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What is a Unique Item Number

The unique item number, also known as a product identification number, is a specific and unique identification number given to each product through which the product can be traced and managed. It maintains transparency, allows a smooth supply chain, and enhances visibility. 

Significance of Unique Item Numbers in E-commerce Logistics 

Unique item numbers are one of the main components in invoices or auditing an e-commerce business. The importance of having these codes includes:-

  • Maintaining the record of the transaction
  • Giving a detailed view of the product to the buyers
  • Removes any false transaction that could happen
  • Helps customers track their order

How Unique Item Number Works 

As aforementioned, unique Item number helps retailers streamline the supply chain, maintain maximum transparency, and enhance uniformity. If we talk mainly about a unique product code (UPC), it comes with a 12-digit identification number. This barcode is on the side or at the back of your product. While purchasing, the retailers scan the barcode and get all the product details and the price, thus making the entire process streamlined and hassle-free.  

Use Case With Unique Item Number

Suppose an e-commerce company sells mobile phone covers. Companies can use the assigned unique item number to identify and track each product in the supply chain. At the time of purchase, retailers scan these barcodes and automatically receive all the details about the product, such as price, company, features, measurements, and so on. They change the transaction’s status and proceed with the product to the customer for payment. This way, buyers have a clear record of every purchase made from their store. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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