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What is an Arrival Notice in e-commerce?

A shipment arrival notice is a shipping document that informs recipients of the arrival of the shipment to its destination on behalf of the carrier agent. Typically, an arrival notice is sent three to six days prior to the date of arrival. 

An arrival notice generally includes the recipient’s contact information, a thorough description of the goods being delivered, the total number of units, AWB number, seller details, and total charges. 

Significance of Arrival Notice in E-commerce Logistics 

The arrival notice is a critical document in e-commerce logistics. It is issued by the carrier to the consignee to inform them that a shipment has arrived at its destination. It contains important information such as the date and time of arrival, the number of pieces in the shipment, the type of cargo, the weight, and any special instructions. 

  • This document is necessary for the consignee to make arrangements for the collection and delivery of goods. 
  • It also helps ensure that the goods are properly accounted for and that any discrepancies are addressed in a timely manner. 
  • Additionally, it serves as a record of the shipment, providing proof of delivery and providing valuable data for tracking and analysis.

Prerequisites to Calculate Arrival Notice and How It Works

The prerequisites for calculating an arrival notice are –

  • Date of shipping from the point of origin/seller
  • The expected date of arrival
  • Place of delivery
  • Shipping details and charges
  • Terms and conditions

Once the shipment has been shipped, the carrier will provide an estimated time of arrival. This estimated time of arrival is then used to calculate the arrival notice. 

Use Case With Arrival Notice

There are multiple benefits to receiving an arrival notice for all parties involved. For example, a receiver can have people and equipment on hand to unload the shipment in time. Additionally, if they aren’t the end users of the item being delivered, they can better inform their customers when their products will arrive. Once the items are received, they can also arrange for payment.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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