’s super important.

Success metrics of Subminimal powered by Locad:

  • 150% increase in speed of delivery
  • Seamless logistics gave more time for product development
  • Faster shipping boosted customer experience

Check out Locad's 3PL benefits for Singapore businesses

Free 30-Day Storage

What's better than paying only for the stocks that you store in a warehouse? Not paying for any at all. Enjoy free 30-day storage on your first inbound.

No lock-in contract

Commitments are always daunting — especially in business. Which is why we give you the freedom to choose the length of our partnership.

Preferential shipping rates

Have all the couriers you already trust at the best price all in one place! With Locad, fast delivery doesn't have to come at a premium price.

Let’s talk about how we can be your 3PL partner in Singapore

Locad is ready to grow your e-commerce business. Amidst the long list of third-party logistics companies in Singapore, we believe that Locad’s technology, services, and experience gives us the edge and capability to serve you.

Sign up now and together, let’s make running your e-commerce business a fulfilling experience.

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