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Integrating Shopify and Australia Post for your online retail business includes quite a few steps, depending on your preferences. There are numerous options for online retailers, but thankfully, Shopify apps are highly customizable to suit most requirements.

What can you expect if you integrate your online retail business with Shopify? There are quite a few advantages, including automation of the shipping process, customer query assistance, and reducing shipping costs, among others.

Further, Shopify and Australia Post offers their solutions even to newbie online retailers with simple-to-follow steps. The advantages of integrating Shopify and Australia Post for your retail business means you can get a leg up on your logistics and supply chain strategies. 

In this piece, we will try to simplify how you can integrate your retail business with Shopify and Australia Post.

Integrating Shopify and Australia Post

Method 1: Integrate directly with Australia Post 

Now that you’re ready to go online and sell your products and you already have a nifty marketing plan to use, what’s your next step? The next logical step for you is to set up an online storefront. Fortunately, you can set up an online retail store with Shopify. 

Now that you’ve set up your Shopify online store, the next step is to integrate it with Australia Post. The best way to do this is to choose the Shopify Australia Post app and pay the minimum monthly fee.

Pros and cons

Once the Shopify Australia Post app is installed, it will automatically configure your store location. You can then modify your store details. To modify other details, you need to register at the Australia Post and provide your credentials.  Currently, new users can avail themselves of a trial period free of charge.

To offer more features, there is also an Australia Post MyPost Business app available from Shopify.

We can think of this app as an “enhancement” of the Australia Post app because it offers more features and functionalities including pay and print labels within the app;  print invoices; print picklists; book a pickup from within the app; track previous orders; fulfill Shopify orders (with tracking numbers), and Live Chat support.

You can automate a lot of the processes when you integrate directly with Australia Post. However, picking and packing items will still have to be done manually.

Method 2: Integrate with LOCAD

Fortunately for online businesses, there is another way to integrate Shopify and Australia Post: You can use LOCAD to seamlessly integrate with Shopify and have Australia Post as part of the system. One of the many advantages of this setup is that can automate the entire process from customer order, picking and packing, all the way to shipping.

LOCAD is the first end-to-end fulfillment service that combines an integrated e-commerce technology platform in Australia with a network of warehouses and logistics partners. Through LOCAD, warehousing, picking and packing, sales analytics, inventory management, and last-mile logistics are integrated in the most intuitive way

How do you do it?

First, connect your Shopify store to the LOCAD platform. You can reach out to our team and we will help you do this.

Once your store is connected, you can now ship your products or inventory to LOCAD. We have world class distributed storage and fulfillment centers across Australia to ensure the products get to customers faster.

Next, you can now start selling your products, once you determine your warehouses;

LOCAD will prepare the product for shipment, while you can use the LOCAD dashboard to track the shipment.

Integrate it!

Integrating Shopify and Australia Post into your online retail business may look complicated and tedious. However, having the ability to automate most of the processes involved in logistics and supply chain for your retail business will surely be worth it. 

Integration is mostly based on the apps, which means you can set up the functionalities of your online retail business depending on your preferences.

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