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Advertising your products might seem a lot more different today with the rise of eCommerce marketplaces but to be honest, the principles stay the same. You got to learn the basics. You tell them what your product is, how it will help them improve their lives, what value it adds to their overall daily experience, and assure them that they get the most of their hard-earned money with what you offer them.

A key to a lucrative and longstanding business, though, is that you constantly update yourself. With eCommerce platforms such as Lazada being one of the most effective strategies to delve into to boost your sales, you probably should spend some time, effort, and probably, a bit of money to make the most of what the platform has to offer. With these tools in your hands, you can double, triple, or even turn a hundredfold your average sales. With the right mix of methods and strategies and a mastery of the art of presentation (which should be reflected in your Lazada product page), you will be on your way to unprecedented success.

In this article, we share with you some of the best practices for Lazada product listings. If you are serious about your business and you want to shoot up your rankings in Lazada, you must put some effort and serious attention to detail on how to optimize your product listings. Anticipating and afterward, providing the information your customers need will provide the necessary conditions to speed up transactions, and rake in more sales in the shortest possible time. So buckle up, and we will discuss the basic components of a Lazada product listing and the existing Lazada features you can maximize for optimal sales. 

The Basics of Lazada Listings

This part focuses more on the product listing itself and how to optimize it to suit your customers’ needs and benefits. Of course, there are more things you have to learn about aside from these, but treat this as a starter pack – tried and tested, and will just be enough to jumpstart your product listing optimization journey.

Decorate your profile page

You begin your store with the standard Lazada profile page which basically looks like everyone else’s. However, to stand out, you might want to tweak a few things and the good news is that Lazada lets you do so. There are five customizable templates available on the Lazada platform and they come in different dimensions. It is best to take note of these when you get your hands on graphic design or get someone else to do it for you. 

  • Daily template
  • Simple Banner template
  • New Arrival template
  • Best Seller template
  • Marketing template

Make sure your design pops out and comes in an aesthetic that captures the overall feel and value of your store. There must be a central theme and brand to make it look more professional. Customers love it as clean, sleek, simple, and elegant.

Determine your product scope and advertise just that

Product niche is very important and must be clear with your audience as soon as they land on your product page. The layout must reflect your product scope and give your customers a solid feel of what your business is about, and what kind of products you sell. Sure, you can be a variety store selling different types of products but these must be carefully picked. Choose your niche and target your customer base. For instance, you can venture into jewelry, car accessories, makeup products, tech, and electronic devices, and just about any product you can think of. After that, you also decide whether your products are premium, high-end, mid-range, or affordable, and then you suit your product listings to better communicate to your target customers.

Choose the best images

In choosing images, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Just take a look at your product page from the perspective of someone who’s seeing it for the first time. Then, you would realize that your images must holistically capture the benefits and features of your product. You cannot be content with a Google Image search, and then just upload it straight away and post the product listing onto your Lazada store. It takes more than just that. 

Your Lazada product’s main image must capture your product at its best angle or multiple angles at that. It must be uploaded in high resolution so that your customer can zoom in and see more details for them to further scrutinize the quality and features of your product. Then, you also upload a lifestyle image that features a picture of your product in action or being used by real people. This communicates to your audience the utility and value of having the product in their daily lives. The clearer how your products become useful to your buyers, the more impactful your images will become. Infographic images can also be added, as necessary, to depict more details that may be frequently asked by customers. This saves time because instead of them asking questions in the chat section, they are automatically provided with the much-needed information. Examples of what can be included are sizes, dimensions, specifications, and other novel features.

Make your description short, sweet, and meaty

Straight to the point, enticing and informative – that’s just how your product descriptions should read. A product listing is generally composed of a product title, a product image, a product short description, a product price, and a product category. Now, let us zero in on product titles and descriptions and see what works best. 

Product Title – The product title must contain the necessary keywords about your product in order for it to land in search results. It also must be clear and snappy enough to generate interest so that the buyer will actually click on it to see more details. Make sure to include your brand and the specific product name within the title so customers looking for a certain similar product can see your product on their search results page. Make sure your title has optimized readability, and you do some sort of keyword research before finalizing your product title.

Product Short Description – The short description’s primary purpose is to turn that window shopper into an actual buyer. We recommend you draft 4-8 bullet points that encapsulate the best features of your product and illustrate the benefits and features that come with purchasing the product. This short description must also include important keywords so you get through that search engine algorithm. Make sure to keep them short and snappy. You start with a few words or phrases that quickly capture your main point, and explain further in the detail.

Product Description – Some buyers are not easily convinced and this is where the Product Description section comes in. It is located on the Product Detail page of your product listing and allows you to write long-form descriptions where you can explain in more detail your product’s value, benefits, and advantages. What’s nice is that you can add images and graphics on this page to make your digital sales talk more effective in an overall sense. Lazada provides you with a tool, called Lorikeet, to create and customize this page without HTML coding. Make sure your writing, though, is clear and concise, and avoid meaningless words that do not add much value to your case. 

Product Category – Know yourself, and know your products. If you are into organizing your store back when you had a physical one, then putting products in the right product category is no sweat for you, my champ. This increases the chance of your product listing becoming available and viewed by those who prefer to use the category section. This also helps your listing land on the same page with similar products to provide the customer with more options. Here’s to hoping you, eventually, will be the one they chose.

Added note, prior knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) will help you discover the art of product copywriting and make sure your online store and products land on your target audience’s search page.

Make sure the price is right

Pricing is a make-or-break situation. Usually, you give some, then take some just to find the perfect balance to attract those orders and turn them into solid sales. There are some factors you have to account for when you do your pricing. These include the product cost, Lazada’s commission fees (which vary per area, so it’s best to check your account’s Pricing document), shipping fees and tax duties, and other fees which include but are not limited to payment gateways and your expected margin of profit.

Lazada University’s pricing resources leave us with a few pieces of advice which are extremely helpful:

  • Do not go above standard prices in physical stores. Convenience and affordability are among the strong suits of online marketplaces, and best if we keep it that way
  • Priced attractively and responsibly. Do not do that trick when you price higher, then make it look as if you are handing out hefty discounts. That just leaves a bad taste in the buyer’s mouth
  • Study your competitors. Look at their pricing ranges and tread carefully. Generally, prices that are higher than the average price of similar products tend to lose customers, but putting them at incredibly low prices might tarnish your credibility and make your product look low-valued.

Lazada Features You Can Use to Boost Sales

Now, once you have optimized your product listing, there’s just no stopping, my friend. Lazada provides you with some tools on how you can further boost sales. Let us take a look at some of these marketing tools Lazada has in store for you.

Sponsored Ads. In the Seller Center, Lazada provides you with a variety of Sponsored Solutions to help you boost product visibility. 

  • Search Ads – Search Ads make your product land on a search page when a customer searches for a specific product. These ads are on a Cost-Per-Click model, which makes them an attractive investment for sellers.
  • Product Ads – Also on a CPC model, Product Ads’ claim to fame is that you can make your product land on a competitor’s page providing another option to the customer.
  • Display Ads – The Display Ads may cost you more because they are paid on a Cost-Per-Mille model, which is based on ad impressions rather than clicks. However, being featured in the online assets of Lazada itself will surely boost your visibility and sales so it might prove to be worth the price.

Affiliate Programs – You can also try this one where Lazada hooks you up with its over 3,000 affiliate partners to boost traffic to your page through unique links.

Flexi Combo – The Flexi Combo is useful when you have similar and/or complementary products that you want to sell. The feature lets you pool multiple products for one price for a limited time, and customers just love that convenience and added value. The combo is akin to the Bundle Deals feature, which is more or less, a more long-term version of it. When bought in bundles, customers can get discounts or another free item when you use this feature.

Seller Voucher – The Seller Voucher is much like the Lazada Vouchers the platform hands out to buyers. The only difference is that the Seller Vouchers come from the seller themselves and they have control over deciding which products the vouchers apply to.

Free Shipping Promo – If you have some extra promotional budget, you can enter the free shipping promo. What’s good is that the length of the promo period is based on your budget and varies with your target market and their chosen delivery options. Free shipping has proven to convert a huge amount of viewers into buyers.

Seller Picks – Got no extra budget? Seller Picks is a free feature that lets you boost product visibility. But there are some criteria you have to pass to be eligible for the feature – at least 70% Good Rating, more than 3 SKUs listed, at least 85% chat response rate, and a leverage voucher, bundle, or combo on hand. 

Trust your instincts, and go with the flow

Yeah, we get it, all these might be too much to digest and quite a task to fulfill. But a piece of advice we would want to leave you with is that you trust your instincts. Take it one day at a time, and go with the flow. Make sure you check your metrics and keep yourself updated with the trends and maximize every opportunity that comes your way. When you know what to do, and in which direction you want to direct your business, then you will just know which tools to use at the right moment. So there you go, we wish you all the best, and the most sales!


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