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Prior to the growth of the e-commerce industry and the shift of consumer behavior to online shopping, 85% of beauty product sales were done via in-store shopping. Before, even customers from the younger age brackets buy their cosmetics and other personal care products in physical stores. 

As e-commerce grew and the situation called for contactless transactions, more brands have shifted to online selling, either as a supplement or as the main platform to do business. To boost their sales at a time when all businesses are facing challenges, brands maximized giving out promotions to attract customers. 

Due to the increased demand for cosmetics, beauty, and other personal care products in recent years, there also is potential for a section of the global logistics network to do logistics work specifically dedicated to delivering these products safely and securely. There is a delicateness in handling these products as they are usually applied on the skin, so anything that can cause changes or contamination to its composition must be avoided at all costs. Thus, logistics handlers must ensure a professional approach to personal care logistics/

In this article, we’re going to talk about the growing market of personal care products, what are the best ways for personal care products storage, how to ensure safety in personal care logistics, and a sneak peek at how these processes could be more efficient and effective in the future.

Personal care products and their growing market

Personal care can be a broad term to refer to many types of products used by people to clean up, take care of their bodies, or beautify themselves. It includes categories such as cosmetics, and other health and beauty products. 

Cosmetics may include:

  • Skincare products
  • Eye and facial makeup
  • Lipstick
  • Fingernail polish
  • Powders
  • Gels

Other health and beauty products, on the other hand, include:

  • Personal Care: Toothpaste, shaving cream, mouthwash
  • Hair Care: Shampoo, conditioners, setting lotions, hair spray
  • Body Care: Body lotion, skin moisturizer, facial applications
  • Fragrances: Perfume, body spray

Nowadays, just like groceries and food, you could also order personal care items such as cosmetics, soaps, deodorants, and shampoos online and via various websites and mobile apps. 

Aside from these regular personal care products, more people are starting to enter healthy lifestyle programs which cause them to try out new self-care products, and supplements to protect them against pollution, and harmful sun rays and help them cope with the mental and physical stresses of a fast-paced world. 

As orders flow in and demand for online delivery of personal care products increases, brands and logistics providers have also stepped up their process and are piloting same-day and two-hour delivery options.

Because some of these personal care items are indeed small in size, brands and third-party logistics providers (3PL) would do better and more efficient delivery, and maximize their resources by offering bulk orders or introducing bundles with which customers can get added value. Let’s say, they can buy a combo bundle with toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and a lip tint – all together in a beauty box.

A brand that offers bundles like this has recorded a 90% increase in sales in 2020 when businesses were facing challenges. What’s even more exciting is that customers can even enter into a subscription model wherein they can pay a fee, and they get to be the first to try the newest products the brand has to offer. The beauty industry has taken the commerce world by storm, and there’s no stopping it from conquering e-commerce as well.

Storing cosmetics and other personal care products

There are unique requirements in the warehousing and fulfillment services for cosmetics, health, beauty, and personal care products. The composition and nature, and the high value of products are things to consider in handling these types of products which present high risks. The risks involved here are matters of concern because mishandling can be pretty damaging to the welfare of your customers, their overall satisfaction, and your reputation. At specific times, gross negligence can get you a case in a court of law.

To avoid being caught up in such a situation, make sure these aspects of warehousing and fulfillment are given much thought and care.

  • packaging
  • appearance
  • security (high cost)
  • safety and quality – shelf life and expiration date
  • temperature and pest control

Packaging and appearance. In fulfillment, we must make sure that cosmetics and other care products are packed well, could withstand long hours of travel, and could maintain the integrity of the product until it reaches the customer. Packaging must also protect the item from being damaged and contaminated by any of the elements.

Security of high-cost items. Most of the items in the personal care category are of high cost so it’s best to provide a higher level of security than usual in the warehouse where you keep them.

Safety and quality. When we talk about safety, we must make sure our warehouse complies with sanitation standards and are free from any hazards. We must also ensure that the quality of the products does not depreciate as soon as it arrives from the warehouse until it is delivered to the homes of those who ordered.

Temperature control. Chemical components of beauty and personal care products are prone to interactions with the environment they are placed. To maintain optimum quality, we must look after the temperature of the location, and other risks that may contribute to the contamination of the product.

How to handle personal care product delivery safely

The logistics chain of most cosmetic and healthcare products is very long. It starts with the laboratory where the cosmetic product is created. This sets the tone for careful handling throughout the process. In personal care logistics, we deal with supplies of different substances and care about volatile components. To make sure that personal care products are delivered safely and securely to the doorstep of your customers.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind in the safe delivery of personal care products:

  • Cosmetics and personal care products must be stored and transported to avoid adverse effects related to weather, temperature, humidity, and light;
  • Ensure short transportation times so that the products are properly preserved. Partner with a carrier that allows the task to be carried out without any hindrance;
  • Consider working with a logistics provider that ensures traceability – a principle of quality assurance that checks product integrity and quality at every step of the process.

How to increase sales in personal care

Despite the high demand for personal care products, there is no assurance that you get the lion’s share of sales all the time. given this, you as a brand would have to cook up many different ways of attracting customers, and masterfully turning customer reach and brand exposure into real, concrete orders and sales. A principle you’d have to imbibe as a seller and business owner is to provide the optimum experience for optimum customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer is the greatest endorser and marketer of your product. Decades may have passed, and marketing methods have sprouted, but the same principle is most effective regardless of platform – word of mouth.

By providing a smooth experience, coupled with added value products as seen in combos, bundles, flash sales, product pairings, discount vouchers, moment marketing, and other ways that could encourage customers to choose your product instead of the competition, you could make a mark in the industry as one of the most established and trusted brands there is.

To compliment word-of-mouth marketing, you should be present. At the moment your customer realizes that there is an issue or a problem in personal care that they seek a solution to, you’d have to be right there by their side. Establishing a brand presence is a long-term task, but it starts by expanding the venues you are in – be it a physical store, in-person or digital posters, traditional events and fairs, and even social media.

The average skincare brand, according to studies, posts 12 times per week. Diversity of content and a showcase of how your product can truly impact a person’s life is one way to connect socially. In social media management, you’d have to study the time schedules when you post, and the language you use. In all posts, there must be a call to action (which is to buy) and a clear and conspicuous way of presenting how.

Personalizing skincare

As technology advances, and people become more aware of their needs and them exploring their compatibility with certain products, a trend of personalized skincare sprung up which is quickly turning to become a permanent fixture in the world of personal care business. The words “personalized,” “customized” and “especially made for you” have become buzzwords that continually shape how brands deliver products.

Although generally ineffective when done on an industrial scale due to the fact that there are so many particular needs and wants of every person, and particular characteristics that you’d have to consider, some brands have taken the risk of creating personal care products by demand and on a smaller scale where you can cater to specific requests and actually hit the spot that a certain customer is looking for.

Some perfume brands now offer in-store showcases of “make your own perfume” and other brands who specialize in organic products offer you a way of creating your own lotion or body cream based on your desired results. However, entering this arena requires much research on technical requirements and a sober appraisal of how viable it could be business-wise.

Personalization via online shopping is much more of a challenge because you are remotely doing the customization, and customer feedback will come at a much longer pace than in-store. Another thing to be considered is how your machinery, equipment, and employees can handle such hyper-specific work amid a growing volume of orders while maintaining speed, accuracy, and quality.

Logistics engines boost the way we deliver personal care

A logistics engine is a groundbreaking way we deliver products, including skincare, cosmetics, and other health and self-care products. It integrates a comprehensive and intelligent software mechanism for order management and tracking, with a vast and robust network of fulfillment infrastructure of warehouse hubs and fulfillment centers, while working with the most reputable web of third-party logistics (3PL) providers to bring to reality the most satisfactory experience in end-to-end fulfillment and logistics. In many respects, a logistics engine changes the way we view delivery and satisfaction.

Storage. If you are handling and shipping a personal care brand, you’d want it to be taken care of as you’d do with food. It must be protected against any risk that could damage product quality and integrity. Logistics engines such as Locad have a vast network of warehouse hubs, where you can store your products until such time that an order is placed. Locad’s processes are handled by professionals. From security to cargo handling, and everything related to storage and warehousing, you can be sure your products are handled with utmost care. 

Picking and packing. Picking and packing are crucial to personal care product logistics because the way you pick with accuracy, and pack the packages securely ultimately determines the ease or difficulty of handling them as soon as it leaves the warehouse and comes out for shipping to the customer. For this, Locad also employs professionals who have vast experience in handling these orders in bulk. 

Delivery and tracking. Leaving the warehouse, your product must stay in good hands. Thankfully, Locad also partners with the world’s most reputable 3PL providers who have streamlined and constantly improving processes in handling delicate shipments such as personal care products, protecting them from spillage or contamination. Deliveries are also handled by professionals who check on them every step of the way. Your parcels can also be tracked via the handy all-in-one hub called the Locad Control Tower.

If you’re looking forward to beginning or upscaling your business in the beauty and personal care industry, remember to check all the items on the list. It is a delicate business, but as soon as we master the ropes, we can bring out the best in people through our products. Share the beauty of the world via online selling!

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