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What is a Same Day Courier Service?

A same-day delivery courier service refers to a delivery service that works to reach goods to buyers on the same day as the placement of the order. While same-day courier services seemed like a distant dream not too long ago, nowadays, e-commerce enterprises have stepped up their games to ensure buyers have to wait for as little as possible. 

Same-day courier services utilize two-, three-, or four-wheelers to execute their tasks. Furthermore, depending on the courier service company, the weight limit of the parcels can be up to 2.5 tons. These services can be offered inter-city or intra-city, depending on the efficiency of the last-mile logistics plan.

Same-day deliveries have a wide range of benefits. Likewise, they have a few challenges as well. In this article, we will look into the significant benefits and challenges of same-day courier services and the factors to consider before hiring such a service for one’s own business. 

How Do Same Day Delivery Services Benefit Businesses?

Same-day deliveries are advantageous in several ways to buyers and sellers. Hence, it is profitable to incorporate it into any online business model. Here are a few of the top benefits of same-day deliveries:

  1. Faster response: The most obvious benefit of same-day courier services is the ability to respond quickly to customers’ demands. This comes in handy, especially if a customer needs something in an emergency. In such a situation, the customer would prefer buying from a seller who can offer same-day delivery. Hence, the customer is satisfied, and the seller can make more profit.
  1. Improving conversion rates: Conversion rates refer to the number of customers who click on your website and buy something. Businesses need to have a healthy conversion rate to make profits.  One of the primary reasons for low conversion rates is that customers tend to abandon their carts when they see the estimated delivery date. Fortunately, this can be undone with the help of a same-day delivery courier service, thus improving conversion rates. 
  1. Remain competitive: In today’s market, many e-commerce enterprises offer same-day delivery services to gain the upper hand. Therefore, pairing up with a same-day delivery service provider is essential to remain competitive in such a market.
  2. Building trust: Same-day deliveries often leave a lasting positive impression on buyers, as they see this as a form of professionalism. Hence, this helps in building trust. Consequently, buyers tend to recommend online shopping sites that they trust to their friends and family, thus expanding the market for the companies.
  3. Lessen order cancellations: Customers often tend to order a product and then subsequently cancel the order if they find a faster alternative or find the waiting time too long. This can lead to an accumulation of tons of canceled orders. However, with same-day delivery, such troubles can be avoided entirely.
  4. Lowers Inventory Costs: Storing goods in inventory takes a certain amount of money.  However, these costs can be avoided by hiring same-day courier services. That is because you can ship out the ordered goods immediately instead of keeping them in your inventory for a few extra days. 
  5. Improves Efficiency: Overall, same-day deliveries can make supply chains more efficient, as every step is carried out faster. 

Challenges of Same-Day Courier Services

Same-day courier services have many benefits that influence buyers and sellers. Before you think of hiring a same-day courier service for your brand, take a look at these top 4 challenges that such services end up facing:

  1. Staff or vehicle shortage: Same-day courier services commonly face staff or vehicle shortages, especially when there is high demand. Hence, in such situations, businesses might have to pay extra to deliver their goods in the promised time. 
  1. Inefficient dispatching: To execute a same-day delivery, courier services must have the right automation software to schedule dispatching times and the correct route for transport. However, if the software is not up to date, these would be impossible to carry out, thus, hampering same-day deliveries. 
  1. Not enough local fulfillment centers: Same-day delivery heavily relies on the ordered goods available in nearby warehouses, storages, or other fulfillment centers. However, without a solid local fulfillment network, it would become difficult for a same-day courier service to deliver goods by covering vast distances. 
  1. Lack of order tracking or visibility: Customers expect to be provided with a real-time order tracking option. However, sometimes, third-party same-day courier services might not be able to provide this benefit, leading to dissatisfied customers. 

What to check before hiring a same-day courier service?

Now that you know about the challenges associated with same-day courier services, here is a list of things you should check before hiring a same-day courier service that will ensure you get the most out of your partnership:  

  1. Round-the-clock customer service: It is absolutely essential for same-day courier services to provide customer service 24/7 in order to handle any customer queries. This helps maintain transparency and reflect professionalism. Hence, check the quality and availability of customer service before hiring a same-day courier service.
  2. Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking enables customers to keep track of their goods. Furthermore, it helps sellers notice any delays in the order fulfillment process and rectify that. Hence, this feature is a must.
  3. Size and weight: Different same-day courier services have different limits for same-day parcel deliveries. Therefore, it is best to have this information firsthand. Furthermore, opting for a service provider with flexibility in product dimensions is better.
  4. The complete cost: Same-day deliveries come with their own costs. Often, a same-day courier service might only disclose some of its cost requirements right at the beginning. However, they will ask you to bear these costs later, which might seem like overcharging. So, it is essential to understand and know the complete cost required by any service provider before you hire them.
  5. On-demand availability: Same-day courier services should be available on-demand so that businesses can fulfill instant deliveries whenever required. On the contrary, if such a service is not available on-demand, companies won’t be able to provide same-day deliveries consistently. Hence, this is a crucial point to check and take note of. 


In conclusion, same-day deliveries have been rising globally, and more and more customers are choosing brands that can fulfill their orders the fastest. Therefore, it is a good idea for e-commerce enterprises to partner with same-day courier services to satisfy their customers. However, it is also essential to understand the challenges of same-day deliveries so that companies can hire exemplary same-day delivery courier services, to maximize profits and cost savings. 


How do companies do same-day delivery?

Companies usually use same-day courier services, well-planned logistics, and local fulfillment centers to execute a same-day delivery, wherein goods are delivered within 24 hours of order placement.

Who started same-day delivery?

A company named started same-day delivery in the US in 1998.

How do I create a shipment for same-day delivery across the country?

In order to create a shipment for same-day delivery across the country, you must have the right warehouse management software that can simplify your order-picking process and experienced warehouse workers who can create your shipment well in time. Furthermore, you also need a same-day courier service that is available on-demand and has efficient dispatching and routing tools.

Why do customers want same-day delivery?

Customers opt for same-day deliveries, as it is a matter of convenience. Furthermore, they might also need something on an emergency basis.

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