Black Friday Sale Australia: What it is [+Checklist to drive sales]

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As the year winds down and the holiday season approaches, Australians eagerly anticipate the annual shopping extravaganza known as “Black Friday.” Originating in the United States, this retail tradition has transcended borders, making its mark in Australia as a shopping phenomenon that’s not to be missed. Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November and marks the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season in many parts of the world. Australia Post’s State of E-commerce Report reveals that in 2022, the most popular month for e-commerce sales was November, with a record 6 million households making online purchases.

In Australia, it’s a day when shoppers can score incredible discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics to fashion, home goods to beauty products. But it’s not just a day; Black Friday sales often extend into a week or more of deals and promotions, creating a shopping frenzy that brings joy to bargain hunters and retailers alike.

In this article, we will look at the world of Black Friday sales in Australia, exploring what makes this event so significant in the retail calendar and how you can make the most of it. Read ahead for insider tips if you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur seeking to optimise your strategy and unlock the secrets of Black Friday success in the Land Down Under!

What is Black Friday

The origins of Black Friday are rooted in American history. The term was first coined in the 1960s and originally had nothing to do with shopping. Instead, it referred to the chaos and congestion caused by both shoppers and tourists in Philadelphia on the day after Thanksgiving. The city’s police officers and bus drivers dreaded the traffic and crowds, dubbing it “Black Friday.”

Over time, retailers in the U.S. sought to change the negative connotation of the term and turned Black Friday into a positive one. They began offering incredible discounts and promotions to lure shoppers to their stores. The day then evolved into a nationwide shopping celebration.

Today, Black Friday has spread its wings and is celebrated with equal fervour in countries around the world. Including Australia. In 2020, Black Friday, which until then was an offline sale transitioned to the online realm. Black Friday 2021 marked an all-time high performance in Australia with an 8% increase in revenue vs. pre-pandemic levels. What’s interesting to note is that the sale keeps getting bigger and better. In 2022, Black Friday sales increased the month’s retail turn over by 1.4%.

Black Friday Sale Australia: What it is [+Checklist to drive sales]

In fact, Black Friday has shifted consumer behaviour, encouraging people to plan their holiday shopping around this single day or week of sales. Black Friday has also prompted businesses to adapt and innovate, using creative marketing strategies to capture the attention of eager shoppers.

Furthermore, the concept of Black Friday has influenced other shopping events, such as Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day, creating a global culture of discounts and deals throughout the year. 

Black Friday 2022

In 2022, Australians displayed unprecedented enthusiasm for Black Friday, setting a new record with a collective spending of $7.1 billion during the four-day sale weekend following the event. This surge in revenue not only marked a financial windfall but also set the stage for the entire holiday shopping season. For e-commerce enterprises, Black Friday in 2022 was a pivotal moment, with many achieving unprecedented success. 

This remarkable performance underscores the significance of Black Friday in Australia’s retail landscape, where businesses can capitalize on the shopping fervor that sweeps the nation. As Black Friday 2023 approaches, e-commerce businesses are poised to build on this success, ensuring another prosperous year.

Black Friday Sale (Australia)

E-commerce Essentials Checklist to Meet Demand and Maximize Profits.
Black Friday Sale Australia: What it is [+Checklist to drive sales]

When is Black Friday 2023 in Australia?

The Black Friday sale date for 2023 in Australia is  November 24. This date has become a focal point for both shoppers and e-commerce businesses across the country. Consumers eagerly anticipate this day to grab exceptional deals on a wide range of products. 

For e-commerce sellers, it presents a significant opportunity to boost sales, clear inventory, and attract new customers. As we explore further, we’ll delve into strategies for e-commerce businesses to thrive during this high-demand shopping season.

Why does Black Friday matter for an e-commerce business?

Black Friday isn’t just a day for shoppers to snag great deals; it’s a crucial day for e-commerce businesses to thrive in Australia. The economic impact of Black Friday on these businesses is substantial. Online shopping plays a pivotal role in the success of e-commerce businesses during the Black Friday season.

As consumers increasingly opt for the convenience of shopping from their homes or on the go, e-commerce platforms become the primary battleground for Black Friday deals. The ability to shop 24/7, access a vast product selection and compare prices,  with just a few clicks has reshaped the retail landscape. Hence, e-commerce businesses that invest in user-friendly websites, mobile apps, and seamless shopping experiences are well-positioned to excel on Black Friday and beyond.

What are the advantages of having a Black Friday sale?

As November gets closer, Australian shoppers are awaiting big deals and saving money on their holiday shopping. As with any e-commerce business, running a Black Friday sale is a perfect opportunity to meet demand with your supply and maximise sales. Here’s a quick primer on why it can be incredibly useful to invest some of your attention towards the Black Friday sales this year.

  • Increased Sales and Revenue: Black Friday provides a significant revenue boost for Australian businesses, kickstarting the holiday shopping season. Shoppers actively seek out deals, resulting in a substantial increase in sales during this period.
  • Clearance of Excess Inventory: E-commerce businesses can use Black Friday to clear out excess inventory and old batches of dead stock freeing up storage space and minimising holding costs. Setting these products at discounted prices attracts buyers, making it an ideal time to cash in on the sale frenzy.
  • Attracting New Customers: Black Friday attracts a wide range of shoppers, including those who may not have previously interacted with your brand. Effective marketing, promotional activities and deals can convert first-time buyers into loyal customers.
  • Building Customer Loyalty: Offering exceptional Black Friday deals to existing customers can reinforce their loyalty to your brand. Providing a positive shopping experience during this period can lead to repeat business.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Black Friday promotions and advertising campaigns increase brand visibility in the competitive Australian market. By effectively utilizing your e-commerce platform’s promotional tools, sending Black Friday email promotions, and optimising your online store for the upcoming sale, you amplify your store’  branding leaving a lasting impression on shoppers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Participating in Black Friday sets your business apart as you are offering solutions to customers who are already closer to making a purchase. By upselling and cross-selling, you increase the opportunities for shoppers to add more products to their carts. By setting a minimum threshold for free shipping, you can expect customers to shop more to qualify for free or faster shipping. Crafting relevant Black Friday deals on your online store draws in shoppers and can give you an edge over rivals.
  • Early Holiday Shopping: Black Friday is an opportunity for Australians to jumpstart their holiday shopping, which can reduce stress during the peak end-of-year holiday sales and ensure timely deliveries. Businesses that cater to early holiday shoppers by offering better deals to gain a loyal customer base.

How to prepare for the Black Friday Sale in Australia

Focusing on certain key business areas and customising your approach for the Australian market can prepare your e-commerce business effectively for the Black Friday sale. It can be the key to providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers and maximising sales opportunities for your business! Here are tips to help you get started.

  • Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is crucial for Australian e-commerce businesses preparing for Black Friday. Analyse past sales data to predict which products will be in high demand. Consider offering limited-time bundles or exclusive deals on slow-moving inventory to encourage sales.
  • Pricing Strategy: Craft a dynamic pricing strategy for Black Friday. While offering discounts, ensure your pricing still covers costs and maintains profitability. Highlight your best deals prominently on your website to attract price-sensitive Australian shoppers. Use shopping assistants to suggest similar products based on your customer’s shopping activity in your store.
  • Cross-selling and Upselling: Leverage Black Friday to implement cross-selling and upselling techniques. Suggest complementary products or upgrades to increase the average order value. Tailor recommendations to Australian shoppers’ preferences and seasonal needs.
  • Website and Mobile Optimization: Ensure your website is fast, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. With a growing number of Australians shopping on mobile devices, a seamless experience is critical. Optimise images and minimise page load times to keep shoppers engaged.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Develop targeted marketing campaigns for Australian consumers. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach more followers and turn them into shoppers. Segment your shoppers based on shopping activity, preferred payment methods and other engagement history to craft attractive email marketing campaigns. Improve your online store’s SEO to reach your audience effectively. Highlight the benefits of early holiday shopping and emphasise the limited-time nature of Black Friday deals.
  • Logistics and Shipping: Collaborate with reliable shipping and fulfilment partners like Locad to meet increased demand. Reduce operational costs by investing in flexible warehousing to decentralise your inventory. Offer faster shipping options to cater to diverse Australian regions and growing demand for shorter dispatch to delivery timelines. Moreover, be sure to clearly communicate shipping deadlines to ensure timely deliveries during the holiday season.
  • Customer Support: Prioritise customer support during Black Friday sales. Ensure that your support team is well-prepared to handle inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance. Consider offering extended support hours to accommodate Australian time zones.
  • Security Measures: Enhance cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and transactions and highlight your commitment to security on your website to build trust with Australian shoppers. Implement fraud detection systems to protect your store from bogus buyers and fraudulent e-commerce scams and rising online threats.


In the world of retail, few moments hold as much promise and excitement as Black Friday. Therefore, as the Black Friday sale 2023 approaches, it’s time for e-commerce businesses to gear up for a shopping extravaganza like no other. With increased sales, inventory clearance, and the chance to attract new customers, Black Friday offers unparalleled opportunities for growth. For e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses, it’s essential to prepare meticulously in areas such as inventory management, pricing strategy, and website optimisation. 

At Locad, we understand the challenges and opportunities that Black Friday presents for e-commerce businesses. Our comprehensive logistics and fulfilment services are designed to help you streamline operations, meet demand, and ensure timely deliveries, giving you the edge you need in the competitive world of Black Friday sales.

So, as the anticipation builds, make the most of Black Friday in Australia, prepare, strategise, and embrace the shopping frenzy. Black Friday is your chance to thrive in the Australian retail landscape, and Locad is here to support your success every step of the way!

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