How to list on eBay for free in Australia?

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eBay, the renowned online marketplace, has revolutionised the way people buy and sell goods globally. 

In Australia, it offers an excellent platform for individuals looking to start an online selling business or simply declutter their homes and make some extra cash. 

The best part? Listing items on eBay Australia is generally free. However, there are nuances, exceptions, and associated costs, such as final value fees, when your item successfully sells. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of listing on eBay for free in Australia while providing valuable tips and insights to maximise your success on this e-commerce marketplace. Let’s dive right in.

Why eBay?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of listing on eBay for free, let’s understand why eBay is a popular choice for online sellers in Australia:

  • Active Monthly Visitors: eBay Australia has approximately 12 million active monthly visitors.
  • Dwell Time: The recent average site visit dwell time on eBay Australia is 7 minutes and 5 seconds (August 2023 data).
  • Mobile Visits: About 73% of eBay visits come through mobile devices.
  • Export Countries: Australian sellers on eBay export to over 159 countries.
  • Cross-Border Purchases: eBay is the most commonly used marketplace for cross-border purchases in Australia, with 7.5 million monthly sessions every month. (Source: Ahrefs)
  • New Items Sold: About 90% of all items sold on eBay in Australia are brand new.
  • Million Sales Sellers: Almost 5,000 sellers have made more than $1 million in sales on eBay since it launched in 1999.
  • Revenue: eBay reported global revenue of US$2.6 billion, with 52% of that revenue coming from international operations.
  • Online Retail Sales: In the last 12 months, 2 in 3 of Australian adults purchased something on eBay.

Now that we understand why eBay is a preferred choice for online selling in Australia let’s delve into how you can list your items for free on this platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to List on eBay for Free in Australia

Step 1: Create an eBay Account

If you don’t already have one, signing up for an eBay account is your first step. Luckily, this process is straightforward and free. Head to the eBay Australia website and follow the prompts to create your account.

Step 2: Choose the Right Listing Format

eBay offers two primary listing formats:

Two Primary Listing Formats

Choosing the right format depends on your selling strategy and the nature of the items you wish to list. 

Some sellers prefer auctions to stimulate bidding wars, while others opt for fixed-price listings for the certainty they provide.

Step 3: Create Your Listing

This step is where the magic happens. When creating your eBay listing, keep these crucial elements in mind:

  • Accurate Descriptions: Craft a detailed and clear product description of your item, including its condition, features, and any other relevant information. Transparency builds trust with potential buyers.
  • High-Quality Photos: Images speak volumes on eBay. Capture clear, well-lit photos that showcase your item from various angles. High-quality visuals attract more buyers.
  • Category Selection: Place your item in the most relevant category. This helps potential buyers find your listing when they search for similar products.
  • Competitive Pricing: Research the market and set a competitive price for your item. eBay provides tools to help you determine a fair price based on recent sales data.
  • Shipping Options: Offer convenient and cost-effective shipping options. Think about the preferences of your target audience. Providing tracking and delivery estimates can enhance buyer confidence.
  • Prompt Responses: Be prepared to respond promptly to buyer inquiries. Good communication can make or break a sale.

Step 4: List Your Item

Once you’ve meticulously crafted your listing, it’s time to send it out into the eBay marketplace. 

Submit your listing to eBay, where it will undergo a review to ensure it complies with their guidelines. 

After approval, your listing goes live on eBay, where potential buyers can view and bid on it or purchase it at the fixed price you’ve set.

Additional Considerations When Listing on eBay for Free

While listing items on eBay is generally free in Australia, some nuances are important to keep in mind:

Additional Considerations When Listing on eBay for Free
  1. Monthly Listing Allowance: eBay provides sellers with 250,000 free auction-style or fixed-price listings per month. This includes relisted items, and listings ended early. This is a substantial allowance for most sellers.
  1. Location Matters: Your eligibility for free listings may vary if your registration address is outside Australia. Ensure your account reflects accurate location information.
  1. Excluded Categories: Certain product categories are excluded from free listings. eBay Australia provides a list of these categories on their website. 
  1. Final Value Fees: When your item sells, you’ll incur a final value fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the sale price plus a fixed fee. Keep this in mind when pricing your items.

Tips for Saving Some Extra Money on eBay Fees

To maximise your profits and reduce eBay-related expenses, consider these cost-saving strategies:

Tips for Saving Some Extra Money on eBay Fees
  1. Strategic Listing: Use your free listings allocation wisely. Plan your listings to make the most of your monthly allowance.
  1. Category Selection: Focus on categories that are eligible for free listings to avoid unnecessary fees.
  1. Optional Features: Be mindful of optional listing features that come at an extra cost. Only use them when they significantly benefit your listing.
  1. Combined Shipping: If you sell multiple items to the same buyer, offer combined shipping to reduce shipping costs.
  1. Local Pickup Discounts: Provide buyers with the option for local pickup, and consider offering discounts to incentivise this choice.

Bonus: Quick Tips for Creating Successful eBay Listings

To stand out in the competitive eBay marketplace and attract buyers, consider these additional tips:

  1. Use High-Quality Photos: Visuals are key. Invest time in capturing clear, detailed images of your items.
  1. Write Informative Descriptions: Provide comprehensive details about your items. Answer common buyer questions preemptively.
  1. Choose the Right Category: Accurate categorisation ensures your listing reaches the right audience.
  1. Competitive Pricing: Research similar listings to gauge the appropriate price for your items.
  1. Shipping Convenience: Offer flexible shipping options that cater to your buyers’ preferences.
  1. Prompt Communication: Engage with potential buyers courteously and promptly. Good service can lead to positive feedback and repeat business.
  1. Honesty and Transparency: Maintain honesty and transparency in your transactions to build trust with buyers.
  1. Order Fulfilment: Promptly fulfil orders and ensure secure packaging to protect your items during transit. Consider partnering with the best e-commerce fulfillment center in Australia
  1. Customer Service: Offer excellent customer service, addressing inquiries and issues promptly and professionally.
  1. Reputation Building: Invest in building a positive reputation as an eBay seller. Positive feedback and reviews can significantly impact your sales.


eBay is an exceptional platform for anyone looking to start an online selling venture or declutter their homes while making some extra income. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can effectively list your items on eBay for free in Australia and optimise your cost savings on eBay fees. 

Remember that success on eBay also depends on providing excellent customer service, building a positive reputation, and fostering trust with buyers. With commitment, strategy and the right partners to support your logistics, you can increase your chances of thriving as an eBay seller in Australia. Happy selling!

Is it really free to list items on eBay in Australia?

Yes, in most cases, it’s free to list items on eBay Australia. eBay offers a generous monthly allowance of 250,000 free auction-style or fixed-price listings, which includes relisted items and listings ended early. However, keep in mind that there are exceptions and fees associated with successful sales, such as final value fees.

What is the difference between auction-style and fixed-price listings on eBay?

Auction-style listings start with a low initial price, and potential buyers bid on the item until the auction ends. In contrast, fixed-price listings have a set price, and buyers can purchase the item immediately, similar to shopping on any e-commerce site. The choice between these formats depends on your selling strategy and the nature of your items.

Are there any categories excluded from free listings on eBay Australia?

Yes, certain product categories are excluded from free listings. eBay Australia provides a list of these categories on their website. It’s essential to review this list to ensure your items qualify for free listings.

How can I save money on eBay fees when selling in Australia?

To reduce eBay-related expenses, consider these strategies:

  • Use your free listings wisely.
  • Focus on categories that are eligible for free listings.
  • Be cautious with optional listing features that come at an extra cost.
  • Offer combined shipping for multiple items.
  • Provide discounts for local pickup.

What are some quick tips for creating successful eBay listings in Australia?

Creating successful eBay listings involves providing detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Additionally, focus on the right categorisation, offer flexible shipping options, and maintain transparency to build trust with buyers. Positive feedback and reviews can significantly impact your sales and reputation as a seller on eBay.

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