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In recent years, the e-commerce scene has shifted considerably. Despite online shopping being around for nearly two decades, it popularity has surged recently. Due to technical advancements and shipping logistics, purchasing items online has become more convenient and accessible. Due to the expanding trend, businesses now offer their products and services online. To remain competitive, these businesses must discover ways to distinguish themselves from competitors. Order fulfillment is a core area that ties to customer satisfaction. And a key factor that elevates order fulfillment is order tracking.

What is Order Tracking?

Order tracking is the process of tracking and tracing orders and it provides customers with actual data around the status of the order. It informs customers about their order’s location, when it is expected to reach their destination, and whether their order is experiencing a delay. Order tracking helps address one of the most often asked questions in e-commerce, Where’s my order? So even if the order is dispatched on time, there is a possibility that it may encounter difficulties along the way. Using an order tracking system may reduce post-purchase stress and avoids overwhelming your customer service team.
A Guide To Order Tracking

Why is Order Tracking Important?

Here is why order tracking is important in e-commerce business:

Increases e-commerce productivity

Both merchants and buyers can keep track of orders at any time by using an e-commerce online order monitoring system.

The parties can obtain tracking information on the following points:

Check the order’s pickup and shipping times. Confirm that the merchandise is in the warehouse.

Monitor the product’s whereabouts at any moment in time.

Know the delivery date ahead of time.

The information presented above improves the overall productivity of e-commerce delivery services.

Improves customer service

Currently, the most important aspect of any e-commerce firm is customer service. Sellers give customers the power to track packages at any time by providing an order tracking system.

Customers do not need to contact the sellers or their courier service partners to obtain an order delivery tracking update. The actual tracking system ensures that consumers’ expectations are satisfied. Customers that had a positive experience are more inclined to provide positive evaluations and promote the business to others.

Saves time and energy

A comprehensive online order tracking system saves vendors time and energy when dealing with customer inquiries. Customers no longer rely on merchants to provide updates on order status queries because they can track them directly.

This way, the seller saves a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent processing queries and monitoring the status of each order.

A Guide To Order Tracking

Status and Order Tracking

Order tracking and status tracking software allow you to simply ascertain the progress of your orders, initiatives, deliveries. These live order tracking updates or tickets that can be accessed through your online e-commerce store or your Order Management System for easy administration. All of this is accomplished through the use of a series of simple order shortcodes.

The Order Tracking Process

As we learned previously, the order tracking feature tells store personnel and product consumers of the order’s current status to make things easier. In this way, the e-commerce shipping monitoring method puts everyone on the same page and eliminates confusion between the customer and seller.As a result, it keeps the customers and site owners updated on the status of their orders from start to finish. However, the e-commerce order status is divided into five stages:

Received the order:

The customer purchases something from your online store once the purchase order is approved the information of the same is sent to the vendor.

Order in-progress/processing:

This is the second stage where the vendor starts the manufacturing and packing processes.

Order is shipped:

The vendor sends the customer’s order to the supplied address via a shipping service.

Order is delivered:

This is the final stage where the vendor successfully delivers the order to its final destination, i.e. the customer’s address.


Upon fulfilling all formalities, the delivery person marks the order as completed. This approach, however, may vary based on the nature of the business and the store owner’s preferences.

The business owner’s preferences and decisions determine the order delivery method. The better the business owner’s e-commerce order tracking system, the happier the customers.

For instance, If delivery takes more than a week, 38% of online shoppers will abandon their order. This compared to 16% who will abandon their order if delivery takes 6-7 days, 15% who will abandon their order if delivery takes 4-5 days, and only 8% who will abandon their order if delivery takes 3 days or less.

A Guide To Order Tracking

Benefits of Order Tracking

Various order tracking systems offer different benefits, but they all share some. All order tracking systems provide the following advantages:

Encourages professionalism and quality service

Any e-commerce firm needs to understand the value of having a strong reputation in the industry. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate this is to provide tracking information. When it comes to shopping, customers have high expectations and will quit their carts if they believe the website is illegitimate.

Potential buyers will feel more at ease and link your business with professionalism and legitimacy if you display your shipping and delivery procedures and provide tracking information.

Motivates your customers to shop from you again

A successful delivery enhances the likelihood that your consumers will return to your establishment. According to MetaPack data, 96 % of consumers will return to a merchant that provided them with an excellent delivery service, starting from the checkout process until the arrival of the goods. A poor customer experience, on the other hand, will turn off 45% of your customers.

Allowing customers to check on their orders can motivate and be enjoyable. This enhances their overall purchasing experience with you, which they will recall the next time they shop from you.

Increases customer expectations

The truth is that your customers do not buy all of their necessities from your online store. Obviously, they compare the services offered by the various firms that compete with yours.

No consumer should have to worry about not realizing where their item is. Courier services include GPS tracking, which updates consumers every five minutes and displays the location of your cargo and the pick-up and drop-off places.

When you put exceptional customer service at the heart of your organization, you have a competitive edge that keeps customers loyal because your competitors don’t deliver the same level of service.

Transparency with your customers fosters trust

Give your consumers peace of mind by informing them that their order has been sent. Many online customers are still concerned about being cheated. Your company must always consider your consumers’ feelings because they are supplying sensitive information during the checkout process and spending money on a product they anticipate arriving in pristine condition.

Giving tracking information will alleviate their concerns because customers will be able to monitor the actual location of the package and be kept informed of any delays that occur. This demonstrates professionalism and offers a positive customer experience.

Enables you to interact with your customers

You don’t want to leave a customer hanging after buying an item; they won’t appreciate it if you do. Consumers expect shops to provide delivery information for their goods in most cases.

Just notify them by email and SMS notifications. You can also provide them with the option of receiving updates if their parcel’s location changes. You may also use this as a polite way to notify them if there are any delays in the delivery time period.

Reduces customer complaints

Delivery delays may be unavoidable. However, it is far more inconvenient if your customers are unaware of what is happening. If there is a delay or not, informing your consumers about the status of their shipment will decrease misunderstandings and complaints while they wait for their package.

This will also free up some of your time. Not having to deal with these shipping inquiries frees up your customer care personnel to focus on providing a better experience for your clients or escalating high-alert problems more quickly.

A Guide To Order Tracking

What's in an E-commerce Order Tracking Page?

A web-hosted order monitoring page allows clients to follow their online purchases instantaneously. A tracking page often displays a breakdown of the items in the order, the shipment date, the projected delivery date, and the order’s current status.

For instance, 97 percent of customers prefer to be able to track their orders at every stage of the delivery process.

Order Tracking Strategies

Here are a few order tracking strategies that can help make an e-commerce business successful:

Use a compelling topic line

When brands use customization in the message body, email open rates increase by 8% on average. This method can also be used in tracking emails to redirect customers to the order tracking website. Including your customer’s first name is a terrific idea. To improve interaction, you may also provide other relevant customer-specific facts, such as what they purchased or the shipment destination.

Example: Dear John Doe, your Swede Jacket is just around the corner

Moreover, instead of generic lines, you can use this occasion to convey your brand image or correctly word your order tracking subject line to increase customer anticipation.

Provide essential delivery details

It is critical to present all essential information to the customers on order tracking page. Suppose the message is about the order status, a note regarding possible shipping splits, or a link to monitor their parcel. In that case, it’s critical to attract your customer’s attention with all the facts. You can also provide a list of the items in the shipment, the order number, size, projected arrival date, and other information.

As a result, the more relevant information a consumer may obtain from your order tracking page, the less likely they will contact your customer service team.

Make a strong and clear call to action

An order tracking page’s principal aim is to allow customers to track their online orders. However, the entire objective is destroyed if they cannot locate the link to track their orders. Furthermore, your clients should not have problems hovering over your order tracking page to determine their order status.

As a result, it’s critical to employ a button with a clear and bold call to action and place it prominently on the order tracking page.

Promote your customer service channels

Rather than directing your consumers to your online store to get customer service, you can utilize your order tracking page to highlight any available support channels that can assist them.

For example, you can offer a live chat, how-to guides, or product-related information, and a returns policy to demonstrate that you would assist your consumers if they encounter any difficulties right now. Such information on the order tracking page provides an excellent opportunity for the customer to quickly engage with your brand, product, or immediate assistance.

Include personalized suggestions and promotional materials

Order tracking emails, as previously noted, have a high open rate. Order tracking pages are an excellent way to advertise your other products through suggestions. You can also utilize your order tracking page to impose your brand voice, give coupons or discounts, or provide other marketing content to entice your customers to return to your online store.

With your order monitoring page, you can encourage recurring purchases. Furthermore, an order tracking page can assist you in increasing client engagement, brand loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

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E-commerce order tracking entails tracking and shipping of orders, delivering order status and delivery updates to customers.
The order tracking software monitors the customers’ orders from initial purchases to processing, inventory control, and delivery. Order tracking software is essential for order administration, employee assignments, inventory control, and delivery.
Giving consumers accurate shipment information and tracking notifications demonstrates that the brand is dependable and trustworthy, which are critical for client retention. Online order tracking reduces customer stress and consumer regrets.
Order tracking lets you keep an eye on your online orders and update your clients on their status whenever you choose. This system offers predicted arrival times, shipment tracking, and regular updates on the whereabouts of an order.
A tracking system often referred to as a locating system, is used to keep track of people or things that are moving and promptly provide an organized sequence of location data for processing.

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