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Australia may be the smallest continent on the globe, but it is also one of the largest countries. Known for its wide open spaces, large beaches, and its natural wonders such as the Australian outback, this beautiful country might seem like a contradiction because it is also highly urbanized with modern cities and landscapes.

Australians are known to be humble, cheerful, welcoming, and polite. Many of the holidays celebrated in Australia reflect this cheery attitude, and oftentimes, these are accompanied by sale events in favor of Australia’s shopping populace. Listed here are the biggest sale events in Australia that every brand should join:

New Year Sale

Similar to a lot of countries, Australians greet the New Year with plenty of parties and rounds of revelry. Colorful pyrotechnic displays are scattered all over the skies as food, drinks, and good cheer envelop the grounds below. Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Party, in particular, has been elevated to the gold standard for shows and fireworks since 1976. 

Besides visitors coming in from all over Australia, people from around the globe have also been watching Sydney’s gigantic celebration for decades – on their TV sets, initially, and via streaming, currently. It’s the perfect time for brands to start the year with sales, as people in partying moods have the money to spend, leftover from Christmas gifts received during the holidays. After splurging for others, it’s time for a little bit of self-care and some shopping for yourself!

Valentine’s Sale

While the roots of Valentine’s Day cannot be traced back to love, it has evolved into a day of love and romance. Some Australians opt to go out in groups, while others choose the more desired route of quality time with a significant other. There’s a lot to love about dating spots in Australia, from delicious meals and a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbour via Park Hyatt Sydney’s elegant window tables inside The Dining Room to laid-back walks on soft sand beneath your bare feet, right across turquoise waters along Whitehaven Beach. For the more adventurous couples, bushwalking leads to a fantastic journey through lush parklands. Cap off Valentine’s Day with a memorable gift from Australia’s finest brands of chocolates, flowers, or jewelry.

St. Patrick’s Day Sale

The patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, is revered and honored in Australia on St. Patrick’s Day, with not a small percentage of Australians possessing Irish ancestry, especially with the Irish being one of the first Europeans to settle in Australia. Public parades and festivals are spread out all over the country. Many establishments adopt Irish themes for the duration of the day, and brands can join the fun by hosting sales revolving around Irish culture, including using green as the dominant color and incorporating drinks as an integral part of the celebration.

Afterpay Day Sale

Despite its name, the Afterpay Day Sale lasts for 4 days straight. Usually held in March and again in August, it is a huge in-store and online Australian sale event, with discounts that can reach up to 70% off! The hottest and biggest brands are regulars of this sale, and its allure stems from flexible payment options offered by the Afterpay platform during this event. Possessing some similarities with a credit card, Afterpay divides your purchases into 4 smaller, interest-free installments over a 6-week period, with the first installment paid at checkout. However, be timely with payments; the customer will be charged late payment fees whenever applicable.

Easter Sale

Easter Sunday is eagerly anticipated by faithful Christian believers because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but young children also gather after Sunday mass to hunt, decorate and eat delicious treats. In an Easter story passed down from generation to generation, an easter bunny laid brightly-colored eggs inside nests, which children lovingly prepared, and the bunny also went around delivering gifts in the form of candies and chocolates to these children. Parents boiled eggs until they were hard enough for their children to paint on with food coloring, and sometimes they even created their own edible candied eggs using icing sugar and chocolates. In Australia particularly, this is often accompanied by a generous serving of roast lamb. Easter is perfect for brands that offer eggs, lamb, candies, chocolates, baskets, stuffed toys, and arts and crafts materials.

Mother’s Day Sale

Originally an offshoot of various advocacies that united mothers such as the Mothers’ Day Work Clubs, which aimed to teach women how to care for their children, Mother’s Day eventually became a way to honor mothers, especially in light of the sacrifices they continually make for their children. Women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are thanked on this day. Sale events are not limited to brands that carry chocolates, flowers, cards, clothes, and gifts, but they also invite restaurants and spas to participate by giving out vouchers and discounts to mothers whose children are planning to treat them like queens on this day in May.

Click Frenzy Sale

Riding on the success of the Cyber Monday Sale, the Click Frenzy Sale follows the same pattern. An Australian e-commerce website and sales initiative, Click Frenzy works alongside various brands and retailers to lead consumers to the best offers and exclusive deals consolidated. They are then centralized on the Click Frenzy website for ease of access. While the two major sales fall in May and again in November, smaller sales are also conducted throughout the year and involve numerous Australian brands.

Australian Fashion Week Sale

For 5 consecutive days in May, Australia enjoys Fashion Week by spotlighting its most prominent designers and models, both established and emerging. Powerful statement looks and gorgeous yet diverse collections of tailored pieces decorate runways all over Sydney as fans and stylists fly in for this one-of-a-kind event. While some events and activations are open to the public for a fee, others are strictly invite-only, so pore through event invitations and ads very carefully. Fashion brands including clothing, fabrics, make-up, and hair pieces, as well as salon stylings, are a must for this week of beauty.

End of Financial Year Sale

The Australian financial year begins in July and ends in the succeeding year, on the last day of June. This is when business owners finish their books and finalize their paperwork for tax purposes. Shops take advantage of this season and offer massive discounts because many consumers believe items necessary for business operations might be eligible for claims via tax returns. Automotive industries including parts and tools, computers, gadgets, and electronics, and home and office furniture, furnishings, and appliances are just some of the brands making an appearance during the EoFY sales.

Winter Sale

Clearance is the buzzword for Australia’s Winter Sale as retailers scramble to clear their stocks to make way for the upcoming change in seasons. Fashion turnover is rapid, and stores have to keep up if they want to keep going. The sale begins in June and goes all the way to July; for some desperate stores needing to move their wares, it even reaches August! Shoppers are quick to assemble an affordable winter wardrobe before everyone else does. Brands promoting winter wear such as warmers and essentials such as electric blankets and heaters are blowing out the coolest deals this period.

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Many online shoppers treat Amazon as their one-stop shop for everything! Applying to be a member of Amazon Prime is the best route to take if you’re a fan of Amazon. Besides expedited shipping all year-round, you also receive exclusive access to sales, especially the larger ones that happen in July, on the much-awaited Prime Day, which is open only to Amazon Prime members. Brands usually participating on Prime Day include online groceries including produce and meat, streaming and gaming apps, and many of the products available on Amazon itself.

Father’s Day Sale

In the same way that women inspire men, the establishment of Mother’s Day inspired the creation of Father’s Day. While Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world, in Australia there is one slight difference — it falls in September instead of June! It is a day to honor all the male models in our life such as grandfathers, stepfathers, fathers-in-law, and more. Children go out on outdoor activities like bushwalking, fishing, sports competitions, and even a day at the race tracks with their fathers. Be on the lookout for specific brands participating in this sale such as outdoor tools, fishing and camping gear, gadgets, and sports equipment. Similar to Mother’s Day, brands are not limited to the stereotypical view of fathers and what they supposedly enjoy.

Halloween Sale

One of the oldest holidays, Halloween, ironically transformed into a family-centered activity with kids and adults dressing up in scary costumes. While not all Australians engage in Trick or Treat, many still host Halloween parties. There are discounts aplenty from brands centered on party giveaways like candies and chocolates, horror and fantasy costumes, Halloween-themed desserts and cakes, and creative props and spooky toys revolving around the supernatural and make-believe.

Singles’ Day Sale

This anti-Valentine’s Day encourages unattached people to pamper and treat themselves by spending money. Singles’ Day falls in November, and while it originated in China, other countries including Australia now celebrate it as well. Brands that are a hit during Valentine’s also use this event to promote their products.

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale uses the US holiday, Thanksgiving, as a launchpad to promote its event. Festive people will always be in the mood to buy, and factoring in discounts that reach up to 80% off actual prices, it’s clear how this can lead to a foolproof marketing strategy. In Australia, both online and store shoppers often see all sorts of brands participate in this event. Having the event spread out over a few days in November allows shoppers to make the most out of this enormous sale.

Cyber Monday Sale

The Cyber Monday Sale addresses the need of customers who were too busy during Thanksgiving to buy during the Black Friday sales. Similar to Black Friday and held right after, Cyber Monday has evolved into spanning many days as well. Shops often go all out during the Black Friday period, dropping down prices not only for unsold inventory and unmoving stock but also for premium items to attract customers beyond their usual reach. Your brands should not make the same mistake. Many of the Cyber Monday shoppers are different from the Black Friday regulars.

Christmas Sale

Just like other countries, Australia also celebrates the Christmas season with huge sales. Stores slash down prices to make way for new stocks expected to arrive once the new year starts. Parties involve food, drinks, and gifts; the number of friends to give to and celebrate with can be overwhelming, so bargains for toys, gadgets, and food are always a welcome sight for gift-givers. Toy brands are often the mainstay of Christmas sales, but practically any brand should welcome the chance to participate in this season of spending.

Boxing Day Sale

Originally referring to donation boxes set aside for the poor, Boxing Day has since turned into an Australian public holiday and a sale event as well. It’s on the next working day after Christmas when shoppers are raring to go out and spend the money received from relatives and friends the Christmas before. Many brands join in as it is their last chance to move inventory before the new year arrives.

While it might be tempting to join every single sale Australia celebrates, ensure that your particular brand is aligned with the events of your choice. Maximize your potential to earn by knowing the target audience of each type of sale. Doing so can guarantee the time you put in and the effort you exert to prepare for a sale event will not be wasted.

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