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Today, an increasing number of people are convinced that entertainment and commerce are two exciting things by themselves, but undoubtedly more powerful when put together. With hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt getting their well-earned spot on top of trend lists, it becomes clearer that a significant number of users of the popular social media platform have used the entertainment factor to sell the products that they create, and on the other hand, more users have become buyers because TikTok helped them see how relevant and beneficial these products can be after seeing them on their feed – in demonstrations, in actual use and explanations from entrepreneurs.

So, if entertainment does empower commerce and commerce shapes entertainment, how can a professed TikTok seller-slash-content-creator maximize the existing trends and practices on TikTok, and how can they innovate and introduce new ideas to achieve success both in content and sales? Our friendly experts from no other than the platform itself have given us some tips and ideas on which TikTok content forms are most effective for every objective.

Various TikTok content types to try for your business

Well, by now, it’s no secret to us that there is a myriad of content ideas and practices that have already transpired in our favorite social media platform, TikTok. But aside from being viral and entertaining, what practices, content types, and activities can ensure continued content engagement and just do the trick in transforming these entertained viewers into loyal buyers?

Here we list some of the content types that are proven to be oozing with creativity, and effective in bringing out that enthusiastic experience from your audience and customer base.

Branded Hashtag challenges

Hashtags are an effective way of tagging content, categorizing and classifying them. In TikTok, certain subcultures exist and they are identified from each other sometimes through hashtags (e.g. #techtok, #beautytok, #edutok) just to name a few. They create different types of content for certain goals such as stirring conversation and getting their audience updated with the latest developments concerning their topic of common interest. 

If you are a seller, you have to put some serious thought into studying hashtags, and one way to penetrate these TikTok communities and subcultures is to launch a campaign of challenges. Challenges use a specific hashtag which then sorts all entries to the campaign or activity designated by it. One of the examples we can think about is the #IceBucketChallenge which aims to raise awareness and crowdsource funds for campaigns on a specific disease.

When applied to brands, you can latch on a culmination date such as Christmas or New Year, or perhaps, Mother’s Day, depending on when your brand might be most relevant. Think, for example, if you sell pots, pans, and other kitchenware, you can launch a promotional event where you challenge TikTok users to cook with their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day, and the best entries will get a promotional kit from your store. Doing so will raise awareness about your brand and the campaign will lead you to garner more viewers, and afterward, customers.

Educational videos

Information is key to converting viewers to customers. When they know what they need to know about your brand and your product, chances are they are going to build brand trust and some of them may opt to try out and purchase your product. Although it is, at all times, a must that your content be entertaining enough to catch your audience’s attention, it must also tell them a message, explain your product’s importance and make them feel how useful your brand and your products can be to their daily lives.

So, if you are selling, for example, a skincare product. It would work for you to create content about the most common skin diseases and problems in the region of your target audience. Always remember that a brand that is established as an expert in problem-solving in a specific field would garner a stronger following and rake in more sales. While you are discussing these skin problems in your content, you can also attach the TikTok shop listing of one or two of the products that you recommend for those who are experiencing these problems. 

Influencer partnerships

This kind of content is particularly helpful for brands who are just starting their online businesses. In certain subcultures like gaming, tech, fashion, and many others, there are already established TikTok influencers with a solid follower base and have positioned themselves as trusted experts in choosing the right items that suit their follower’s needs. Of course, it would be truly helpful if an influencer can endorse or promote your product in one of their viral content and your product reaches thousands to millions of their followers.

You may get these influencers, for example, to do an account takeover wherein you dedicate a Live video wherein they showcase your product and try it out. Think unboxing videos or a speed test for your latest gaming smartphone. Or maybe try out new iPhone cases in a mix-and-match challenge on their feed. You can even launch a live selling event and put several influencers together to promote your event and have them host that special event. There are many ways to engage influencers and get them to help you. The key is to build loyal and strong partnerships by fairly incentivizing them. 

Occasion-specific content

We all love celebrations. People exchange gifts during Christmas, send little trinkets on Valentine’s Day, send cute letters to their parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day, and many more. And as a TikTok seller, you want to position your brand and product as the best choice for your audience to make their loved ones the happiest during these occasions. Just as soon as you lay out your social media content plan, you have to include the most relevant dates in your calendar where you think your brand will have its place. 

Take, for example, you own a pet accessories store and it’s April 11: International Pet Day. On that specific date, or even the days leading to it, you can crack up a campaign wherein pet owners can buy treats or accessories for their pet animals to pamper them on their day. Make sure that your content is coherent and consistent with your brand, yet captures the moment of these little celebrations that people observe.

Tutorials and how-to’s

Yes, we get it, some manuals come with most of the products today. But a larger number of people, especially now, in the age of social media, come to TikTok to learn how to use the products they buy. Aside from the usual how-to-use guide, you can also put your products to the test and use them in activities that people usually engage in.

For example, if you own a store that sells paint or watercolor products, you can do a tutorial on how to paint a bird or the figure of a woman. You can even do these as a series, and when you are already beginning to engage your audience, have them put out requests which you can use as a prompt for your next video content. This is a fun way of engaging with your audience while demonstrating the benefits of your products.

Duets or stitches

Duets or stitches are a feature on TikTok wherein you can engage with the video content of other users. You can maximize these trending duets and challenges for your brand to be well known. 

A good possibility will be for a music equipment store to build a team of musicians to put accompaniment to the trending TikTok singers’ videos, with the store’s products being used by these musicians. This would be a fun engagement of the current trend while also gaining awareness of the use of your products for music. Of course, music products are ultimately measured by how good the music they produce is.

Another possibility is for an online bookstore to launch a short poetry duet exercise wherein an influencer reads a verse from one of the books they are selling and challenges other literature lovers to write and read the succeeding verse. That is a surefire way to reach the literary community of TikTok.

Dance crazes

Dance crazes and dance challenges are all over TikTok and people love it. With easy-to-follow steps, almost everyone could follow them and post their version. But, remember, as a brand, when you engage with these kinds of content, you have to give it your own flavor. So take your favorite dance craze and incorporate your products in the video.

For example, there is a trending hip hop dance that a huge number of young people are doing on TikTok and you sell hip hop fashion products? Why not talk to a youth influencer from your target audience base and ask them to dance while wearing one of the latest products that you are marketing? You can then also ask them to link the video to your shop or attach the product listing to their TikTok content. 

Another possibility is asking your team or store employees to dance within the vicinity of your headquarters and showcase your brand and products. The key here is authenticity. Make sure you and your employees are having a good time because when one has a good time, it shows. 

Advocacy support content

Brands with a cause. As the world becomes more involved in charity and rights-based  causes, more consumers want to make sure the products they consume are cruelty-free and created in fair conditions for the environment, producers and workers, and the like. You can also support relevant advocacies for your product. There are many advocacies for brands to support such as children’s and women’s rights, the peace effort, organic farming, and LGBTQ+ rights.

To further bolster your support to the advocacies, you may run limited-edition campaigns wherein you give some bonus and added-value products to your customers and their purchase will be a sign of their support to a specific advocacy group. For example, if you are selling notebooks and pens, you can offer your customers a package wherein they can sponsor young children for their school supplies. When you distribute these customer-sponsored supplies to the children, you can also make videos about them as some sort of a report-back to those who participated in your campaign. 

Brand stories

People are fond of origin stories, from rags to riches, from small to big. And we are sure your brand has its own story that can inspire your customers and make them prefer you over other brands. If your store started as a side hobby while you were in college to fund your education. Or if you were just collecting superhero figurines as a child, then eventually, when you had a chance, you opened a toy store wherein parents can buy their kids affordable toys. 

People want to hear where you come from, what your mission and vision are, and how you plan to work with them as you grow your brand. For example, you are selling certified fair trade tea wherein the tea leaves are sourced from farmers who are paid right. Your customers want to see your goal, and when this is clear to them, it also becomes clearer how they can help out by purchasing and continuing to support your products.

Do not be afraid to mix and match

These examples of TikTok content are but a few of what you can do with the app. There are many others like using the most trending sound clips or creating branded filters for TikTok users to enjoy. What’s important, though, is you have a plan. With the current capacity that you have for TikTok marketing, decide how often you release content, develop a social media calendar and start creating videos. Make sure that your videos are diversified in both content and form. And when you place them on your calendar, make sure they are scheduled at a time when they are relevant, useful, and most engaging. Be bold, take your audience’s feedback, and improve every time! Happy content creation to you!

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