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What are Semi-processed materials?

Semi-processed materials are products manufactured to be used as a component for making another product. A semi-processed material can be partially or wholly manufactured, depending on the main product’s manufacturing requirement. Chips within a smartphone, sugar and steel rods shaped a certain way are some examples of semi-processed materials. 

Significance of Semi-processed Materials in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Semi-processed materials are essential, as these products act as the building blocks for products created from a manufacturing process. These serve the following benefits:

  • Non-negotiable building blocks: A product is usually assembled or created by combining several semi-processed materials. Without semi-processed materials, the final product might not exist.
  • Creative product building: The availability of semi-processed materials has always fueled the minds of business owners to come up with product differentiation—brand growth skyrockets when the general audience acknowledges these differentiations.

Prerequisites of Semi-processed Materials and How It Works

Specific end-products have prerequisites for several particular semi-processed materials. Given the product type to be manufactured, the required list of the said materials is provided. There are no general requirements, as the requirement for semi-processed products varies a lot for different products.

Here is how semi-processed materials are made:

  • Requirement: Per the manufacturing requirements of a product, a list of components, which might include semi-processed materials, is created. 
  • Semi-processed material creation: If there is a requirement for certain semi-processed materials, they are manufactured or procured from a different manufacturer per demand. 
  • Manufacturing: The semi-processed materials are further used to manufacture the end product. 

Use Case with Semi-processed Materials

Suppose a brand in Davao city sells sweet and sour pickle candy bars. The brand manufactures the product in-house, but they procure a pickle coloring from a manufacturer in Manila city. Pickle coloring is the semi-processed product for this case.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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