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What is Pickup Location?

The pickup location is the designated address from where a customer picks up the ordered product. A nearby store location ideally serves as the pickup location in most cases. However, having the exact pickup location near a buyer’s address is optional, but it should always be close to the original location.

Significance of Pickup Location in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

A pickup location might allow a company to recuperate from a failed delivery, enabling them to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience. 

  • Mitigates failed delivery: The concept of a pickup location was initially fueled due to the mentioned problem. In such cases, a customer can provide a nearby pickup location. Once the product is delivered there, a customer can pick it up from this point.
  • Enables convenience: In many cases, a customer might be absent for several reasons. A pickup location assigned by a customer allows a brand to ensure a successful delivery despite the customer’s absence. It primarily provides more convenience in terms of final delivery to the customer. As a result, the brand image is greatly improved.  

Prerequisites of Pickup Location and How It Works

Usually, a failed delivery is regarded as a requirement for invoking pickup locations. The whole process works in two steps, which are listed below.

  • Risk occurrence or prearrangement: The risk is referred to as a failed delivery. In such a case, the shipping company tries to connect with the customer and offers them a choice of pickup locations.
  • Delivery: Once a pickup location is selected, the product is delivered. The customer can then procure the product at their convenience.  

Use Case with Pickup Location

A buyer from Melbourne, Australia, was supposed to receive a handbag from a Sydney-based retailer. However, on the day of the delivery, the buyer was found absent, resulting in a failed delivery. After establishing contact, the buyer arranged for a pickup location in her office nearby, and the courier delivered the product.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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