E-commerce Women Entrepreneur | Locad Blog

Inventory Planning Models: Which One Works for SMEs During the Pandemic?

Inventory planning is how a business can effectively manage the goods it sells. But what particular model works for small and medium enterprises, especially during this coronavirus pandemic? Before we...
E-commerce business website ideas | Locad Blog

Lazada Seller Requirements: What You Need to Know to Get Started

In the age of e-commerce, selling online has become increasingly popular and accessible to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. With the convenience and accessibility that online shopping offers, it's...
Visiting a Shopee e-commerce store on a computer and mobile device | Locad

Step-by-step Guide to Become a Shopee Philippines Seller

The growing e-commerce market in the Philippines is forecasted to reach $24 billion by 2025. There is no better time than now to start your online business.  Shopee, one of...
The Ultimate Guide to best SEO apps for Shopify

How To Use Shopify Lite For Social Selling

Social media sellers on Facebook and Instagram would greatly benefit from Shopify Lite to automate their order processing at such low costs. Find out how to do this for your...

Growing a Sustainable Business: How Humble Sustainability Became a Preferred Seller with Locad

Locad’s localized fulfillment and shipping solution helps social enterprise Humble Sustainability reduce carbon footprint, smoothen operations, and so much more. Key Metrics 2-3 weeks before becoming a preferred seller on...
4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally | Container | Locad Blog

A Fulfilling Holiday Season for All: Locad Typhoon Odette Relief Operations

Nothing is more fulfilling than paying it forward during this giving season. In lieu of gifts for clients and partners, Locad has donated on behalf of each of our clients...
12.12 estimated to have made PHP 15 billion in total sales across major shopping platforms | Locad Blog

12.12 estimated to have made PHP 15 billion in total sales across major shopping platforms

The 12.12 mega sale this year is estimated to have made PHP 15 billion in total sales across major online shopping platforms. This represents an uptick of more than 10 times...

Amping Up the Business: Bright Tech finds a reliable fulfillment partner in Locad and grows their orders by 25%

Key Metrics: 25% increase in orders Dashboard that helps them keep track of inventory and stock management Shipping within 24 hours About Bright Tech Founded by friends Miguel Menchaca and Jeth Ang, Bright Tech is...

Fit for Business: Manila Athletica increased positive customer feedback by 40% through fulfillment by Locad

LOCAD’s automated fulfillment solution allowed Manila Athletica to deliver orders faster and provide an amazing customer experience. Key Metrics 40% increase in positive customer comments since switching to LOCAD 3x faster delivery with...
E-commerce Warehouse Forklift Transport | Locad Blog

4 Warehouse Management KPIs for e-Commerce Businesses

When you have an efficient warehouse management system in place, you can make sure that a customer’s order is picked, packed, and shipped out the moment the order is placed....

Shaping Up to the New Normal: How SKINNI Swim Navigated the Pandemic with Locad’s Fulfillment Services

LOCAD’s fulfillment service helped hands-on brand owner Meryll Yan of Skinni Swim manage her multiple online stores through the LOCAD Control Tower even when she's not in the metro. Key...

Beauty of D2C Growth: How KJM Cosmetics increased their conversion rate by 30% with fulfillment by Locad

LOCAD’s end-to-end fulfillment solution enabled KJM Cosmetics to reach customers nationwide at low shipping rates which helped increase their conversion rates and direct-to-customer sales volume. Key Metrics 100% increase in...
E-commerce Warehouse Order Automation Process | Locad Blog

E-commerce Warehousing: Benefits, Tips, and Challenges

As a merchant, strategic e-commerce warehousing does not only help you save money but also makes you one step ahead of your direct competitor because more and more merchants underestimate...
4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally | Shipment | Locad Blog

7 Key Tricks to Managing Cross Border Shipping in SEA

Every geography has its unique rules and regulations when it comes to shipping, logistics, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery - Southeast Asia is no different. With the right advice and experience,...
Warehouse operations for first mile logistics | Locad

Optimize Your First Mile, Before Addressing Your Last Mile

The problem with this approach is that we can end up creating tunnel-vision around last-mile delivery. Businesses start to care only about their last mile, and logistics partners focus more...

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