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What is Offshore?

Offshore, also known as offshore outsourcing, indicates the relocation of services to other countries at lower costs. Different kinds of offshore services, like customer service teams, graphic designers, bookkeeping, IT consultants, etc., are routinely used by e-commerce businesses due to cost-efficiency and better time management. 

Significance of Offshore in E-commerce 

Multiple benefits associated with cost and time management make opting for offshore services a wise decision. Here are some of the key significances of offshore services in e-commerce:

  • Expertise: In most cases, offshore service providers are experts in the services they provide. Therefore, companies can focus on their core activities, while qualified individuals can take care of the rest at lower costs. 
  • Easy data storage: Offshore service providers have a safe and rigid framework to store a large amount of data. Hence, you won’t have to worry about handling your data securely. 
  • Running without interruption: With offshore teams located in different parts of the world, you can ensure your company is always up and running and ready to handle customer queries without delay. 

Prerequisites for Offshore

To make sure you get the full advantage of offshore services, you need to follow a few key steps:

  1. Market research: Ensure that you have thoroughly researched your target market to hire the right kind of offshore service provider. 
  2. Hire experts: Before you jump to finalizing your offshore service provider, ensure that you have chosen industry experts who can handle the assigned tasks effortlessly. This will save you time and money in the future. 
  1. Monitor your core competencies: Keeping complete track of your business’s core goals is essential so that you can assign the non-core tasks to offshore service providers accordingly. 

Use Case with Offshore

Suppose a company in Australia wants to develop a shopping app. However, to save costs, the company outsources its app development task to an offshore service provider in the Philippines who are experts in this field. Therefore, the company saves money and also gets quality service due to hiring an appropriate team.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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