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A climbing inflation rate and a perpetual increase in oil and gasoline prices have forced a majority of the population to cut back on spending. Shoppers are exhausting different, creative means to locate good deals and bargain prices to stretch their peso’s capacity to buy. 

The e-commerce platform Lazada remains a viable option for consumers wanting to get the most out of their spending because of the various discounts to be had in the form of vouchers and sales. Many stores on Lazada are exclusively online, removing the need for high overhead costs shouldered by their physical counterparts. Such savings are passed on to consumers in the form of lower price tags.

Store owners and online sellers have also been hit hard by the current situation and the challenge to encourage buyers to spend, despite them trying to cut down on expenses, seems to be formidable. Thankfully, despite buyers and sellers playing an abstract Catch-22 game of tug-of-war, the rise of alternative payment options is expected to drive even more sales via e-commerce platforms. Competition is healthy, and the consumers and sellers end up winning out in the end as apps battle it out to provide the best service. Also, Lazada offers various sales campaigns to help its sellers thrive in these seemingly bleak times.

Two of these campaigns are big-sale events with a fair risk-reward ratio, which Lazada sellers should strive to participate in after they gain more experience on the platform.

Lazada Flash Sales

The Lazada Flash Sale appears to have taken inspiration from the idiom “in a flash,” which refers to an immediate, quick, or sudden action. This in turn may have influenced the names of numerous inventions throughout the years. 

In the late 1800s, portable electric lights began replacing candles and lanterns as safer alternatives. They were called Flash Lights initially because they could not be left open for long periods, thus needing time to rest. In the 1940s, an earlier incarnation of DC comics created the very first superhero with the moniker Flash. Moving incredibly fast, the Flash would seemingly blink out, appearing then disappearing because he could run faster than the speed of sound. In the 1990s, a multimedia software program named Flash was widely used by developers eager to create fully-interactive websites. This was often used to produce short animations and brief games.

In the early 2000s, Flash Sales were introduced to throngs of avid shoppers. This concept appealed to the impulse-buying nature of customers who are afraid of missing out on a good, last-minute deal. What do flashlights, the Flash, Flash software, and Flash Sales have in common? They are brief, sometimes limited in nature.

Lazada perfectly captures the nature of these types of sales because, for a limited time, there is an increase in the exposure of your products participating in a flash sale. Also, a sense of urgency is fostered within a customer who is deliberating joining, especially since he knows the sale will be over soon.

As a Lazada seller wanting to reach out to an untapped market, joining the Lazada Flash Sale allows potential new customers to discover the products you carry. Customers are always on the lookout for fantastic bargains and are more likely to try out new products they don’t normally purchase thanks to a huge price drop. They would feel the risk is less because they do not have to shell out a lot to experiment. 

Curiosity about your other offerings that are not a part of the flash sale may also lead to the further exploration of your Lazada store. Also, it’s been proven many times in the past that the huge increase in your store’s traffic usually extends even after the flash sale ends.

Another benefit is your store can use the flash sale to clear excess inventory in just a short time. Unload products that are no longer moving and have been dead for a long time, taking up precious warehouse space. Consider removing products that are still being sold but have received numerous negative reviews in the past. Requests for a refund or major complaints about these products are very revealing. Let them go. In pricing these unwanted items at a very low (almost giveaway) price you can recover at least a percentage of your original expense. Also, selling these at a meager price will discourage additional poor reviews.

One important caveat is that, as a flash sale Lazada seller, you can keep up with the demand, including the increased volume in your communication channels. Look past the flash sale and prepare for the sizable amounts of shipping and deliveries you’ll be fulfilling afterward.

It’s also quite easy to register as a Lazada seller for the flash sale. After logging onto your account on the Lazada Seller Center, go to the left sidebar and hover over the 3rd icon. Choose Campaign and then click on the second tab, Flash Sale. On the right side, click on the Start Now button. 

Under Main Campaigns, you’ll see all available campaigns you can join. Go through the summaries to understand each campaign better and know if you qualify based on campaign requirements. Note that Lazada Flash Sales has three timeslots: 7 am to 1 pm, 1 pm to 7 pm, and 7 pm to 12 am. 

After reading the complete details of the campaign best suited for your Lazada store, click on Agree and then Join Now.

You may select the products you want to involve in a Flash Sale campaign by clicking on Add Product Manually. Use the SKUs (codes for your product) one after the other. You must have enough stocks, so Lazada recommends choosing only the products with at least 50 units left. Be prepared to offer a sincere apology if an item runs out. Imagine waiting for days, weeks, or months for a sale only to miss out – not because you forgot about the date, but because the store ran out of stock. 

To avoid being social media’s latest rant, turn bitter feelings around by offering to place disappointed fans on a secret waiting list, giving them first dibs next month. On the brighter side, running out of stock will force your store’s customers to take flash sales seriously, and they’ll be more dedicated to monitoring or logging on earlier the next time.

Don’t forget to adjust your campaign price depending on the criteria of the particular campaign you joined. For the flash sale, it’s better if you showcase your affordable and best-selling products. Once you are finished, click on “Submit” so Lazada can check and approve your chosen products. Check out the Flash Sale Playbook at Lazada University to increase your chances of success.

Lazada Mega Sales

The Lazada Mega Sale is supposed to be the sale that ends all others. Sometimes called the Lazada Double-Digit Sale, it occurs once a month on a day with the same number as its month (September 9, for example, or 9.9). Other mega sales include Lazada’s birthday campaign, payday sales, and the mid-year festival. Lazada goes to great lengths to promote these mega sales, inviting beloved personalities like Lee Min Ho as regular endorsers. Buying airtime on streaming platforms, apps, and TV can prove to be very expensive. Thankfully, Lazada has all this covered.

Mega sales are highly anticipated, as shoppers would stave off sleep just to get a leg up on the competition. Days before a mega sale, Facebook groups would be abuzz, discussing possible promotions from LazMall, which carries 100% authentic products from big brands and official stores. Even in person, friends discuss their Lazada wish lists.

As a Lazada seller, joining is guaranteed to boost your sales because of the general profile of the shoppers logging onto the platform on that date. Most of them are already intent on buying. They’ve set aside budget days or even weeks in advance, as the mega sales are easy to prepare for because they are slotted in on a regular schedule. Some are thrillseekers who enjoy making decisions under time pressure. Unlike in malls when a shopper can put back an item on a shelf or hanger and sleep on it before deciding again the following day, for the Lazada mega sales, there won’t be enough time to reflect and think.

After joining, be sure to edit your product descriptions to reflect either the amount of savings to be had or the discount to be applied for each item. There’s an unexplainable rush for a buyer just knowing they didn’t spend as much as he would have on a regular day. 

Don’t artificially jack up prices and then pretend to offer a significant price slash afterward. Getting caught doing this is a major turn-off. Plus, regular customers visiting your store most likely took note of the original prices some time back. Fake prices also violate one of Lazada’s policies on the mega sale campaign. In some cases abroad, this even resulted in fictitious pricing lawsuits.

Another strategy you may use is to conceal your promotions with an air of mystery. You can bundle some items together in a mystery box or bag, or maybe even tear the package on purpose to allow one product to hang out slightly. Build up the hype even further by listing down the total value of the bundle. Add a rare chase or variant if applicable to up the ante.

Play on the competitive spirit of your customers. Offer tiered discounts; lay out incentives such as bigger discounts for being the first ones to buy from your store. Announcing that the faster you check out, the more money you save will increase the feelings of both urgency and exclusivity.

Finally, this is the best time to allow your customer service team to shine! Equip your team with the skills and knowledge on dealing with situations involving frustrated customers. Practice empathy and sincerity to win back their confidence and trust. Solicit feedback and use this to do next time. The more you participate in these monthly mega sales, the better at it you’ll be.

The process of joining is like the one listed for flash sales but for available mega campaigns to be accessible from the Seller Center, you need to meet the following criteria (if applicable). Remember too that Lazada reserves the right to amend these as needed: seller rating, previous campaign performance, and daily operational performance. 

To qualify at the time of a campaign, a seller’s rating should be higher than or equal to 70% (or null), the store’s daily cancellation rate should be less than or equal to 6% (or null), the previous mega campaign cancellation rate should be less than or equal to 6% (or null), and ship-on-time should be higher than or equal to 75% (or null). 

While these requirements may seem steep to newbie Lazada sellers, frequently participating in flash sales and daily sales should increase their chances of being eligible for mega sales.

Lazada’s Biggest Sale Events Calendar

The best way to compete with other Lazada sellers is to plot and prepare for the biggest sale events of the year. Here are last year’s Lazada campaigns, subject to minor changes for 2022:

  • Lazada Payday Sales (every middle and end of the month)*
  • Lazada 8.8 Love Local Sale (August)
  • Lazada 9.9 Big Brands Sale (September)
  • Lazada 10.10 Women’s Festival (October)
  • Lazada Biggest 11.11 One-Day Shopping Festival (November)
  • Lazada Black Friday Sale (November)
  • Lazada Cyber Monday Sale (December)
  • Lazada 12.12 Grand Christmas Sale (December)
  • Lazada Christmas Sale (December)

    *Huge discounts, especially during the release of the 13th-month pay in November and December.

Opportunity to be Better

The chance to join Lazada’s big sale events is an oft-overlooked perk not available to sellers outside e-commerce platforms. Letting Lazada do all the marketing efforts, including the signing up of big names and the airing of commercials across all media, allows you to focus on the bulk of what will push your store to succeed during these sales: your products themselves. Helpful resources all over cyberspace should erase any doubts as the pros of joining outweigh the cons if there are even any. With the financial challenges our country is currently experiencing, at least give the first option – flash sales — a try. Hopefully, the experience builds your confidence enough to encourage you to try out more.

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