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What are Packing Inserts?

Packing inserts are additional products that e-commerce businesses include in their packages before shipping them to customers. It is a strategy that a brand utilizes to add value and increase awareness about campaigns and promotions. As an additional gesture for your customers, packing inserts can occasionally include printed coupons, thank-you cards, and stickers.

Significance of  Packing Inserts in E-commerce Logistics

Package inserts don’t require a big investment and generate a lot of revenue for e-commerce companies. Here are some more advantages of packing inserts to consider: 

  • Encourages repeat purchases: Positive interactions and appropriate discounts with packing inserts encourage repeat business.
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction can be raised and the customer experience can be improved with well-designed and informative packing inserts.
  • Promoting at low cost: Since you are already paying for delivery, there are no additional fees for delivering the inserts. Because of this, inserts are ideal for promoting customized and targeted cross-selling promotions.

Pre-requisites of Packing Inserts and How It Works

The following are the prerequisites of packing inserts: 

  • Extra cost: If the extra product is inserted inside the regular product, an additional charge must be paid because added weight increases shipment charges. 
  • Usage instructions: If any coupon codes are provided as part of a promotion, it is required to provide clear usage instructions to be given along with the applied conditions.

Use Case With Packing Inserts

Consider an instance of a shampoo manufacturing company that uses packing inserts to promote its new product. When a customer orders a 500ml shampoo bottle, the company includes a 50ml conditioner bottle in addition to the shampoo. Here, the shampoo company indirectly promotes its new conditioner by cross-selling. As customers receive it, surprisingly, they too enjoy the product for free.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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