Pick and Pack Fulfillment

For growing businesses, supplying goods to customers can be challenging. Therefore, many enterprises use pickers and packers at their warehouses to fulfill their orders. This article familiarizes you with the meaning of pick and pack warehouse, related processes taking place in the warehouse, benefits, costs, and other aspects.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

What Is A Pick And Pack Fulfillment Warehouse?

A pick and pack warehouse is a premise that stores products for your business. The staff at the warehouse will ascertain that all appropriate goods are picked and packaged.
It is guaranteed that they are delivered to the right customers. Several types of picking and packing come under pick and pack warehousing. Also, there are multiple ways in which warehouses can be deployed, including batch picking, zone picking, and wave packing.

Once shipments are collected by the warehouse, products are stored and entered into the inventory management system for accurate tracking and flawless accountability.

In pick and pack warehousing, the picking process involves selecting the appropriate product quantities from the warehouse storage. On the other hand, the packing process occurs when these products are packed in shipping boxes with suitable packaging materials. Finally, they are labeled, acknowledged, and shipped.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

Types of Pick And Pack Fulfillment Processes In A Warehouse

Various pick and pack processes can be employed at warehouses. The following section describes some popular ones:

i. Discrete Order Picking

Many small businesses insist on using this method. Here’s an example. Suppose yours is a reliable pick and pack company and you receive three orders. First, you will commence by picking and packing every item for the first order. Then, you will pick and pack all items for the second order. The same process will follow for the third order.

You can only pick and pack one order at a time. Small businesses use the discrete order picking method because they aim to have a limited selection of products. This method is unsuitable since it is inefficient and time-consuming for bigger companies.

ii. Batch Picking

In the batch picking process, rather than fulfilling one order at a time, the process focuses on collecting one batch of SKUs at a time. Suppose your company has received four orders. Assume that two of them need product X and the other two need product Y. Firstly, you will pick all the orders that demand product X, and then you will proceed to the orders that have product Y. The batch picking process ensures orders can be fulfilled faster.

iii. Wave Picking

The wave picking process combines the earlier two functions. In the warehouse pick and pack system, clusters of identical orders will be fulfilled during waves of planned time frames. The corresponding orders can be nearby, share the same shipping deadlines, or have duplicate SKUs.

iv. Zone Picking

During zone picking, employees are allocated to particular zones in your warehouse. These employees would only pick items available for a specific zone. This pick and pack process is unsuitable for large companies with a high inventory turnover ratio.

Various approaches help complete and improve the pick, pack, and ship warehouse processes. This entails maintaining an organized warehouse, appropriately designing the warehouse to provide high efficiency, and benefiting the most from modern technology.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

The Warehouse Picking Process

In the warehouse picking process, discrete items are picked from a fulfillment center to fulfill customers’ orders. Also known as ‘selecting’, this stage identifies and takes out products for storage to prepare those products for shipment. This process is a crucial facet of pick and pack order fulfillment. Moreover, it is considered warehouses’ the greatest labor-intensive and expensive activity.

As per the estimate from an industry report entitled Analysis and Optimal Design of Discrete Order Picking Technologies Along a Line, warehouse picking contributes up to 55% of the operating costs of a distribution center. The warehouse picking process directly influences customer satisfaction, profitability, and the status of a business. So, enhancing this activity is a priority for pick and pack companies globally.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

The Warehouse Packing Process

Once the picking process completes, the fulfillment team combines the picked items into a sales order. Subsequently, they also arrange to ship to the customer. Packing aims to carefully handle the things, ascertaining that there are negligible damages before the items leave the warehouse.

During packing, every item is scanned into the system to ensure the warehouse staff can observe any other items packed in the identical customer order. As a result, the warehouse staff will not pack and seal items to ensure no more items are delivered to the same customer.

After the item enters the warehouse pick and pack system, a warehouse worker chooses a suitable box, scans it, or records its code. Reliable pick and pack software solutions or warehouse management software will print a packing slip. If a label maker is available, an address label will be attached to the box.

The next step in the warehouse packing process is the shipment of orders. Each warehouse works on a cut-off time for departure deliveries. For example, let’s suppose the cut-off time is 10:00 A.M. So, any orders received before 10:00 A.M. will be shipped on the same day. But any orders received after this cut-off time may not be shipped on that day. Subsequently, the warehouse works with its carrier or regional post for package delivery.

The final step in the warehouse packing process implies that warehouse workers put orders on distinct pallets depending on the mail and carrier status. By the day’s end, shipping carriers will pick up their pallets from the shipping dock.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

Benefits Of Pick And Pack Warehousing

The benefits of pick and pack are numerous. The following section discusses the prominent ones:

High efficiency

A well-organized pick and pack distribution process simplifies order fulfillment. It eliminates the intermediary usually required when goods are consolidated from various storage facilities and delivered somewhere for packing and labeling.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

If pick and pack are accomplished correctly, the orders are accurately and timely fulfilled to customers, without impairment.


Pick and pack processes are streamlined to deal with any orders irrespective of their size. Hence, there are no minimum order charges. Furthermore, it is not required to collect items from various storage facilities for packing and labeling. Due to these and other factors, human labor is decreased, and order fulfillment completes speedily. No waste of product throughout the process.

Short turnaround time

Organized handling methods for goods lead to timely shipment to destination. So, the turnaround time is decreased.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

Pick And Pack Warehouse Layout

One of the significant facets of any pick and pack warehouse is the layout. It directly influences the efficiency of pick and pack operations. Firstly, you need to start by noting down everything. Reliable computer programs can help you get enough details of your warehouse and the type of suitable layouts. You can try using online tools because it lets you tweak various elements and quickly move things around.

The layout of a warehouse depends on how it will be used. It is imperative to meticulously think of the usage and your processes. You and your employees must work on three aspects to complete the layout of the warehouse. These aspects are:

  • production zones and workflow areas,
  • storage areas, and
  • the equipment and surrounding workspace.

Working on these aspects will help you develop a practical pick and pack warehouse layout.

Pick And Pack Fulfillment In E-commerce

Pick And Pack Warehousing Costs

Due to their cost-effectiveness, businesses typically make the most of the pick and pack warehousing services. To provide affordability, the pick and pack service providers must streamline the pick and pack fulfillment. Renowned and robust fulfillment warehouses accomplish this by decreasing the labor needed to select and pack the right items for an order.

It is possible to manage the pick and pack warehousing costs with a reduction in labor cost, appropriate utilization of warehouse space, and decreasing parcel shipping expenses. An experienced fulfillment company will implement a warehouse pick and pack system to determine the most suitable shipping boxes and economical shipping methods. Moreover, the top most fulfillment partners will incorporate experienced employees who work on reducing costs for clients.

In a fulfillment operation, three key cost components are labor, warehouse space, and parcel shipping. Out of these components, the biggest one is shipping. So, you must aim to decrease parcel shipping expenses. You can work with a fulfillment partner to control labor expenses.

The pick, pack, and ship pricing can be considered a parking meter. You only need to pay for the time you require it. Choosing the right fulfillment partner can help you minimize pick and pack labor costs.


Pick and pack warehousing is an excellent approach to supervising order fulfillment. It can boost the profitability of a business. To make the most of a pick and pack warehouse, you should work with a dedicated and experienced warehouse that can quickly handle orders with high accuracy. The choice of a reliable pick and pack warehouse guarantees that customers receive their orders timely and safely.

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The pick and pack process collects ordered items from the inventory and packs them for shipment. It is one of the major activities undertaken in the order fulfillment process. The companies that pick up, pack, and ship must perform this process efficiently to ensure a high order rate.

The process begins with tracing and picking the ordered items accurately and efficiently. Next, the things are conveyed to the packing process that consolidates and packs them securely. Hence, the customers receive them without damage.

To become a good warehouse selector, you can begin by noting the time it takes to accomplish one order. You can pace yourself in the subsequent order if the order is in a lot. Remember to set a goal of how much time it takes to finish one aisle, for instance, two minutes, and aim to complete the same within two minutes.

Gradually as you amass experience as a selector, you can know where to organize boxes on a pallet so that they would hold. Consequently, it will save you significant energy by reducing the movements you need to make.

The expected investment needed to open a Safe Ship Franchise is in the range of $54,900-$153,900. Also, an initial franchise fee, i.e., $19,900, awards you the license to run a business below the Safe Ship name.

Shipping is a quickly growing business opportunity and can prove profitable for franchise and independent businesses. For those people preferring a turn-key approach to business, opening a franchise like a UPS Store can benefit owners with rapid earning potential in the mailing and business services domain. On the other hand, for those people preferring a more individual tactic, several independent pack and ship businesses are also flourishing.

To pack easier and faster in a warehouse, you need to organize all areas in your warehouse neatly. Ensure to keep the floors clean and free from clutter to prevent accidents. Also, ensure the supplies your packers require are properly structured near the workstation.

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