Cling Film

What is a Cling Film?

Cling film is a thin plastic film frequently used to seal and secure food products in containers to keep them fresh. Additionally, e-commerce brands use cling film to protect goods from external damage as well. 

Significance of Cling Film in E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Because of its high durability, cling film is useful when moving or carrying heavy objects. Some other benefits of this material are:

  • Due to the cardboard and shape, there are limitations when using boxes for packaging; however, there are none with cling film. Any form can be easily molded out of plastic.
  • It is common knowledge that shipping weight is a crucial consideration. Under their weight, additional materials increase the product’s weight. Cling film avoids this problem.

How Cling Film Works

Cling film is tightly wrapped around the object to stabilize and stop motion during shipping. Due to its high degree of elasticity, it creates enough tension to serve as a superb protective material. Cling wraps additionally shield the products from moisture and dust. It’s also a good way of retaining heat.

Use Case With Cling Film

For instance, a shipping company uses cling film to protect goods during transport. The cling film keeps palletized goods together by fastening them to the pallet and preventing them from shifting while shipped. Hence, the shipment remains protected.

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