The Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In the Philippines

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With a substantial population and greater digital technologies, Philippine consumers have begun relying on e-commerce platforms for online shopping. This trend of e-commerce businesses surged after the wake of the recent pandemic. Since lockdown put all people locked inside their houses, people found online shopping ideal to fulfill their needs.  

Besides the larger population, the seamless connectivity of the Philippines, the state-of-art infrastructure of the city, and steady access to the internet make the Philippines a wonderful place for e-commerce business. To conduct an e-commerce business in the Philippines, it is necessary to take a look at the competitors. Also, paying attention to how the competitors run their online businesses will help you get an idea about the unexplored areas.

In this blog, you can go through the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses in the Philippines. The details of each platform have been provided for better understanding. So, without delay, let’s dive into each e-commerce platform in the Philippines individually.

The Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In the Philippines

Best For Sales Feature

Everyone wants an easy-going website that offers proper navigation, product sorting and filtering, a workable search bar, and product recommendations. The better the sales features of a website, the more populated it is. Here are some best e-commerce platforms that promote the best sales features:


Shopee is the first traditional e-commerce website in the Philippines to offer a mobile-first experience to its users. This diverse online platform provides a conventional web experience and focuses on C2C business. The humongous user base of Shopee makes it a leading e-commerce platform in the whole of Southeast Asia. The payment support and seamless logistics of Shopee make it one of a kind.


A popular online retailer in the Philippines, eBay is a ranked e-commerce platform that provides both online shopping facilities and auctions. The operation of eBay is very similar to a traditional B2C business. Users get the opportunity to purchase both new and used items from this e-commerce store. Also, the features of the website propagate easy navigation of the users.

Best For SEO And Marketing

Today, SEO is an integral part of online marketing. Without SEO, your website is null. If you want an e-commerce platform that offers the best SEO and online marketing facilities, here is a brief list provided below:


This open-source and free e-commerce platform is majorly known for being highly customizable. The setup is simple. Here, you can set up and manage multiple stores. Further, the platform offers a steady dashboard with the necessary metrics. With hundreds of integrations, the ongoing development cost is considerably low.

Carousell Philippines

Headquartered in Singapore, Carousell is a popular Asian e-commerce website that provides a range of products. Although Carousell has not been able to gather the kind of visitors that Shopee or Lazada enjoys, the user experience of Carousell is worth appreciating. In the Carousell platform, both individuals and businesses can easily take pictures of their products and list them for sale.


WooCommerce is majorly a content management system and an e-commerce platform. WordPress users can benefit highly from WooCommerce as it is highly customizable, open, and free. With more than 6000 integrations and plugins, the WooCommerce platform can be monetized. The way WooCommerce platform supports different integrations makes it a highly recognized SEO and marketing platform.

Best For Multichannel Selling

Multichannel selling in e-commerce implies the practice of using more than one sales channel to maximize customer reach and increase sales. Here are the e-commerce platforms that promote multichannel e-commerce selling:


Being one of the most reputed e-commerce websites in the Philippines, Lazada’s visitor reach is nearly 25,000,000 every month. Known as the most popular e-commerce platform in Philippines, Lazada allows customers to send goods to any part of the world. This has been made possible due to its multichannel selling feature. Besides, it caters to a range of products.


BigCommerce is a scalable and flexible e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features and functionalities that can benefit you greatly. You can notice your business grow and reach the summit with efficient scalability. Besides, BigCommerce provides great SEO tools and multichannel selling to ensure that your business gets the maximum reach.

Best Value For Money

Nobody wants to spend extra on e-commerce websites and burn a hole in their pockets. If you are looking for some reasonably priced options, here is a brief list:

FB Marketplace

When it comes to the number of users on Facebook, the Philippines stands first. Currently, Facebook has more than 70 million members, with a large share of the population belonging to the Philippines. The platform is easy to use and provides a wide variety of items. Considering the affordability of the users, FB Marketplace is entirely free to use. Besides, it does not have any hidden charges.


Zalora is created by Rocket Internet and is entirely dedicated to fashion items. Right from traditional fashion products to exotic and quirky ones, you will get everything here. What makes Zalora a go-to website for fashionistas is the price point. Generally, fashionable clothing is expensive. Keeping affordability in mind, Zalora produces products at discounted range. Some of the areas in which Zalora has gained popularity include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Brunei, and Taiwan.


In Metrodeal, you can enjoy some discounts and deals. The website provides you rebates on restaurants, travel, leisure, and the like. The payment is processed directly, thereby promoting ease of use for the users. During the pandemic, Metrodeal succeeded in expanding more. Last year, Transcosmos, a Japanese outsourcing company, acquired Metrodeal.   

The Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In the Philippines

Best For Ease Of Use

Every visitor of an e-commerce website wants to explore a site that they can use in a hassle-free manner. Think of a situation where you have just entered an e-commerce website and have searched for a particular product. Now, you want to use the filters to narrow down the search. Unfortunately, you cannot find the filters of the e-commerce site, or it doesn’t allow for different metrics on which to filter. In this case, it’s better to look for another e-commerce site with an easier interface. Here are some e-commerce websites with ease of use that operates in Philippines:  


If you are looking for an e-commerce business that provides you with a hassle-free experience, Shopify is the one. It is a completely hosted platform that is beginner-friendly and easy to set up. Shopify’s quick loading speed does not allow users to wait for a long time. Creating and storing a template is easy in Shopify.

Globe online shopping

The Globe Online Shopping is launched by one of the top corporations in the country, Globe Corporations. The purpose of introducing this e-commerce platform was to explore the online market and add to its growth. This platform has several postpaid networking plans, allowing you to choose only those you require. Also, the easy navigation of this e-commerce platform makes it popular among users.

What makes stand out from the crowd is its product category. Being a successful and widely acclaimed e-commerce website, takes pride in keeping products that are not available in the Philippines. In a way, the diverse range of products of gives users quick access to buy imported products from China and the United States. Once, you have ordered the product, you need not worry as they offer doorstep delivery.


Shopboxo is a unique e-commerce platform that simplifies running an online store in the Philippines using only your mobile phone. Its code-free store creator enables you to easily bring your vision to life while customizable pre-built themes ensure that your store stands out. With mobile order management, you can easily manage and fulfill orders, accept orders on the go, and track inventory. Shopboxo offers a streamlined approach to building and managing an online store that is perfect for small business owners looking to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively.


Now that you have a clear idea about the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses in Philippines, it is time for you to brace up and choose one and go ahead. Some have come early in the market, while others are still newbies. However, all of the ones mentioned here work on multiple devices and platforms. Considering the size and potential of the Philippines market, opening an e-commerce platform is the right decision, provided you know the strategies for running it successfully. 

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