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What is Temperature-controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage is part of a warehousing unit, where a specific humidity and temperature level is maintained. Primarily, temperature-controlled storage is used for food products like dairy goods, meat, or any product requiring a certain temperature level throughout its storage and delivery lifecycle.  

Significance of Temperature-controlled Storage in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Temperature-controlled storage is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of various kinds of products. The primary significance of temperature-controlled storage is outlined below.

  • Maintaining and increasing shelf-life: Sensitive products require a particular storage environment. When such requirements are not fulfilled, there is a significant chance of the product expiring before their due date. However, with temperature-controlled storage, this can be avoided. 
  • Quality maintenance: Most environmentally-conscious products might not expire, but their quality tends to degrade gradually without the ideal temperature and moisture. However, with temperature-controlled storage, the quality of any given product will remain stable and reliable. 

How Temperature-controlled Storage Works?

Temperature-controlled storage has partitioned, closed units within a warehouse that works in the following ways:

  • Climate control: Appliances like commercial air-conditioners are fitted to control humidity and temperature. 
  • Handling: Sanitized handlers with no communicable diseases manage the unit and its products. 
  • Internal processing: The products are processed within the unit with a dedicated system. 

Use Case With Temperature-controlled Storage

Consider a cosmetics manufacturer who has to store a batch of lipsticks. These lipsticks will degrade if kept at high temperatures in the warehouse. Therefore, the manufacturer stores the lipsticks at a cooler temperature in temperature-controlled storage within the warehouse. Thus, the product does not degrade and is in an appropriate selling condition. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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