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What is Re-ship?

Re-ship, also known as re-shipment, is a process by which a business replaces an old, damaged order with a new order. The three reasons leading to reshipment include damaged order, lost in transit, and delivery of wrong order. Businesses need to invest and adopt the most seamless reship practice to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

Significance of Re-ship in E-commerce

Re-shipping allows e-commerce businesses to provide seamless after-sales services to customers. Here are some added advantages to re-ship in e-commerce

  • Improved customer experience

Businesses with a re-ship process in place are able to quickly start the process of product replacement in case of an error. This helps improve customer experience.

  • Competitive edge 

Customer loyalty is critical for e-commerce businesses and with re-ship, brands can gain an edge over their competitors by offering a smooth reshipment process to their customers. 

Prerequisites for Re-ship 

Some delivery errors are unavoidable but by taking care of these prerequisites during re-ship, businesses can maintain customer experience.  

  • Shipping insurance

When establishing a re-ship process, it is a good practice for an e-commerce business to take shipping insurance, especially for high-value products. 

  • Order management process

Businesses need to adopt the right software, such as order management process software, to ensure they can manage the reshipment. 

Use Case of Re-ship

For example, a customer receives a wrong order and informs customer care about the error and puts in a request for product reshipment. In the e-commerce business, customer care will immediately apply for a re-ship process so that the correct order can be reshipped to the customer.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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