4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally

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Entering new international and cross-border markets can be an exciting and strategic move to expand your e-commerce business. While some businesses that continue to be successful locally remain hesitant to invest in the next step of growing their customer base, it’s important to remember all the benefits that international shipping holds.

Check out these 4 benefits of international shipping and see if it’s the right move for you and your business.

Reach more overseas customers

Research reveals that by the end of 2021, global eCommerce will reach approximately USD4.8 trillion (PHP232.3 trillion). Asia alone is expected to bring in USD831.7 billion in international e-commerce sales. With collectively over 2.1b people around the world projected to start or continue shopping online for goods and services, the market opportunities for businesses to go global are clear. Shipping internationally can open up your business to new customer markets across the globe and in turn, will positively impact the growth of your revenue. 

Expand brand awareness and sell a wider range of products

Expanding beyond modest country populations enables your brand to gain more recognition and recall on an international scale. With e-commerce essentially being a number’s game, getting access to potential new customers in markets can allow your brand reach to grow exponentially. By catering to new and different market segments, shipping internationally can also give you the opportunity to add new products to your range of offers that are tailored to perform better in other countries.

Abridge seasonal downturns and boost year-round sales

Selling seasonal products can get tricky but if you shift focus to other hemispheres while our country moves into a different season (e.g. when Australia moves into summer), shipping internationally can help keep your sales steady all year round.

Reduce customer returns 

When customers make purchases from international stores, they are more conscious and discerning about their decisions resulting in a decrease in customer returns. This is mainly because delivery and shipping internationally tend to take longer when orders have to go through customs and borders. Hence, international customers are more likely to be certain with their decisions when buying from your store. Nonetheless, make sure to be transparent with your return policies to keep your customers happy and avoid bad reviews.

Shipping your products to international markets may seem difficult and challenging at first but with the right fulfillment partner, going global can be much easier than you realize. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the chance to sell to a wider customer base, expand your range of products, and boost sales all year-round. 

How LOCAD can help?

Locad understands the challenges that come with shipping internationally and its team of fulfillment experts has mastered the best practices on where and how to start. Offering e-commerce fulfillment solutions tailored to businesses, Locad caters to business operations of all sizes.

To avoid any delays and complications at customs, our team of fulfillment experts is here to ensure your businesses can smoothly incorporate international shipping. From affordable international rates to flexible on-demand warehousing, Locad provides all-in-one fulfillment solutions for your business. 

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Get the latest e-commerce industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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