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What is Shipping Manifest in E-commerce?

A shipping manifest is a document that provides an overview of all the items being shipped in an e-commerce order. It typically includes the item descriptions, quantities, individual prices, and total cost. The shipping manifest is used to track the order throughout its delivery process and can also be used to provide customers with a record of their purchase.

Significance of Shipping Manifest in E-commerce Logistics 

The shipping manifest is used to track inventory, ensure that all items have been shipped and received, and provide a record of the shipping information for customs clearance. The benefits of shipping manifest include the following-

  • A shipping manifest provides a clear overview of your entire shipment, including each item’s quantity, cost, and weight. 
  • Shipping manifests also make it easier for shippers to record the shipped items and the associated costs. This reduces the possibility of miscommunication and ensures that the right items are shipped to the right location.
  • Shipping manifests also provide an additional layer of security for your shipments. With the manifest, fraud or theft can be easily detected by comparing the number of items shipped and the items received.
  • Certain items may require additional paperwork or special documentation, depending on the country. With a shipping manifest, you can provide all the necessary paperwork and documentation to ensure compliance.

Prerequisites to Calculate Shipping Manifest and How It Works

In order to calculate a shipping manifest, the following items are required:

1. A list of items to be shipped

2. The weight of each item

3. The dimensions of each item

4. The destination address

5. The mode of shipping

6. The packaging materials needed for each item

7. The cost of shipping

Once all the prerequisites are met, the company records all the details to set up the shipping manifestation document. 

Use Case With Shipping Manifest

If a company ABC lost, damaged or stolen a package, it can use the shipping manifest as proof and verify the shipping information. They can track and manage their shipments accurately, ensuring that products are delivered on time and to the correct location. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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