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What is Equipment Positioning in E-commerce?

Equipment positioning in an e-commerce warehouse involves the placement of warehouse equipment and machines. This includes finding the best spot for forklifts, pallet racks, conveyor belts, shelving, and other warehouse machines. The goal is to optimize processes, reduce manpower costs, and increase productivity. 

Significance of Equipment Positioning in E-commerce Warehouse 

Equipment positioning in an e-commerce warehouse can help improve safety by creating a safer workplace.

  • Having proper arrangements for the storage, transportation, and handling of goods is crucial to operational efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Strategically placed material handling equipment serves to minimize safety risks in busy warehouses by ensuring workers’ welfare while still improving logistical speed and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Equipment positioning can help to maximize the storage capacity of the warehouse, allowing for more efficient use of space and fewer shipments being sent out at any given time. By ensuring that equipment is positioned correctly, e-commerce warehouses can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Prerequisites to Calculate Equipment Positioning and How It Works

In order to carry out equipment positioning in a warehouse, the following prerequisites are required –

  • The warehouse layout should be designed to maximize the efficiency of the equipment positioning. This should include a plan of the aisle widths, shelving heights, and equipment positions.
  • Get accurate data on the products to be stored in the warehouse, such as dimensions, weight, and frequency of use. 
  • Equipment specifications include the size and weight of the equipment, as well as its maximum lifting capacity.

Use Case With Equipment Positioning

Consider a company, ABC has fixed locations for some of its equipment in its warehouse. These pieces of equipment have been placed there to make optimum utilization of space and storage. Furthermore, this planned equipment positioning also ensures that the equipment is easily accessible to all workers. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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