E-commerce Warehousing Efficiency | Locad Blog

E-Commerce and the Supply Chain Transformation

The past year has been monumental for eCommerce. The sudden and radical lifestyle changes that came with the outbreak of COVID-19 are without a doubt the biggest reason for this....
Order fulfillment in e-commerce business | Locad

5 Key Misconceptions About Perfect Order Fulfillment

There are a lot of articles out there telling you what a “perfect” order fulfillment looks like. This blog is going to help you avoid getting the wrong idea about...
A delivery service representative carrying a packed order | Locad

The Basics of Delivery: Postal vs Courier Services

One of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur when setting up your e-commerce business will be choosing your logistics service provider (LSP), and usually, it's between...
Automating e-commerce business | Locad

How to Fully Automate an E-commerce Business?

If I were to ask senior managers, executives, and e-commerce enterprises as to what they understand from the term e-commerce automation, I am sure it is going to be understated....
E-commerce Warehouse Rack System | Locad Blog

Exceeding Customer Expectations Through Your Last-Mile Delivery

In today's "next day delivery" climate, it might be challenging to keep up with some of the bigger E-Commerce players out there, from an infrastructure perspective. But where you can...
Global supply chain process | Locad

Taking The Mystery out of Supply Chain Control Towers

Whether you’re just starting off with your E-Commerce venture, are an established entrepreneur, or working at an Enterprise level, you rely on data to keep your supply chain running smoothly....
E-commerce business owners smiling | Locad

Why Fulfillment is the Key to E-commerce Success

More often than not, fulfillment and logistics remain afterthoughts for busy entrepreneurs and merchants. As their focus is on increasing sales and optimizing marketing, they lose sight of the part...
E-commerce Warehouse Automation Process | Locad Blog

Key Ways to Balance Safety Stock Levels Against Risk

We have learned through the events of 2020 that any business can be affected by elements completely outside of its control and a lot of it has to do with...
4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally | Order Tracking | Locad Blog

6 Reasons Why Some E-Commerce Stores Fail

Making an E-Commerce store is a great way to start your own business or add a new element to your brick-and-mortar location. It is easy to get started with a...
E-commerce business owner looking up suppliers to increase orders | Locad

How to Find Suppliers for E-Commerce Store

After countless hours of hemming and hawing, you have finally decided to start your own e-commerce business. Maybe you finally thought of a breakthrough product or decided you want to take advantage...
Benefits of Shipping Internationally | Shipment | Locad Blog

4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally

Entering new international and cross-border markets can be an exciting and strategic move to expand your e-commerce business. While some businesses that continue to be successful locally remain hesitant to...
E-commerce Warehouse Automated Delivery Vehicles With Parcels | Locad Blog

Designing an Efficient and Cost-Effective Supply Chain

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, managing your supply chain means controlling the flow of goods and services in the most efficient way possible. In order to optimize the supply chain, managers...
E-commerce business owner looking to increase brand loyalty | Locad

Brand Loyalty In The Time Of E-Commerce

2020 brought a wave of change in every industry, but retail was hit especially hard. With the decrease of in-person shopping and the rise of e-commerce, brand loyalty has become...
E-commerce bags on a shopping cart | Locad

Stand Out in The E-Commerce Marketplace

In 2020, E-Commerce sales rose 44% and are expected to continue to grow this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown shoppers that walking into a brick-and-mortar store is not their only option,...
Increasing e-commerce sales during the Covid pandemic | Locad

How to Sell During a COVID-19 Lockdown: 4 Key Strategies

While the COVID-19 lockdown has made it clear that we won’t be going back to business as usual anytime soon, businesses have started to find new ways of coping and...

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