How your Australian-based business can start shipping internationally

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More than one in every four people is an online shopper. With the rapid growth of e-commerce in recent years, it was reported globally that there were 900 million more online shoppers than there were in 2020. This hints at the limitless opportunities entrepreneurs and online store owners have when it comes to reaching more customers.

If you want to take the next step in leveling up your Australian-based business, then you might want to start considering expanding beyond your own borders. By offering international shipping, you and your business can:

How your Australian-based business can start shipping internationally

Expand your customer database and increase your sales

Previous studies have shown that 70% of e-commerce customers purchase internationally. Making your products available to new countries also means finding yourself in a new pool of potential new customers.

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Increase your average order value

Not only does international shipping expand your customer reach, but it also boosts your average order value. International customers have a 17% higher average order value than domestic customers.

 Grow 60% times faster than domestic-only businesses

Opening up your Australian-based business to international customers is a low-effort approach to growth. By doing so, watch your business outdo competitors who don’t offer international shipping

With those figures, it’s hard to resist choosing to go global. Many Australian-based businesses are hesitant to start shipping internationally mainly because of the expensive costs and difficulties that come with setting it up but with the right fulfillment partner, you can sit back, relax, and watch them do the magic for you. If you’re wondering how a fulfillment partner can help you transition into going international, we’ve listed down what they can do for you.

Experience the LOCAD way of fulfillment

First things first, you need to craft a strategy that suits you and your business. As your Australian-based business fulfillment partner, LOCAD knows the A to Z’s of shipping and logistics and helps you understand what options are available to you and the most effective and sustainable approach for you to start going global. Some things you need to ask yourself which will ultimately decide which market you want to tap into first:

  •  Which products of mine are in-demand and in what countries?
  •  Do I want to get a feel of shipping internationally first and start small and start close?
  •  Do these countries speak the same language so I can guarantee seamless customer service?

Once you’ve decided what countries you want to start shipping to, LOCAD can take care of the rest.

As you don’t want to overcharge or undercharge your customers around the world for shipping, it’s important to correctly and accurately calculate international shipping rates and distances. With LOCAD’s cloud logistics network and global fulfillment footprint, our technology automatically finds the fastest and optimal shipping route for each package at the most affordable rates. That way, you can spend less and save more while still keeping your customers happy, no matter where they are.

Our team of fulfillment experts knows the ins and outs of international shipping—from shipping regulations and import duties to tariffs and taxes—so they can streamline your international shipping processes and keep it running smoothly.

Are you ready to work with a fulfillment company?

 If you and your e-commerce business have been experiencing growing success and an increase in sales, it might be the perfect time to start working with a fulfillment company to help you capitalize on this growth and maximize the potential of your Australian-based business. With LOCAD, our clients and customers usually experienced these common frustrations and pain points before they tapped us to become their fulfillment partner:

  •  Unreasonable lock-ins and expensive e-commerce warehousing and storage fees
  •  Disorganized inventory management systems and tracking
  •  No real-time visibility and tracking of their orders and inventory levels
  •  Costly shipping rates that outweighed their profits
  •  Inability to manage all their online stores in one integrated system

If you’ve found yourself in these very situations more often than you’d like, then the solution lies in securing the right fulfillment partner like LOCAD. With our mission to help online businesses one package at a time, LOCAD offers seamless order fulfillment services at the most affordable rates.

Experience fulfillment by LOCAD

Grow your business through Locad’s simplified and automated fulfillment solution

  • Unlimited and scaleable warehousing
  • Pay only for what you store
  • No hidden fees or lock-in periods
  • Zero inbound costs
  • Wide integration with marketplaces
  • Automated logistics and delivery
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