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There is plenty of room for e-commerce enterprises of all sizes in Thailand, as the number of online shoppers grows every year.

Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever before for e-commerce companies to understand their brand, aggressively market themselves, outperform their rivals, and satisfy their customers.

You can achieve success in Thailand’s e-commerce market by using these tactics.

Leverage real-time personalization

The modern consumer expects a customized purchasing experience based on their requirements. Customers will likely purchase more with the relevancy of the deals you promote.

Send customers personalized marketing messages based on their surfing history, hobbies, and choices. In this manner, you can guarantee that they are appropriately targeted and more likely to evoke an answer.

Customers also desire a tailored experience at every stage of their client journey. You can accomplish this by taking an omnichannel strategy to retail. In this approach, consumers can continue wherever they left off on a smartphone later if they unexpectedly abandon the checkout process on a desktop.

Create a seamless experience

The navigation on your website must be straightforward from the minute a visitor arrives. The most significant way to do that is through a beautiful user interface. Keep up with UI design fads to understand the finest strategies to employ.

In addition to following trends, another choice is to research what your rivals are doing. Find flaws in their layouts and develop superior alternatives to keep your online business user-friendly.

Your website should stay straightforward while also offering all the information users need to know about your items.

A solid e-commerce website makes it easy to find products, provides all the information a user might need about them, and contains all the shipping information. The finest marketing you can do is to provide a smooth user experience on your platform since people will likely tell their family and friends about it.

Use discount sales

Your e-commerce store can provide discounts in a variety of ways. Seasonal sales are popular among brands, but there is also room for volume discounts, ‘buy one, get one free’ offers, and simple promotional special offers like 50% off.

Attempting to create a feeling of urgency is helpful regardless of your chosen strategies. Utilizing the mindset of shortage is critical. An excellent approach is using countdown clocks that display the amount of time a sale has remaining. Additionally, indicate the discount rates offered so that customers know the offers they are receiving.

Discount sales are a terrific method to increase volume, but they will also impact the average order value, so you must constantly consider what is ideal for your company.

Make your store mobile friendly

With a stunning 39.1% growth from its market share of 52.4 percent in 2016 to its current market share of 72.9 percent, mobile e-commerce sales now account for a more significant portion of overall e-commerce sales.

E-commerce companies must ensure that their business is mobile-friendly because customers increasingly purchase from their phones. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Building a progressive web application (PWA) for your business is also beneficial. They open far faster than a typical website and let users view what they’ve looked at while offline.

Another way your store can improve the purchasing experience is to use accelerated mobile pages.

Use opt-in pop-up offers

Do not undervalue the power of opt-in offers if you want to increase conversion rates. Pop-ups encourage visitors to join your email list, blog, or loyalty program. New customers joining expand your contact list, which is ideal for email marketing, and ultimately increases revenue.

Promising a discount on the total cart value and free delivery on orders for signing up may persuade a hesitant customer to proceed with the transaction. Additionally, if they sign up, that would be another connection in your data and potential future purchases, even if they choose not to make a purchase immediately.

Before visitors leave your website is the ideal time to deliver pop-up ads. It’s crucial to evaluate your opt-in offerings and adjust them as necessary. In the end, you’ll make more money from future sales if you gather more email addresses.

Offer free shipping

It’s crucial to compare free and paid shipping. However, providing free delivery as a sales incentive is preferable when you operate a new store with a modest social media presence. Free shipment reduces the risk of customers paying a business they don’t yet trust. When you offer free shipping, you have an advantage over your rivals since over 50% of online retailers do so.

With AliExpress, many vendors provide free shipping or use the low-cost express delivery provider, ePacket, which enables you to offer affordable shipping without significantly affecting your profit margins.

Promote customer reviews and build trust

Thailand, Southeast Asia, and the world are experiencing a buzz due to social media and internet forums. People believe the recommendations and items circulated on social media and subscribe to various social media trends. Additionally, it is an excellent and straightforward approach to getting in front of your target audience, boosting web traffic, and making a lot of money.

Hot trends form the basis of a fantastic social media marketing approach. Always research the current trending subjects your intended audience is interested in while developing your social media strategy. When your postings fall into one of the most popular categories suggested by search engines, the algorithm swiftly grabs them and displays them in the top searches.

Your brand’s credibility is also increased via social media marketing. People talk about your brand and leave favorable evaluations, which helps your brand gain the trust of potential customers. People are open to trying out new services because they believe the evaluations they see on social media. Additionally, if a close friend recommends your product, your brand’s reputation will benefit because customers are more likely to take their inner circle’s recommendations seriously.

Offer generous refund and money-back guarantee policies

Avoiding online purchases with a flexible return policy would be best. Since the client cannot physically see the product, they must trust it will be just as promised. Most customers won’t buy e-commerce goods if returns aren’t accepted because there’s a chance they won’t meet their requirements.

By implementing generous refund and money-back guarantee terms, sellers can increase customer confidence and encourage purchases. Giving customers the choice of returning a product if they decide otherwise or if it doesn’t correspond to the product description communicates your faith in them and your desire to deliver value to other customers.

A complete money-back promise is essential. If customers don’t like the goods, you must provide your clients with a means of responding. It does not necessarily follow that they will want a refund. Of course, many of them will, but most people need to be aware of a fallback. People are not risk-takers by nature; therefore, they will find this flexible payment arrangement appealing. Consequently, you’ll attract more clients than you would have if you didn’t provide a money-back guarantee.

Tie up with influencers and product reviewers

User-created content gives your e-commerce marketing efforts an utterly fresh viewpoint. Consumers may turn to other customers for a better idea of the product and what to expect rather than relying on the business’ claims. Such social proof is an effective psychological persuasion technique.

Gaining the trust of new customers is facilitated by positive testimonials from satisfied clients. On the other hand, unfavorable evaluations offer crucial insight into problems that need resolution within your company.

These client endorsements are even more persuasive than expertly crafted sales copy. Encourage customers to talk about their interactions with your company online, on other review sites, and on media platforms.

Step up your email marketing

To effectively advertise your items to leads and consumers, use email marketing. To continue marketing your business and articles to your audience, you’ll want to gather email addresses via an exit intention pop-up or lead magnet. To entice people to read your emails and discover your offers, you should take the time to create and test your subject lines.

For e-commerce enterprises, including discounts in the subject line—such as “40% off today only”—often works effectively. Highlight your top-performing products. When it comes to online marketing, you may also reclaim abandoned carts, provide VIP discounts to your best clients, and add value by enlightening customers with pertinent advice specific to your specialty.

Reward loyal customers

Offering exclusive offers to your customers and email list subscribers is a valuable strategy for creating a community. That considerably raises the likelihood that former consumers will return to make purchases from you.

Increase your number of repeat customers by developing vital loyalty programs.

Take an innovative approach

It is best to invest time and energy in developing creative marketing concepts. The largest e-commerce websites, don’t provide unique products. However, they are uniquely marketing these identical goods.

Upsell and cross-sell products

Cross-selling and upselling are excellent strategies for increasing revenue. Frequently, your clients are unaware that you have a higher-quality version of a product, or they may require additional explanation to understand why a premium item is a better fit for their requirements.

Similarly, they could not have been aware of other things that are the ideal complement to their purchasing item. If you liked that, you’d love this: this is the guiding principle behind personalized product suggestions on major global e-commerce websites.

However, a word of caution—avoid being aggressive and make sure your recommendations are pertinent to the things they initially selected.

Maintain a helpful, SEO-driven blog

Having a blog gives you the chance to increase store traffic. Posts with SEO keywords and consumer-friendly content are more likely to appear high in results from search engines. Well-ranked blog entries promoting site visits pave the path to customers accessing your product descriptions and making purchases.

You can use a blog to establish meaningful connections with readers. Your ideas for satisfying consumers’ needs and wants can be informed by how customers react to the material you produce. When blog entries offer the reader something of value, such as professional advice on using your product or a topic about your sector, they increase consumer trust.


Thailand is seeing a sharp rise in e-commerce activity. As a business owner, this is the ideal time to broaden your brand and attract new clients. However, because so many online shops compete for customers in e-commerce, this situation could also go wrong. Because of this, you must develop a strategy following this article’s advice to ensure you achieve your brand expansion objectives.

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