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What is Add Shipment?

The add shipment option makes it easy to add several shipments sequentially. Sellers can add numerous products from the same customer by selecting “add shipment” on the logistics website. It’s quicker than going the standard route and starting over with new shipment generation.

Significance of Add Shipment in E-commerce Logistics

Add shipment encourages users to add products quickly, increasing the number of orders that may be delivered. As a result, the company’s revenue improves. Here are some additional benefits of add shipment:

  • Same tracking number: You can generate a single tracking number for numerous products using the add shipment facility. The customer can then use one code to track all of the products.
  • Hassle-free operation: Add shipment provides smooth shipment of the e-commerce products.
  • Customer satisfaction: As add shipment allows for rapid product addition, subsequent shipping procedures are completed quickly, and the consumer receives all of the ordered products at once and promptly.

Pre-requisites of Add Shipment and How It Works

The goal of add shipment is to expedite the processes of starting fresh for each shipment generation. By using add shipment, the invoice, order ID, and tracking ID will all be identical. It is only possible if the receiver and address are both the same. Below are the basic requirements of add shipment:

  • Multiple orders: Only if numerous orders need to be dispatched can add shipment be used.
  • Destination: Deliveries to several locations tend to be made using add shipment extensions. 

Use Case With Add Shipment

Consider an online customer purchasing a stove, fry pan, and electric cooker; the seller then bundles all of these items into one shipment using the add shipment extension on the logistics website and delivers to the customer’s address. The customer can now access all information in a single invoice and shopping cart.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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