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What is On-demand?

On-demand in e-commerce refers to a specific practice in which brands satisfy customers’ needs through super fast deliveries, services, or provision of information. On-demand e-commerce services are food delivery websites, grocery delivery applications, and online cab services. 

Significance of On-demand in E-commerce

On-demand services have ensured order or service fulfillment in the shortest possible time. Some benefits of this practice are:

  • With on-demand services, brands can expect to sell more items, as customers prefer getting their goods quickly and as per their requirements. 
  • On-demand services can help customers in times of emergencies, improving customer satisfaction and company revenue. 

Prerequisites for On-demand 

Some prerequisites to successfully fulfill on-demand services are:

  • Several micro-fulfillment centers in different geographical locations ensure faster deliveries at lower prices. 
  • Automated fulfillment systems
  • Skilled warehouse workers
  • Proper demand forecasts
  • Timely inventory restocks

Use Case with On-demand

Suppose a company XYZ has launched an application that provides on-demand grocery services. Here, the user makes a request for biscuits. The app’s algorithm locates the nearest shop and sends a request to the owner of the customer’s demands. Thereafter, the seller approves the request and the customer gets their products at their address.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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