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What is Pre-Expediting?

Pre-Expediting is a logistics strategy that involves following up on open orders before the scheduled delivery dates. It ensures on-time production and reduces the risk of delayed delivery to customers. Pre-Expediting can reduce costs by reducing the amount of time goods remain in transit and can reduce the risk of goods being damaged in transit.

Significance of Pre-Expediting in Logistics and E-commerce

Pre-expediting can be an excellent way to enable productivity and ensure there is no possibility of delayed delivery. Read about it in the following points.

  1. Improved productivity: Pre-expediting improves logistics and e-commerce operations productivity by reducing the risk of delays.
  2. Reduced cost: It reduces inventory management and ordering costs.
  3. Enhanced customer satisfaction: It enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring the timely delivery of goods and services.
  4. Increased visibility: Pre-expediting offers increased visibility into the supply chain, enabling better decision-making.

Prerequisites of Pre-Expediting and How It Works

To understand how to work around pre-expediting, follow these pointers –

  1. Communicate with the supplier to verify if the production is on time. 
  2. Ensure that there is no delay in the shipping.

Use Cases of Pre-Expediting

An example of pre-expediting is when a company pre-orders products from a supplier to have them ready for an upcoming sale or promotion. It ensures the company has enough inventory to meet customer demand. It also allows the company to take advantage of early discounts or special offers from the supplier.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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