Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

A Hassle-free Selling Process

Economical Shipping Rates

Same-Day Picking & Packing

The domain of international logistics in the Philippines, a nation of islands, is intricate by nature. Bridging local businesses to the global marketplace amidst our unique geographical challenges requires an adept logistics strategy. As the e-commerce tide rises in the Philippines, businesses must collaborate with international logistics specialists like Locad.

With the Philippines’ e-commerce market reaching $24 billion by 2025, its significant role in the Asia-Pacific trade navigating international logistics in this archipelago becomes a pivotal factor. Locad, grounded in the heart of the Philippines, is at the forefront of global logistics solutions tailored for budding entrepreneurs and renowned industry players.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Facing these International Logistics Challenges in the Philippines?

Global Inventory Space Constraints

With the surging demand for international goods in the Philippines, there’s a growing need for adaptive storage solutions. It’s about having a versatile, expandable space primed for the global marketplace.

Challenges of Cross-Border Transactions

Navigating through customs, tariffs, and global rules can be overwhelming. Efficiently dealing with them ensures consumer contentment and regulatory conformity.

Overseas Inventory Management

Keep track of goods across nations. Guarantee their readiness, oversee stock quantities, and respond to global customer needs and evolving demands.

Intricacies in Global Deliveries

Every item must reach its international delivery destination flawlessly. Any setbacks can adversely affect the consumer experience.

Locad’s Pledge - Solving Your International Logistics Obstacles in the Philippines

Optimized Global Storage

Our warehousing solutions are meticulously crafted for the complexities of international storage. With optimized layouts and systematic storage procedures, products are always in pristine condition and ready for dispatch, no matter where they are headed.

Navigating International Logistics

The world of international shipping comes with its maze of regulations, paperwork, and potential pitfalls. Our IOR and SOR expertise let us manage everything from customs clearance to coordinating with overseas partners, ensuring your products move seamlessly across borders.

Master Global Inventory

In today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape, real-time insights into your global stock can be a game-changer. Our cutting-edge tools not only keep you updated but also offer predictive analytics to help plan future inventory strategies.

Deliver Globally

From the bustling neighborhoods of Singapore to remote destinations overseas, our expansive network ensures your products reach their intended recipients. Our logistics expertise guarantees smooth, timely deliveries every single time.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!
Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Discover Unmatched International Logistics in the Philippines with Locad!

Delve into a world where international logistics solutions are tailored to your brand’s unique requirements. Recognizing that Filipino enterprises, from startups to seasoned firms, need a specialized approach to Southeast Asian markets or global arenas , our cutting-edge solutions ensure you traverse global markets with ease. 

With Locad, relationships are paramount. Our tenacious logistics crew is dedicated to delivering impeccable service and unwavering assistance. Let us simplify the maze of international logistics, letting you concentrate purely on broadening your business horizon.

Experience the transformational capabilities of our advanced logistics system. Discover how our tailored offerings can reshape your global business strategies, leading to unmatched triumphs. With Locad, it’s more than a service; it’s a partnership for phenomenal growth.

Go Worldwide with Locad’s International Logistics in the Philippines

Revamp Global Customer Experiences: Trust in Locad, the Philippines’ go-to for international logistics. Our fusion of extensive experience and avant-garde technology promises efficient processing and rapid global dispatches. 

Enhanced Worldwide Operations: With Locad navigating your international logistics, tap into valuable insights and a comprehensive service suite, maximizing savings and subsequently reinvesting in growing your business.

Facilitated International Growth: Venturing into global markets becomes seamless with Locad. We address global stock complexities through decentralized inventory storage, blending in local knowledge ensuring every international journey is hassle-free.

Foster Global Brand Allegiance: Ensure consistent worldwide deliveries with Locad. This reliability strengthens brand allegiance, nurturing enduring customer ties.

Mastering Global Logistics: Our squad of experts, armed with the latest digital tools, are at the helm of your international logistics operations. Partner with Locad set your sights on overarching business objectives, and entrust the logistics to the experts.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!
Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Locad helped MD Brews Coffee double its sales with our warehousing and order fulfillment services

“With Locad, our fulfillment and shipping timeline was reduced to 1-2 days, resulting in positive customer feedback and loyalty.” GJ Habunal, MD Brews

Customer Stories

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Now with Locad, we are able to dispatch orders within 24 hours and deliver super fast shipping to our customers

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

We wanted to outsource fulfillment so we can find reliable partners who are already experts in this field, and since Locad, our day-to-day work has lessened.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Now with Locad handling our fulfillment and operations, 95% of our shipments are shipped within 90 minutes.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

The biggest benefit of working with Locad is the peace of mind knowing that the shipments are going out as fast as possible.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

From the moment an order is placed, items are shipped out from Locad’s warehouse within 1.3 business days. This increase in fulfillment time has positively impacted customer satisfaction.

The Locad Advantage: Your International Logistics Partner in the Philippines

Optimize Time and Capital: Managing global e-commerce intricacies can often sideline your core business functions. With Locad at your side in the Philippines, you not only conserve vital time and resources but also can focus squarely on marketing, product evolution, and curating unmatched customer journeys. 

Effortless Global Scalability: When you envision a worldwide footprint for your brand, logistics can become increasingly intricate. Our adept international warehousing network and fulfillment solutions ensure you can venture into new territories without the logistics anxiety.

Craft Memorable Cross-Border Shopping Experiences: Every single order, within the Philippines or beyond, is an opportunity to solidify brand allegiance. With Locad’s expertise in international logistics in the Philippines, rest assured that every shipment is punctual, further cementing trust in your global clientele.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!
Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Experience Global Superiority with Locad - The Best International Logistics Solution in the Philippines

In the hunt for an efficient way to sell your products, not just within the Philippines but globally? Your search ends here. Locad, the Philippines’ pinnacle for international order fulfillment, awaits.

Why choose Locad?


Unmatched Global Expertise: Recognized in the Philippines and the broader Asia-Pacific region, our international e-commerce fulfillment prowess is unparalleled.

Tailored to Every Business Size: Serving a spectrum of enterprises, our flexible offerings and pricing structures cater to distinct needs and financial capacities.

State-of-the-Art Warehousing: Our contemporary storage and logistic infrastructures are specifically designed for global dispatch needs, promising a frictionless experience for your goods and clientele.

Rooted Locally, Expanding Globally: While our foundation is in the Philippines, our network encompasses Asia Pacific and Australia, ensuring deliveries that consistently delight, be it to local destinations or international ones.

Choose Locad as your international logistics ally in the Philippines and witness unprecedented growth trajectories.

Join 100+ fulfilled businesses and start your journey

Stay Ahead with The Philippines’ Global
E-commerce Aspirations

In the fiercely competitive e-commerce domain, an upper hand in global logistics can be your differentiator. Locad, revered by enterprises across the Philippines for its sterling international order fulfillment service, beckons. Collaborating with us not only refines your domestic workflows but also propels you ahead in the international arena. Feel the Locad advantage and rise above in the growing e-commerce arena of the Philippines and beyond.
Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!
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Unlock Global Ambitions: The Philippines’ Leader in International Logistics is Here 


In today’s fast-paced e-commerce scene, stepping out from the local scene to international markets is essential. Locad offers straightforward, adaptable, and valuable international logistics solutions, making “international logistics Philippines” more accessible than ever. Teaming up with us means partnering for local fulfillment and gaining a global ally. Discover how Locad can enhance your international order fulfillment and elevate your business on the global stage from the heart of the Philippines.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Choose Locad for E-Commerce International Logistics Philippines and Gain a Comprehensive Global Supply Chain Perspective

Seamlessly integrate with the Locad Control Tower and see your product’s journey from the Philippines to international landscapes. By teaming up with Locad for your international logistics Philippines needs, you unlock these features:

  • Global Inventory Tracking: Monitor inventory and stock movements in real-time, beginning in the Philippines and stretching worldwide.
  • Informed International Decisions: Tap into detailed data on global stock patterns, positioning you for calculated moves.
  • Global SKU Precision: Expert SKU management guarantees smooth order preparation and dispatch internationally.
  • Complete Global Fulfillment Visibility: A clear view of the fulfillment status for each item, whether it’s awaiting shipment in the Philippines or has touched down globally.

Use the Locad Control Tower, command the international logistics cycle, and review global sales summaries as required. Propel your brand with international logistics Philippines expertise from Locad.

Harness Global Reach with Locad's Multi-Channel International Logistics Philippines

Expand your e-commerce reach from the Philippines, utilizing Locad’s expertise in international logistics for multi-channel fulfillment. Our system is compatible with multiple global marketplaces, allowing you to showcase products on international platforms seamlessly. With Locad’s global strategy, you have the power to:

  • Efficiently oversee inventory and orders across different global channels like Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, TikTok Shop and more.
  • Centralize and automateoperations, freeing resources for international scaling.
  • Gain crucial insights from global sales, refining your approach.
  • Deliver unmatched customer experiences, both in the Philippines and overseas.
  • Streamline international functions, focusing on worldwide expansion.

Explore the efficiency of Locad’s multi-channel international logistics in the Philippines, enhancing your brand’s global footprint.

Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!
Boost Your Business: Try the Best International Logistics Service in the Philippines!

Experience Global Expansion with Locad - The Philippines' Choice for International Logistics Solutions

At Locad, our vision goes beyond the Philippines. We’re devoted to ensuring every client navigates effortlessly into international markets. We’re here to simplify international logistics for Filipino businesses, catering to diverse products while automating daily tasks. Experience our offerings:

  • An agile warehouse system highlighting products ready for international dispatch.
  • A real-time dashboard tracking every order, whether in the Philippines or across the globe.
  • A professional team ensuring products meet international dispatch criteria.
  • Unique packaging solutions that amplify your brand’s voice globally.

Importantly, Locad is not just about dispatching but also adept at managing global returns, allowing you to focus on expansion without the operational headaches. Embrace international e-commerce with Locad, bridging the Philippines with the world. 

Explore the Unique Benefits of Locad’s International Logistics Service for Your E-Commerce Business in the Philippines

Flexible Agreements

Craft global partnerships that are molded to your unique needs with Locad. Select a contract term matching your international ambitions, ensuring stability and the best outcomes.

Competitive Shipping Fees

Collaborate with renowned shipping partners and consolidate all your shipping costs in one comprehensive package. Make the most of the Philippines' shipping routes with ease, thanks to Locad.

Streamlined Logistics

Experience what makes Locad stand out: we demystify international logistics in the Philippines, handle your fulfillment efficiently, and give you the space to focus on expanding your business.

The Philippines' Premier International Logistics Service Awaits You!

Dive into international logistics with the Philippines’ leading expert, Locad. We combine unmatched expertise in local and global e-commerce arenas to deliver outstanding customer experiences. If you envision an expansion without borders, Locad is your strategic ally. Ready to enhance your international logistics from the Philippines? Opt for Locad and be part of an experience that raises the bar in the industry.

With Locad, you’re not merely growing; you’re going beyond geographical boundaries. Embark on a journey with the Philippines’ prime choice for international logistics and see your e-commerce venture thrive worldwide.


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