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What is the Place of Delivery?

The place of delivery, often referred to as the port of destination, is where goods are shipped to and received from the place of origin. It is a term that one will commonly come across in the sale contract of a shipping company and other organizations that handle import, export, freight forwarding, and shipping.

Importance of Place of Delivery in E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

With a place of delivery, shipping companies will know where to send their goods to. It is the delivery point the buyer provides and is where a shipment is supposed to reach. Once a shipment is received at this location, the shipping company has fulfilled its delivery promise. 

How Place of Delivery Works and Its Prerequisites 

While the place of delivery is the port of the primary goods carrier, the place of delivery is the final destination to which the company is obligated to ship goods. Companies can ask the buyer for the final place of delivery while placing the order. 

Use Case With Place of Delivery

Let us take the example of a buyer placing an order on an e-commerce business. To deliver the product, the seller will require the customer’s place of delivery. While placing the order, customers are required to provide the delivery place.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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