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What is On-hold Status?

In e-commerce, On-hold status indicates when an order has been placed, but the payment is not completed. 

The two primary causes of experiencing an order status during online shopping are bank transfers or when customers use the eCheck mode of payment. Once the prospective buyer completes the payment procedure, the status changes to processing.

Significance of On-hold Status

On-hold status is an important step in the successful order placement by the customer. The significant benefits of on-hold status are as follows:

  • It is through the on-hold status that customers get to know whether they have made the payment.
  • The on-hold status helps to notify the manufacturers about the payment status of the product.

Prerequisites of On-hold Status

When working with the on-hold status, these are the factors to consider:

  • To ensure the completion of the order, you will have to process the payment manually.
  • When an order is ‘on-hold’ for a long time, it can be canceled by the respective e-commerce platform.

Use Case With On-hold Status

 A customer has placed an order on an e-commerce platform and due to some technical error, payment has not been processed. In this scenario, the order will show ‘On-hold’ status. 

To change the status, customers need to make a successful payment to the seller. They can check the updated status under the ‘order status’ section. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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