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Express shipping is the method of expedited shipping generally carried out through air couriers so that the customers receive their packages at the earliest. Express delivery is rapid and hence involves enormous costs. It is considered an expensive mode of shipping because the mode of transportation is air transport. 

What is Express Shipping?

The unique service offered by several courier companies for the fast delivery of packages is known as express shipping. It is used to shorten the order’s delivery time, which expedites the shipping process. It is generally carried out by air transportation in domestic and international shipping.

Most companies use the process of express shipping when the customers require urgent delivery of the products. It is the fastest way of product delivery, but it is not the cheapest. It is costly as the shipping is done by air thus, bearing huge delivery costs. So, express delivery is the best option if speed and fast delivery are needed.

How Does Express Shipping Work?

Express shipping delivers the desired packages to the customers as soon as possible. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the packets to the customers. It also delivers the package to the customer on the same day if they opt for the same-day delivery. Hence,  express shipping ensures timely delivery of the packages to the customers with package security.

There are fewer stops before the packages reach the customers from the warehouse, so there are fewer chances of tampering with or getting the product damaged inside the package. 

Express shipping works speedily by prioritizing particular orders. It takes the orders from the customers, makes all the arrangements, ships the package from the warehouse, and delivers it to the customer on the same day or within the next two business days. 

Therefore, express shipping is a quick way of delivering packages to customers with high freight charges.

Express Shipping

What Are the Basics of Express Shipping?

Express shipping has specific essential characteristics that should be kept in mind. These are as follows:

  • Express shipping is the fastest mode of delivering packages to customers.
  • Because of its quick delivery, express shipping is expensive.
  • It ensures that the package reaches the customers on time without damaging the products.
  • Express shipping also results in product security as it minimizes the chances of product damage and loss of the package.

Common Types of Express Shipping Services

Express shipping itself means the fast mode of shipping delivery to its customers. But the time companies will deliver the products to the customers depends on the type of express shipping the customer opts for. 

The type of express shipping customers and various shipping companies resort to for the delivery of products based on the urgency and cost of delivery are as follows:

Same-day delivery

Suppose the customer or the company opts for the same-day express delivery option. In that case, the customer receives the delivery just a few hours after they place the order, or they receive the delivery at the end of the day. This is the fastest way of delivery, even in the category of express shipping.

Generally, the same-day delivery option is considered when there needs to be an urgent delivery of products or if deliveries are time critical. This express delivery method increases customer satisfaction by providing the fastest delivery.

Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping is excellent for customers who want to receive their products quickly. Also, it is slightly cheaper than same-day delivery. So in overnight shipping, the customers receive the products quickly and with comparatively lower charges.  

The unique feature of overnight shipping is it guarantees that the customers will receive the product in the next business day. However, there can be certain classifications of overnight shipping regarding the time the delivery will reach the customers. Such categories can be stated as follows:

  • At 9:30 a.m. delivery, the customers expect their package to arrive at their doorstep by 9:30 a.m.
  • At 10:30 a.m. delivery, the customers expect their package to reach them by 10:30 a.m.
  • At 12:30 noon delivery, the customers expect their package to arrive by 12:30 p.m.

2-day air

Customers may consider opting for 2-day air shipping if they want faster delivery at affordable costs. 2-day air is notably cheaper than other express shipping methods that deliver faster customers. In addition, it also needs to receive a delivery lead time of 1 to 2 business days for the money back.

3-day air

It is a type of express shipping where not-so-urgent products are delivered. Hence, less time-sensitive products are delivered through the 3-day air type of express shipping. This is also an affordable option for getting faster delivery of products. In addition, there is the benefit that the customer will get guaranteed delivery within three business days.

Standard Shipping Vs. Express Shipping – What’s the Difference?

Standard shipping is the method of delivery of small to huge packages that consumes more time but is cost-effective. There is no scope for quick delivery in the standard shipping. Whereas in the case of express shipping, packages are delivered promptly within a maximum of one to three business days. The cost of express shipping is high compared to standard shipping.

There are specific parameters of differences between standard shipping and express shipping that can be stated and explained as follows:

Delivery time

One of the significant differences between standard shipping and express shipping is the delivery time. In the case of standard shipping, the delivery time required is more and generally includes 2 to 8 business days. 

On the other hand, in express shipping, the delivery time is the fastest, including same-day delivery, overnight delivery, and 2 to 3-day delivery. 

When the customers need urgent and quick delivery, express shipping is the best choice. Standard shipping should be the go-to option if the product delivery is not urgent.


Standard shipping is less costly when compared to express shipping. Thus, standard shipping is way more cost-effective than express shipping. As standard shipping doesn’t require urgent delivery of products, it is usually shipped via road, which diminishes the cost. 

On the other hand, express shipping has to be delivered urgently. Hence, it is always flown by air which incurs high delivery costs. Because of the faster delivery requirement, express shipping is always done through air couriers.

Dispatch from warehouse

In the case of standard shipping, the average time for the package to leave the warehouse is about 2 to 8 business days. It covers the time taken to leave the warehouse and reach customers.

On the other hand, in the case of express shipping, the average time for the package to leave the warehouse is about 1 to 3 days. In the case of same-day delivery, the package leaves the warehouse on that very day and reaches the customers by the end of the day.


Generally, standard shipping comes with a reasonable delivery time and a complete tracking option. The customers will constantly be able to track their orders and know the estimated delivery date on which they will receive their package. Thus, full tracking liberty has been given to the customers in the case of standard shipping.

On the other hand, in the case of express shipping, there is a less organized tracking option for customers. This is because there is no need to track the orders by the customers as they receive them on the very next day or within two to three days, at the latest. But the shipping company has a very organized tracking system for their use. They keep the tab on the packages and track it all the time, so the tracking option is much more likely to benefit the shipping companies than the customers.

Though both standard and express shipping are used today, one must keep in mind that these parameters are the guiding principles for deciding which shipping method should be used for the packages to be delivered to the customers.

When Should You Go for Express Shipping?

This is a question that customers often think about while ordering any product. Is it even worth going for express shipping and bearing such huge delivery charges? 

Express shipping is undoubtedly helpful when customers need the products urgently and is time critical. So, even if express shipping is costly, customers should go for it when they want the product delivered to them urgently and when the package has valuable commodities.

There are specific parameters to remember when pondering the shipping method to opt for. Factors to consider when you should go for express shipping are:

Valuable and expensive commodities

If you want to order valuable and expensive commodities, you will ensure that the time required for receiving such a package is as short as possible. Although shipping companies do not generally lose a package, it is good to opt for express shipping to get the order in 1-3 days.

It is simple to reduce the delivery period and get the package to yourself within a short period when opting for express shipping.


When the package is concerned with perishables and food items, it should be kept at a particular temperature. Such items require special care and requirements to avoid spoiling. 

Thus, it must be perishable and food items should be delivered as soon as possible so it doesn’t get spoiled and reaches the customers as they want.

Fragile items 

Shipping has been considered a safe and secure way of receiving and sending packages. However, it also comes with a risk of fragile products getting damaged. If the customer is concerned with any fragile goods, then the customer should opt for express shipping. This will send the package to the customer as early as possible and diminish the risk of the product getting damaged or broken.

Express Shipping

So, express shipping is the go-to option if the company wants to send a package containing fragile goods and the customer wants to receive the parcel as soon as possible. 

Therefore, much has been said about why anyone should go for express shipping and how fast is express shipping. The cost of express shipping has not been overlooked. It is an expensive affair, but well worth it.

Pros and Cons of Express Shipping

Nowadays, customers rely upon express shipping much more than earlier. While it is a great mode to ship packages faster, it has its share of pros and cons. 

The advantages of express shipping can be stated as follows:

  • Fast delivery: It is the most obvious perk of express shipping. People resort to express shipping mode to get items faster or when urgent delivery is required.
  • Delivery time is guaranteed: When delivery time is concerned, this is the only form that can guarantee the delivery time. If the customer specifies that they need the package within a day, the shipping must  be made within a day.
  • Additional package security: As express shipping involves fewer stops and quick delivery of packages, the chances of foul play and damaged goods are reduced. It results in the security of the package, making it less prone to product damage.
  • Visibility and tracking: The companies that provide express shipping have the means to constantly track the packages so they can always keep a tab on whether the product is delivered or not. Hence, it guarantees visibility and tracking of the package.
  • Customer satisfaction: Receiving the packages on time and in good condition ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. Customers receiving the products timely will make them happy, ultimately leading to the company’s goodwill.

The disadvantages of express shipping are:

  • Costly affair: Express shipping is much more expensive than any other shipping method. Suppose a company wants to send packages urgently or a customer wants to receive any time-critical package. In that case the customers don’t mind even if they have to pay a high freight cost. The express shipping company makes a profit out of these shipping charges paid by the customers, which is expensive.
  • Liability: It is essential to check the liability clause of any shipping company whenever they are in charge of the customer’s packages. The product can get lost or damaged because of unforeseeable reasons, and the terms and conditions of the company may state that they will not bear the liability for the damage to your package.
  • Availability of stock: In the case of express shipping, as the delivery has to be made on the very same day or with a maximum delay of 2 to 3 days, the stocks for the products that customers can opt for must always be maintained in the company’s warehouse. To hold the stock for urgent purposes, it may also happen that the stocks remain unsold for a long time, and ultimately, the products turn out to be obsolete and of no use.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons of express shipping and then decide whether you want to opt for it.


There are a lot of challenges that come with express shipping. It is an expensive process that requires effective and efficient management of the orders and delivery, and many 3PL logistics firms understand that very well. To seamlessly offer and carry out express shipping service, you can proactively plan and budget. This can be done either in-house or by working with a third-party vendor. 


 How fast is express shipping?

Express shipping is the fastest mode of shipping which generally takes 1 to 3 business days to deliver the package to its customers.

 Does express shipping deliver on weekends?

Yes, express shipping delivers on weekends, but it depends upon the various express shipping companies that have been given the responsibility to ship the packages.

Is express shipping expensive?

Express shipping is expensive and generally comes with a standard price of $23.50 per package. However, the charges depend upon the shipping companies.

Is express shipping the next day?

Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping available with a subcategory of overnight shipping. Overnight shipping delivers the packages to the customers on the very next day.

 Is express shipping by plane?

Yes, actress shipping means delivery of the packages to the customers in the fastest way. It is generally done through air couriers and involves shipping by plane.

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