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In today’s fast-paced world, online shopping has become an essential part of our lives. With the increase in e-commerce, it has become important for businesses to provide good products and excellent post-order customer service. 

One of the common aspects of good customer service is post-order communication. After a customer makes a purchase, it is important to keep them updated with the whereabouts of the order and provide them with relevant information. You can send post-order emails, also referred to as courier letters, to your customers after they have ordered an item from your website. They aim to stay connected with customers and provide valuable customer service, increasing customer retention. Formulating and sending the right marketing content at the right time creates a proper post-purchase flow. 

The following article explores the major benefits of post-purchase emails and sheds light on the various types. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Benefits of Sending Post-Order Emails

Apart from providing post-order details, these emails allow e-commerce companies to build relationships and generate more sales. Here are some added benefits of sending a post-order courier letter to your customers: 

  • Sending a post-order online courier letter allows businesses to thank their customers for placing an order. This helps to develop a positive impression in the customers’ minds, leading to a strong bond of trust and loyalty between you and the audience. 
  • Post-order emails often contain additional information, such as product reviews or instructions about using the respective products.
  • You can use these online courier letters to upsell other related products for future campaigns. 
  • The post-order emails can be used to get customer feedback to better understand their needs and preferences.

Types of Post-Order Emails to Consider

Mentioned below are some of the most important types of post-order emails that you should consider for your business. 

1. Shipping confirmation email

What is a shipping confirmation email?

As the name suggests, shipping confirmation emails inform customers that their packages have been shipped. It also contains a tracking link and a brief description of the product in the package. These emails keep customers updated on the progress of their orders, which is a great way to build connections with them.

Benefits of sending this email

Some of the many benefits of sending a shipping confirmation mail include

  • They help build customer connections
  • You can significantly improve customer retention and encourage repurchases
  • They set a unique tone for your brand
  • They enhance the post-purchase experience.

How to create an engaging shipping confirmation email template

Before creating a final email template, you can draft a sample email for courier sending, which discusses various aspects of the order. Moreover, here is how to create an online courier letter for your customers.

  • Subject line

In today’s age of digitization, your consumers are likely to receive dozens of emails daily. You should start with a catchy and informative subject line for your post-order email to draw customers’ attention. 

While designing a shipping confirmation email, you do not necessarily need to be extra creative. You can simply use templates such as ‘Your package has been shipped’ or ‘Thank you for your order’. 

  • List of ordered items

Your shipping confirmation email should also contain a list of the items in the package alongside the product prices. You can draft a sample email for courier sending to ensure the email is short and crisp yet conveys all information. 

Additionally, you can also use this as an opportunity to inform your customers about any unavailable products. 

  • Tracking link/number

A tracking link and tracking number are crucial in a courier letter you send to your customers. It helps customers to stay up-to-date with the entire delivery process and order status

  • Shipping address

Including a shipping address in your courier letter helps customers keep track of all the necessary details about their order. Furthermore, there might also be scenarios where your customer has moved to another location and has forgotten to change their delivery address. In such cases, adding a shipping address can enable customers to check the same quickly after opening their inboxes. 

  • Estimated date of delivery

In your courier letter, mention the expected delivery date for a transparent delivery process. If your online business has its delivery, you can also estimate the time range within which your customers can expect delivery.

  • Contact number/support link

Always include a contact number or support link in your shipping confirmation email so that your customers can reach out to you in case of any adversaries. 

Tips for optimizing your shipping confirmation email campaigns

  • Design a sequence of emails
  • Always ask for feedback
  • Try to maintain a positive tone and build excitement with your customers
  • Summarize the whole order in a brief manner 

2. Delivery address verification email

What is a delivery address verification email?

A delivery address verification email is usually sent to check an address for any inaccuracies or to fix any problems. It helps you to deliver the customer’s packages on time.

Benefits of sending this email

  • It helps to enhance the overall customer experience
  • It leads to higher rates of first-time delivery
  • It significantly reduces extra redelivery costs

How to create an engaging delivery address verification email template

To make your courier letter more effective and engaging, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Proper tone of voice

Using a technical and neutral tone is always advisable while generating a verification email for your customers. Try to keep it concise and informative. Furthermore, you can incorporate fun elements, such as images, informal greetings, or interesting facts, based on your marketing strategies into the email. 

  • Personalization

Personalization is one of the most crucial elements for building strong customer relationships. The same applies to verification emails as well. Based on the information received from your customers, you can personalize the verification mail accordingly. 

Tips for optimizing your delivery address verification email campaigns

  • Incorporate images to bring in more engagement
  • Generate an appealing CTA button
  • Try to incorporate additional value in the form of greetings or customer reviews. 

3. Payment method verification email

What is a payment method verification email?

A payment method verification email verifies the payment mode or confirms the payment information after placing an order. 

Benefits of sending this email

One of the major benefits of sending a payment method verification email is that it deters the occurrence of any kind of fraudulent activity. It safeguards the merchant and the bank from liability or revenue loss. 

How to create an engaging payment method verification email template

The payment verification email that you send should be simple yet informative. You can start the courier letter by thanking your customer for placing an order with your business. Following this, you can go on to highlight the details of the payment and attach a receipt at the end. 

4. Customer loyalty follow-up emails

What is a customer loyalty follow-up email?

Customer loyalty follow-up emails usually contain detailed information about any loyalty programs a company might offer their customers. Such might include exclusive perks, free merchandise, discounts, and other meaningful rewards. The ultimate goal of these loyalty programs is to foster loyalty, and retain existing customers, in the best ways possible. 

Benefits of sending this type of email

  • They help to build long-lasting relationships with customers 
  • They evoke a positive brand image in your customers’ minds.
  • They make customers feel special and connected with your brand.

How to create an engaging customer loyalty follow up email template

Below are a few ways by which you can create an engaging and meaningful courier letter for customer loyalty follow-up emails.

  • The thank you email

It is usually sent as a form of acknowledgment and to let your customers know that you appreciate their business. While drafting a ‘Thank You’ email, try to keep the tone basic yet engaging.

You can also add a link to the customer service department of your company to get authentic feedback. 

  • Product review 

Product review is yet another excellent example of a follow-up email that you can incorporate into your business. By asking your customers to review your products, you will be able to assess the overall performance of your brand. 

You can use this information to improve your customer experience and identify the areas that might need rework or improvement.


  • Recommendations email

Product recommendation emails are a great way to upsell your other products. It is quite a well-known marketing tactic used by many businesses. To attain the maximum benefit from this, you should send out the recommendations email separately instead of merging it with the order confirmation mail.

  • Loyalty programs

Lastly, if you have any loyalty program for your existing customers, you can communicate with them via courier letters. You can persuade customers to join the program or apply for membership by focusing on the various discount offers or exclusive gifts. This can also serve as a great way to boost repurchases. 

Tips for optimizing your customer loyalty follow-up email campaigns

  • Use personalized subject lines
  • Try to incorporate bullets, subheadings, and other formatting tricks in your email
  • Convey relevant special offers
  • Try to add value in multiple ways.

5. Additional emails for special occasions

What are additional emails for special occasions?

A special occasion email is typically sent to celebrate any special occasion, such as birthdays, holidays, or milestones. Such courier letters are always advisable to send such messages a few days before the event to increase the chances of purchase. 

Benefits of sending these types of emails

  • Makes your customers feel special and valued
  • Separates your brand from the other competitors in the market 
  • Develops a deep sense of trust and loyalty in the customer base

How to create engaging emails for special occasions

Mentioned below are a few ways by which you can create engaging emails for every special occasion.

  • Exclusive coupons 

Exclusive coupons are a great way to make your customers feel special. Usually, companies prefer to send special coupons to customers’ on their birthdays. You can send the email at the beginning of their birthday month. 

  • Free gifts

Everyone loves to receive free gifts. The same goes for your customer base as well. You can offer freebies, such as stickers or a service upgrade. You can either ask them to collect the free gifts from your store, or you can simply provide them with a coupon code that they can use for their online purchases. 

  • Free shipping

Yet another common tactic many businesses use is offering free shipping to celebrate their customers’ special occasions. These simple gestures can have a long-lasting impact on your business and entice customers to purchase.  

Tips for optimizing your special occasion emails

Optimize your special occasion courier letter effortlessly with these tips:

  • Send a reminder
  • Use automation
  • Design personalized subject lines
  • Try to keep the body of your email short and precise
  • Create a clear CTC (Call To Action)
  • Make it festive 


Post-order emails offer a wide range of benefits, from enhanced customer experience to a free platform for queries. Furthermore, it is also an effective way to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customer base. So, if you still haven’t incorporated the same into your business practices, now is the time to do so. 


How do you send a confirmation email?

Follow these steps to write a confirmation email: 

  • Come up with a personalized subject line
  • State the purpose of the email in a short and precise manner
  • List all the necessary details, such as order number, and estimated shipping date
  • Express your appreciation for their purchase

How do you write an email to request an order?

You need to incorporate the below-mentioned points:

  • An approachable subject line that should summarize the entire content in one single line.
  • Start with a formal salutation
  • Express your request in the first paragraph of the email
  • Highlight any kind of benefits that the reader might receive
  • Include a CTC at the end.

What are the best ways to deliver customer service?

  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the conversation
  • Personalize your service
  • Actively listen and pay attention to your customers’ feedback

How do I write an email to a customer for late delivery?

While formulating an email for late delivery, always start by providing a clear explanation of what has caused the delay. Following this, apologize for the delay, and take ownership of the situation. Lastly, consider offering some form of compensation, such as a future discount.

What do you write in an email when sending a purchase order?

  • Identify the purchased items
  • Prepare all the necessary details, such as contact information, and the number of items
  • If possible, prepare a detailed list of all the items you want to purchase
  • Include information that identifies your business or your specific role.

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