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Domestic shipping caters to all shipping services within a country. For instance, the US has 50 states. As a result, businesses offer shipping services within these 50 states. They do not consider any territory outside the US. In terms of domestic shipping, the US also provides numerous packaging and shipping services through regional parcel carriers.

In most instances, businesses use several shipping and carrier services to satisfy their establishment’s requirements. Frequently, domestic carrier services offer packages depending on the shipment. They consider factors like volume and delivery time. Using domestic shipping, you can ensure that your shipment reaches the right place at the stipulated time without delay. Delay in delivery causes businesses to opt for domestic shipping in various forms.

What is Domestic Shipping?

Before beginning with the perks of domestic shipping, you need to ask these questions:

  • What is domestic shipping?
  • To whom does it cater?
  • Is it beneficial for your business?
  • What is the percentage of firms using domestic shipping?

To address these queries, let’s start with domestic shipping. Domestic shipping is a shipment to be carried within a country. It must not exceed the border limits and the order should be ‘domestically’ placed. 

Bear in mind that even though the carriers and shipping services may differ, these still come under domestic shipping since the location is adjusted to serve people nationally. Domestic shipping depends on the package’s weight, volume, delivery time, and destination, among the rules and regulations provided by the preferred domestic carrier. Of course, domestic shipping has its advantages and drawbacks. However, by weighing the highs and lows of this shipping, we can attempt an in-depth understanding of this type of shipping.

Why Stay Domestic?

It can be difficult for businesses to cope with shipping once they transfer to international shipping couriers. However, for domestic shipping, you can consider these factors and decide.

  • Distance

Distance is a vital factor when it comes to choosing a domestic carrier. When opting for a domestic courier, you can calculate the distance the shipment will need. You can calculate the costs from the first location to the destination location. Apart from that, international shipments can handle shipment delivery in a faster time compared to domestic shipments. It is because of flight services used in international shipping.

  • Time

Whenever a shipment exceeds one day or is to be shipped overseas, the cost increases automatically. Besides, customs stoppage increases the delivery time for international shipping. If you are shipping nationally, that should save you a lot of time and costs.

  • Modes of transport

How long does domestic shipping take? Regarding domestic shipping, you can go for transport modes, including cargo services. Other forms of transport can be multi-carrier and multi-level vehicles. You can also go for semi-trucks and trucks, among others. Cargo ships and barges can carry a good load of shipments. Trains, on the other hand, can take much heavier payloads. However, they can transfer these to a truck at the final destination for delivery. Therefore, it suffices to say that trucks are the most reliable.

  • Language barriers

When opting for domestic shipping, you can avoid most language barriers by following the common language prevalent in the area. Regarding international consignment, it becomes harder to follow a foreign language.

  • Cost-effective options

Domestic shipping is more cost-effective when compared to other forms of shipping. It is primarily because of the shipment’s size, origins, weight, and destination.

  • Options for sending essential documents

You can always rely on domestic carrier services if you’re looking for carriers to ship important documents and parcels. Furthermore, there are several delivery options to choose from in terms of domestic delivery.

  • Options for extensive deliveries

When talking about domestic delivery, you need to note that more localized delivery services offer trucks that carry shipments regionally. Moreover, an extensive courier company can help you move homes besides appliances and industrial machinery.

When opting for a more prominent company, you can always expect faster delivery as the company may use sea-freight and long-haul trucks. To sum it up, if your product reaches a destination hub faster if you choose a giant truck, rail, or waterways.

Choosing the Suitable Domestic Shipping Carrier for Your Needs

Choose carriers depending on the size, weight, delivery zones, and delivery speed. Some carriers provide flat-rate shipping costs for specific documents, whereas others offer actual rate options. Depending on these options, you can also have your shipment delivered through overnight packaging.

This option, however, is provided through regional carriers that optimize the packaging price according to the zones. Some airlines also offer online shipping for businesses with a high monthly volume of shipments. Thus, the options aren’t limitless and require minimum research.

Domestic Shipping Carriers and Rates

For calculating shipping costs, you must have a general understanding of how shipments work. It is also advisable to have considered these six variables depending on which your shipment will reach its destination.

  • Package dimensions – Your packaging will use a dimensional weight or DIM pricing technique. You can calculate this weight by multiplying the box’s length, height, and width and then dividing it by the standard DIM divisor. Many shipping carriers calculate shipping based on the DIM weight and the package’s actual weight.
  • Package weight – In measuring weight, we consider the actual weight. We do not require DIM at this point. If the package is more extensive and heavier, it will be more expensive to ship.
  • Shipping valuable items – The total cost of your shipment depends on the insurance, among other factors. If you consider shipping useful in packaging, you may want to add insurance and extra protection to the box.
  • Shipping destination – Shipping zones measure the distance between a box’s point of origin and the required goal. The higher the shipping zone, the more expensive packaging you can expect.
  • Delivery times – Choosing business days can be a big deal regarding shipping. If you plan to ship an urgent package, you can opt for premium mail services offered by various carriers. It ensures that your shipment reaches on time. At the same time, doing this adds to excessive cost.
  • Unexpected issues – During the pandemic, shipping was affected heavily due to the global curfew. Your shipment can face such problems, including but not limited to delays in transit and lost or damaged items. Other occurrences such as split shipments can also shape the delivery of the shipment.

According to a 2022 survey, e-commerce brands had these figures to show:

  • 28% charge a flat-rate fee for every shipment.
  • 13% prefer charging real-time rates.
  • 24% had no provinces available for free shipping.
  • 25% offered site-wide free shipping for domestic shipments.
  • 35% provided free shipping only when the customer agreed to pay a minimum of 50 USD.
  • 15% offered free shipping on a minimum spend of 80 USD.

Best Practices for Domestic Shipping

To understand how domestic shipping works, you need to find the best practices and apply them to your shipping. Doing this will ensure the best results.

  1. For best rates, analyze the pricing

There are some variables on which each shipment depends. These are content, content size, content name, and shipping distance. You can rely on a country’s shipping zones to measure the approximate distance. Cloud shipping solutions are also available for real-time shipping.

  1. Use ground shipping for standard delivery

You can opt for ground shipping if the shipment you seek isn’t urgent. Ground shipping involves shipping by land and rail, which can take time compared to air freight. However, with changing times, more companies are investing in ground shipping, potentially decreasing transit time in the future.

  1. Limit package size

You can also ship heavier items through specialized packages offered by many carriers. While all significant carriers use the DIM weight factor, some providers rely on actual weight. It is in one’s best interest to keep the dimensions in check. If the shipment is more significant or heavier, it will increase your shipping charges.

  1. Acquire shipping insurance for valuable shipments

It is in your best interest to get insurance for your item, no matter the value of the package. Your package is subject to getting lost, delayed, and damaged at any time. Transit can be the most challenging part of the shipment process. Furthermore, shipping insurance is highly outdated and less costly than other forms. Thus, a small investment won’t hurt the pocket.

Methods Of Shipment

Various shipment types are available for domestic shipping. Depending on the zonal areas and cost, you can choose the type that suits your shipment.

Package shipments – LTL

Package shipments come in various forms. Parcel shipping refers to smaller shipments that usually come in lighter and smaller boxes. The term we use for such packaging is LTL shipment. LTL or less than truckload shipping refers to shipments that come in smaller and often lighter packaging.

We require this type of freight to transport several shipments in a single truck. Since the weight does not exceed expectations, these shipments don’t need a full truckload.

How to prepare an LTL shipment?

  • Select a sturdy box for each packaging.
  • Ensure that your item fits the packaging box.
  • Use bubble wrap and recycled paper for protective packaging.
  • Securely tape your box with available materials.
  • Measure the width, height, and weight of the packaging.
  • Attach a shipping label before booking your shipment.

Freight shipments

In terms of freight shipments, domestic deliveries choose ground or air mode. It is a cost-effective and reliable method for shipping, and businesses do that through trucks and airplanes. Although it is considered a reliable service, it often takes up a lot of time and is ideal for less-than-urgent shipments. Ground freight also involves rail as a mode of transport.

To understand how freight shipments work, you can go through these pointers.

  • Delivery time – If you want the delivery item to reach you urgently or in a fast-paced manner, it will cost you more.
  • Freight class – The cost also depends on the freight class. If it’s higher, the freight will end up costing you more.
  • Value of shipment – If you add insurance to your packaging, it will increase the shipping cost.
  • Security – Shipments meant for delivery to a heavily-guarded area can add costs to your parcel.
  • Packaging – Putting add-ons on your packaging can increase the costs of the shipment.
  • Location type – A business location with a loading dock can reduce extra costs. However, freight shipments cost you more for an establishment that doesn’t boast a lift gate.

Sea Freight Shipments (Or cargo)

Sea freight is a mode of transport in large quantities via cargo ships. It also refers to ocean freights. The goods are packaged, sent on a vessel, and loaded into a cargo ship in sea freight. This cargo ship takes the shipments to its destination country or land.

As a normal regulation, businesses must carry shipments weighing more than 100kg on sea freight. Sea freight can take anywhere between 20-45 days to deliver payloads. Factors such as seasonal changes and unpredictable events can alter the progress of sea freight. Thus, this type of freight isn’t a compelling choice for shipping small amounts.


Domestic shipping is a highly-active and popularized form of shipping used globally. Yamato Transport is an Asian courier company established in Japan that caters to over 23 countries worldwide. Blue Dart Express is another carrier company leading shipping provider in India. Not only that, domestic shipping is offered by several airlines. It holds power regionally and globally because of these reasons. Domestic shipping also carries advantages such as insurance, free shipping, and subsidized pricing due to the extent of the shipping. You can always engage on GoLocad to learn about domestic shipping and other types.

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