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What Is GTIN?

GTINs are a set of numbers and letters that represent the product’s manufacturer, its type, and its packaging. It is a unique and universal identification number for trade items traded internationally. A GTIN can be between 8 to 14 digits. GTINs are usually attached to the barcode of any product. 

Significance of  GTIN in E-Commerce 

GTIN helps search engines pinpoint a product on a particular webpage and provide all the relevant information to online sellers. It is widely used in the global supply chain. Some other benefits are: 

  • A GTIN number provides information about the product to customers before they purchase it.
  • It makes it easier for customs agents to identify products and process them at borders efficiently.
  • It helps retailers keep track of their inventory and avoid mislabeling or mismarking their products in stores or warehouses.
  • It makes identification only a search away, as you can browse the web for more information on any item.
  • It aids in reducing errors and fraud.
  • It helps improve customer service levels by providing accurate information about products.

Prerequisites of GTIN and How It Works

To create a GTIN, companies should fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. A GS1 company prefix
  2. Internal article number for including article reference in the GTIN
  3. A check digit or checksum at the end of the GTIN
  4. Sharing the GSTIN within the internal system and among others in the supply chain management and the customers

Now, let’s have a look at how GTIN works.

  1. The first digit in a GTIN is an indicator digit. This digit is used to identify the packaging level.
  2. Next comes the GS1 company prefix. The first three numbers in this prefix correspond to the code of the origin country of the product.  Furthermore, this helps in identifying the ownership of the brand.
  1. The next variable numbers are known as item reference numbers. These numbers are used to identify specific products.
  1. Lastly, the GTIN ends with a check digit. This number is used to calculate whether the GTIN has the correct data composition. 

Use Cases of GTIN

Suppose you, as a seller, want to advertise your product to the required audience. However, you are looking for extended ways to do that. When you go for a registered GTIN, it aids in advertising. In non-selling platforms like Facebook, it can help you gain prospects by utilizing browsing habits. It will also assist in brand security and ensure that you have a legitimate image.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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