Parcel Manifest System

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What is a Parcel Manifest System?

A parcel manifest system tracks and manages packages sent or received by an organization or individual. It includes tracking information, delivery status updates, and the ability to print shipping labels. Parcel manifest systems typically include real-time tracking, inventory management, and order processing.

Significance of Parcel Manifest System in E-commerce

Parcel manifest systems help businesses to efficiently manage and track the large volume of packages that are sent and received. There are several reasons why parcel manifest systems can be significant in e-commerce:

  • Efficiency: Parcel manifest systems help improve the fulfillment process’s efficiency by automating tracking and inventory management tasks.
  • Accuracy: It helps to reduce the risk of errors by providing real-time tracking and updates on the status of packages.
  • Visibility: It gives customers visibility into the status of their orders, which can improve their experience and help to build trust in the business.
  • Integration: It integrates with shipping carriers and logistics providers, which can help to streamline the fulfillment process and reduce the risk of errors or delays.

Prerequisites of Using a Parcel Manifest System in E-commerce

Here are a few requirements for operating a parcel manifest system in e-commerce:

  • Integration with shipping carriers to track and manage packages effectively.
  • Carton numbers
  • SKUs and quantity of each outbound carton

Use Case of Parcel Manifest System in E-commerce

An e-commerce business located in Australia uses a parcel manifest system to track and manage the products movement of packages within its fulfillment center. The system will integrate with the business’s order management system and shipping carriers, allowing the company to receive, store, and ship packages to customers efficiently and accurately.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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