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What is EAN?

EAN or European Article Number is the identification code consisting of a unique barcode followed by a series of 8 to 13-digit numbers and letters. While machines can easily scan the barcode, the numbers are used for manual data entry in case the barcode lacks scannability. This code is used to identify products within an inventory.

Significance of EAN

EAN helps to establish a consistent warehouse management system across the supply chain. Retailers can conduct faster customer checkouts due to simple merchandise screening. 

  • Minimizing human error

The scope of human errors is drastically reduced as computers scan the EAN codes printed on the packages. Manual entry is only required when the codes become undecipherable.

  • Easy traceability

Since every product comes with a unique code, it becomes easier to locate the specific product among the entire lot. These standardized codes aid retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers in identifying merchandise without many hassles.

  • Understanding customer trends

EAN codes make customer trends evident as it is easier to know which products are more saleable and which ones are not in demand.

Process Involved in Getting EAN

The EAN code is solely acquired from Global Standards (GS1). If you are a manufacturer, you can apply and request EAN codes for the products you manufacture. This code complies with international regulations, which makes it globally standardized. 

The application procedure is extremely simple via the online platform. Once the application is complete, the manufacturer or seller will receive the unique barcode through the mail. This code can be used on the packages.

Use Case with EAN

Suppose you manufacture electronic goods like audio equipment, smartwatches, mobiles, laptops, and other gadgets. You need to supply a pink-colored digital smartwatch. It becomes difficult to trace this product in the inventory. If this product has the EAN code printed on its package, it becomes easier to identify and locate it.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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