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In just a few years, short-form video-hosting service TikTok has evolved from just providing netizens a platform to share samples of their dancing, singing, and acting videos to selling and promoting their products.

With the launch of TikTok Shop and huge demand from online sellers in the past few years, the video-sharing app has established the TikTok Seller Center to help entrepreneurs effectively use the social media platform and hopefully generate revenues from selling their products or services online.

In this piece, we will define what the TikTok Seller Center is and count down the top five features of this TikTok tool and how these features can help online merchants reach long-term investment and financial success.

A quick note: As a potential seller, you will need to create a virtual shop at the TikTok Seller Center and fulfill the requirements before you can have access to TikTok Shop. 

Basics of the TikTok Seller Center

But first the basics: described as a one-stop workstation portal, the TikTok Seller Center allows online merchants to sell their products through e-commerce businesses through the platform.

With the TikTok Seller Center, sellers who wish to sell their items can learn about end-to-end solutions ranging from store operations management, customer service and engagement, policy updates, customer service and engagement, and seller growth and performance analysis.

The TikTok Seller Center is part of TikTok Commerce (the platform’s suite of business tools), which is available in Southeast Asian markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as in the United Kingdom, countries described under select markets and platforms. 

Thankfully, the learning curve for using the TikTok Seller Center is not too steep, and it will take just a few steps (or clicks) before you’re off to sell your items online.

Top 5 Features of the TikTok Seller Center

Create and customize your online shop. As mentioned, you will need to access the TikTok
Seller Center to be able to join TikTok Shop. Here are some of the steps: create an account on TikTok, enter logistics details, fulfill the other requirements, and you’re ready to go.

With the TikTok Seller Center, merchants, brands, and creators can personalize their businesses and make them part of TikTok Shop. A shopping feature on the video-sharing service, the TikTok Shop can be accessed directly through the platform where online sellers, creators, and brands can use in-feed videos, and the product showcase tab to sell their items. 

Additionally, merchants can also use the TikTok Seller Center to create an account and enter their location where logistics services will pick up and return their products. The sign-up process is a breeze, as interested merchants only need to upload all their important documents while adding their products before adding their bank account to become an official TikTok merchant through the shop.

Education in a learning academy. The TikTok Seller Center also allows sellers to become “students” as they get online education through the TikTok Shop Seller University. 

Sellers can learn more about policies, seller tools, as well as the latest updates to the shop through TikTok’s online training hub.

The university also educates new sellers on avoiding counterfeit products that can ruin their business, choosing the right product category, maintaining high-quality content for their items, and learning the criteria for opening seller promotion tools and shipping discounts. 

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Merchants also get to learn more through the university about the TikTok Shop Intellectual Property Policy, which aims to promote and build a safe e-commerce environment on TikTok, as well as to provide a positive experience to consumers and sellers following relevant laws and regulations.

Marketing with TikTok Ads. For some online sellers, trusting their instincts and applying stock knowledge is enough to run their business. However, it would not hurt if you as a seller learn a few more tricks, and the TikTok Seller Center can provide a few nifty tools to boost sales.

One of these is TikTok Ads which can attract possible customers by applying tested marketing strategies that fit in the social media realm. TikTok Ads is proven to be accessible and aims to process tested ad creation, insights reporting, and ad management tools fit for brands and businesses to promote their products. 

Brands and businesses will receive an automated process of creating, delivering, and optimizing ads through the TikTok Ads platform, which is often compared to the Instagram Ad Manager.

There are two budgeting options for online sellers to choose from in TikTok Ads, namely daily or lifetime. But both options enable users to adjust their budget at any point during their campaign.

The platform also creates “Custom Audiences” and “Lookalike Audiences” to reach new or existing objects. Merchants or brands can also target their audiences through location, gender, interests, age, and other unique variables through this feature.

Brand partnership with TTCM. Brand and creator collaborations gather on TikTok through the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), a platform to help sellers receive high-quality creative content and creator collaboration solutions, as well as open potential brand partnerships.

The TTCM is aligned with the TikTok Seller Center because business partners can invite creators through the app. Creators then have multiple options to pick the collaboration opportunities they are interested in, which leads to potential major revenues generated through the platform.

TikTok has established Creator Profiles that seek to boost creators’ data-driven decision-making skills. Upstart creators also receive an overview of creators’ profiles, their most recent videos, and performance over time all in one platform.

The TTCM also comes with a campaign reporting tool where creators track down and analyze all campaign results in one place. Creators can also view how each creator performed in the campaign to determine who is the best partner of the lot.

Finding trending products on TikTok made easy. The TikTok Market for Branding, also known as TikTok Marketing, is aligned with the TikTok Seller Center in that content creators can be easily found in certain locations that enable them to create communities.

Even if your business or brand only operates in certain countries or regions, the platform can still create local marketing campaigns for those kinds of creators, merchants, or brands.


The TikTok Seller Center has become a vital feature of TikTok’s jump into social commerce. We can only expect that more features will be added to it, to hopefully make it even easier for online sellers to join TikTok Shop.

For online sellers, taking advantage of the popularity of short-form videos can bring in not just likes or follows, but real cash as well. If you are a budding TikTok creator eyeing to sell online, the TikTok Seller Center is the perfect avenue for you to grow and eventually become a successful online entrepreneur. 

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