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What is a Locator system in E-commerce?

The locator system in the warehouse provides accuracy in holding a record of items that go through the shipment process. Implementing a locator system allows an enhancement of the ability to handle inventory. Companies can utilize four common locator systems for inventory management – memory, fixed, zoning and random locator systems. 

Significance of Locator System in E-commerce

The locator system helps locate inventory in times of need by maintaining an error-free inventory count over time. Some of the benefits of the locator system are mentioned below:

  • A suitable locator system makes storage and inventory search flexible and convenient.
  • It helps in mapping out the warehouse with assigned areas for certain inventory.
  • The warehouse is kept organized by accommodating the goods in their specified location.

Prerequisites for Locator System and How It Works

Here are the prerequisites for a locator system:

  • Availability of storage in warehouse
  • Current number of inventory available
  • Number of items to be stored or picked up for delivery
  • Data entry

Use Case with Locator System

A locator system is useful for large-scale e-commerce businesses which store inventory in larger warehouses. Suppose Company XYZ sells mobile phones and has inventory stored in a warehouse. Once they receive an order, they have to assemble the order stored at different zones of the warehouse. Here, company XYZ can use a locator system to locate the inventory, pack it, and process it for shipping. A locator system keeps a timely record of inventory throughout the shipment process. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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