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What is a LASH Vessel in E-commerce?

LASH (Lighter Aboard Ship) vessels are used to transport barge or cargo containers between ports, often for e-commerce. They are typically equipped with cranes that lift containers from a dock or between ships. This type of vessel is often used when shipping containers to ports in remote locations or when the cargo size requires specialized equipment.

Significance of LASH Vessel in E-commerce Logistics 

LASH vessels are used to transport containers from one port to another, rather than the traditional method of transporting cargo from one ship to another. The benefits of LASH vessel are –

  • LASH vessels are important for e-commerce logistics since they offer a cost-effective way to transport goods over long distances. They are particularly beneficial for companies transporting large volumes of goods, such as those selling products online. 
  • LASH vessels are often equipped with modern navigation technologies, allowing them to travel more quickly and safely.

Prerequisites for LASH Vessel 

To use the LASH vessel, the user must have the following information:

1. Draft of the vessel: This is the distance from the water surface to keel bottom on the vessel.

2. Length of the vessel: This is the total length of the vessel, from bow to stern.

3. Beam of the vessel: This is the vessel’s width l at its widest point.

4. Displacement of the vessel: This is the total weight of the vessel and its contents.

Use Case With LASH Vessel

For example, if a LASH Vessel is needed to transport ten barges, each measuring 10 meters in length, 6 meters in width, and 2 meters in depth, then the total barge volume would be 120 cubic meters. 

The total cargo capacity of the vessel = Barge volume x number of barges

= (10x6x2) x 10

= 1,200 cubic meters 

The vessel’s draft = Barge depth x number of barges

= 20 meters

The overall size and capacity of the LASH Vessel would then be 1,200 cubic meters and a draft of 20 meters.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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